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CLASSIFIED offers 5-day training courses RSAMD graduaw A" levels' WHY NOT ADVERTISE

COURSES/TUITION in Edinburgh: I) 15—16. 30 Balanced and infmm‘ in the next issue of The List

i I Sax. flute. music theory Jan/1243 Feb. 2) 28—29 May/ approach Reasmh'e “mi-‘- (13 Jan 94) in our special | l !

improvisation (any 5, 1 1-12 June. Co-counseliing Fir” lessonsfiee 0f Charge! Tel fitness feature. Instruments) LCSSOHS Offered is self-help therapy for people 04‘ 334 70‘ 1' Phone 031 558 1191

by experienced tutor With music who want to grow. to increase ior details. degree and own unique holistic self-confidence, or to break method. You are never ‘too old' out of old behaviour patterns. m or 'too tone deaf‘. Tel 0357 People taking equal time to be d n d "a " ‘client‘ alnd ‘counsellor' in turn. fIcertlt: The energetic. stylish l FEELING TIRED AND TENSE

0, man 0 n an gll T g A tert e course you can join ' orm of modern 'ive based on I lessons available. Beginners the Co-Counselling network. French LeRoc. At The Circa I .. AFTER A STEIESSFUL pAY? welcome. informal. private ‘3 For more into: nightclub every Wednesday. 45- snow” and Tom masses Siam'ig soon tuition. Phone James 041 332 i phone 031 332 8681. minute beginners class (starting l at st Georges we“ ChurCh' Shandw'ck Place 7702- 3 7.30pm) followed by dancing to I 5'45pm ' 6309'“ I 77800“ COOVCMIIOMI 0r ' I Singing teacher Musicians' 10.15pm to music from the 50s | Monday ' ThU'Sday translation tuition given by Union member, qualified to the 90s. Licensed bar. No I pI-Us 59'“ ' 5459'“ wed”95day Frerltcfh gative speaker. Filili h | London. Siena. Geneva with need to bring a partner. Circa : 22-50 PW Class qua i u: (equiva cm to ritis - MA (Hons), Dip L.O.C, Dip Ni htclub. Custom House. I TEFL). A” different levels , C.d.C. has vacancies for ngay Gardens. Glasgow I please can Io beak a place 0875 614232 catered for (from beginner ' advanced/beginners in (behind St Enoch Square; i advanced SlUdiCS)- £10 Per hOUT- ; Edinburgh. Central Region and entrance from the pier). Further W T811 031 447 8495. . Glasgow. Telephone 0324 infonnation from 041 946 5258. i

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Personal Photography

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Daytime or evening classes at all levels in:


(For courses in other languages com-:1 Cum for Commit; Edmiooml 650441))

NEw TERM BEGINS 10th JANUARY 1994 "M " W" 6’“ “i W“

photograph mien a! lone, curl or at a [maria place.

-Thr:rl! in now a "in: service designed m pain! a different picture.

Contact the Institute to enrol, or call in at our

MOdCI'II Language Open Day, By feeling comfortable Saturday, January, IO in an environment, /\ / INSTITUTEfor APPLIED LANGUAGE STUDIES Sometl’i'm sped“! 3/! 2| Hill Place, Edinburgh EHS 9D? for more (1’07: 'I‘el: 03I 650 6200 Fax: 03l 667 5927 "N’ '0 "3"“510‘” 'Plrll'remcnfa.

plume (.mmu: ‘. W. Jeffrey on '3’ 55‘ .l"



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94 The List 17 December 1993-13 January I994