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Eeeyks friends and lover! g feminine.)Passi§ns inclilide woman- I'm Educated. anPine male. 25-31 With midgftnzmgzfims Graduate. good-looking. GSOH. books. GFr. eating out. theatre. uncompetitive and enjoy all Similar likes and sense of to meetgmer individuals likes films. countryside and music. swimming. southern domestic chores. I’ll provide the humour for fun nights out. COS)’ w m - h” 'f good company. Barbary Lane Ireland and black velvet. Needs support you need for success in nights in. BOX No 217/34. 6 rejem‘f e “3 .E’hre use dwellers please reply. (Not real man. very masculine. your career. Let's talk. Box No I TWO P'OICSSIOOOI In” late anyla ve-msemem m cm Nomian!) Box No 2i7/l9. professional. refined. intelligent 217/29. 30$ Glasgow'bfied» linking for :Evanguon' d

. and interesting. Box No 2 l7/24. I Attractive. MIDM'OCOOO “"0 “it"‘c‘ive‘ female StOCking‘ h- f, 0 n0! accept a Lens I Glasgow gay guy (29) student I want“: minor royal for postgraduate (26) much more to fillers to share festive spirit w I“: sme 8. racel.‘ "EC quietish. varied interests. happy ; quick marriage divorce and offer than this ad can say. seeks during Christmas holiday period co our 0' “830'” "y m t e in stable relationship but would mind from puglic life intelligent. straight-acting guy. (and beyond?) Write 500" and $3550" souls- t' - h like to make more gay friends. guaranteeing big buck; in TONY-loaded With Persona“th amid the msm 80" No 217/35' 1 'nico'mp “zinc: w“ current male or female’ 21—35' Box No Perpetuin I‘m highly eligible g°°d 10°“ and humour for I ma" "menu". eg's aim: a 8 mm g'i‘lbomlfn 217/20. 30 male i—n handsome and ' friendship. merriment. perhaps attentive and considerate male. cl?" 0: y .6 accegted ' t

. brgwny, but'smndihg more. Glasgow/Edinburgh. Box 39. master 0f the 8'15 0f IOVC. t e ahvemser anz lperson I T/S IMO! In Edinburgh. slim. commoners considered, No 217/30. seeks younger female for erotic Song tare over ' early thirties. seeks boyfriend. I Gm ow Box N‘o 217/2'5 I 13", gmqooking articulate interludes. Sense of the . N0 aqvgm Of a sado‘ someone speCial for romantic I B‘flggm'bmnem la" 28‘ re- man (34) of strong yet sensitive ridiculous essential. Photo .masqcmtmc nature or moments. Usual List-type I. . GI disposition seeks attractive please. will be returned. Box No 'mphcauon are accgpmble' interests. Discretion honestly :6" mg "(1] . 3'81?” seeks stylish won'mn (25-35) for 2 l7/36. I N9 adverts offenng .or assured. BOX No 217/21. c :ililiigrl‘izeci 52:31! 15:51:11 r221; e0: intimate. meaningful . Fm" mm" m sanctum“ seeking sexgilal inexperience also enioy swimming reading rela‘ionsmp' 30" No 217/31' from Oscar Wilde to Rab aIreNagiilN/tgrt :. ecii'icall

I Musician (SOisII) recently and food. Box No 21’7/26 I Male, 29, gay, 6ft, dark Ne_5b}"' this 30'Yeaf'01d Ylbmm‘ k- ‘p - h {fld divorced. now very lonely since I mason.“ “modem “ma. ! good-looking. Likes swimming. am§uc~ lovely. Celtic» Rhine 39:23:28 33:50" w” c I fen losing his family. seeks (19) loves music of 3" sons ; cinema. 805 music. eating out maiden seeks TOCk- Box No I N given °f m - d cultured. bi-sexual lad for omdoors movies ans fun i and stimulating conversation. 217/37- 0 a k- m aftfm-m-‘e caring. loving relationship. friendshi'p late nightsfl‘oo'king 5 seeks similar for fun and . ACOOOIOIC O0" ONION. per“)? :6: mg an a a" 18 Please reply photo + personal for friendship of both sexes friendship maybe more. (bright-eyed and bUShY'lmled. :CCCP a I e‘ . I details soon. (Edin). Box No ; caring fun man for more P'hoto Discretion assured. Glasgow 52. 173cm, Euro-enthUSiaSE. n "cu “saprgnm-lona 217/22. : optima. Box No 217,27: area. ALA. Box No 217/32. central Edinburgh) seekstnm. 'et’a‘P'f 3" °t fens‘ved d

l . mansion“ mama“ male I Edinburgh, gay guy (34) Guardian-avmdmg Dulcrnea. m: engine no do?“ 8 I Edinburgh scientist (mid 3 (25) returning to Glasgow seek.; professional. straight-acting. CQaI-OTC $6098. CUICha. w ere Isms/ere. ' - lyopth 30s). Tall. humorous and g sensitive. professional/acgd‘emic‘ . enjoys music (especially PhllOSOPhIC effonv [8:3 :61"; figgeraszllet m affec‘io'm‘c- Seeks a kind and i female to while away cold ClaSSica') travel' keeping fit‘ psychombblg guaranteed {now Writepenclgsin the interesting woman for walks, winter evenings. Likes theatre. cinema. current affairs. good CPOkmggs‘mmmmg» Gefm‘mv mama-a] [ofmmmflgl A“ ‘3”‘3‘ dancmg and POSSible i pubs. cinema and travel. Box times' Seeks guy (2"36) for hubwalkmg Offered camlOUSIy' at The List . relationship. Box No 2 l7/23. : No 217/28. friendShiP fun and Perhaps Box No 217/38° .

romance. Box No 217/33.


r- ............................... -- . 5‘ 1 this is A SECTION : PLEASE ENSURE FORM IS COMPLETED WITH CORRECT : DISPLAY : PAYMENT ENCLOSED. : ADVERTISEMENT PERSONAL “"9399: £10 Per 30 words i l (min £10). E COPY FOR CLASSIFIED ADS MUST REACH US DY i It has a border a” the Way Semi-display: £7 per 10 . sacouo POST on rtiunsoAv A WEEK BEFORE : round and We canl'mludc words (min £14). I PUBLICATION. ' your company ogo‘ Box No: included in rice. I : P I . . t Rat r t Print .n etocit CAPITALS and send to: t ‘7‘ 3 ° £4 p" sing“ RECRUITMENY Unease: £5 per 30 words . o . . . co umn centimetre , , : CLASSIFIED A03, The List, 14 High St. Edinburgh, I (9ch Wm, Minimum COURSES/TUITION (mm £5) mcl VAT. : EH] lTE 0r CLASSIFIED A03. The List, 179 Buchanan i size 4cm. DANCE CLASSES Semi-display: £4 per 10 : St. Glasgow. Gl 2JZ. E giaglsC/asus'c Kiwis (min £8) incl VAT. ' . . ' sp ay: £4 per smgle : BOOKING FORM (Not for publication) : nus ls sgmmlspuy Hun" column cm, excl VAT. : Name ............................................................................ .. g It has a line above and ACTIVITIES 30! N02 £5 EXTRA per : Address ......................................................................... .. l below and the lineage is TRAVEL insertion. . ....................................................................................... .. : centred. The minimum is ACCOMMODATION I ........................................ .. Tel. .................................... .. I 20 words and costs £8. ANNOUNCEMENTS : ADVERT : Personal ads in this style. VOLUNTARY WORK I Print message one word per box (NB Telephone Numbers count as one I including Box Number’ AND : word) : COST TTOIII i i . GROUPS : : I This is a lineage ad. INTRODUCTIONS :-~ : A maximum of 30 words will : : Cof“ £5 only PCP-WWII ads in i. All ads must be pre-paid. Cheques and PCs made payable .. ' this style. including Box to The List Lid. : : NUlgbefS. are £10 {01' 30 2. Adveitisers must supply full name and address (NOT for I i WOT 5. publication). I : _ 3. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any : : Pleafe {We Lineage and advertisement at our discretion and without explanation. : i semi Display ads are 5. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no , : mClUSWC 0f VAT- refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion. : i 6. In compliance with current legislation, ads from gay men : i OISCOONTS can only be accepted if both the advertiser and person sought . : linuflelsemi'msplay/ are over 2 l. : Which Section? How many Issues? : 0‘3"” . . . 7' Addresses and ‘e'ephone numbers are "0‘ acceptab‘e for : Money enclosed £ : immw‘lve T"‘e”l°"" 10% PUb'iCa‘iO" in Personal ads- : m" n W" “am a “ml'disp'av ad 0 i 3:? we WELCOME CALLERS t 14 H' h s t( J h 0 a ig treeopp.on 6 consecutive Insertions 25% Knox's House). Edinburgh. during business hours.


The List i7 December l993—l3 January i994 91