I lllding into town just a few months too late lor the Village People revival are Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell, bristling with masculinity in Tombstone. See Film listings.

Hotter than a Sydney suburb, deeper than a Home Counties river,

we give you . . .


I Wimbledon has always been the haunt ol the chic and sophisticated set, as documented by photographer Tony Ray- Jones in 1969. See Art preview.

I Ah, this is more like it. Gordon Macrae shows Shirley Jones how to be a real cowboy in singalongtastic movie classic Oklahoma! See TV listings.

|| U a

I llailing the worms In the Big Apple, (and getting their kit oil on a regular basis) are the boys of NY?!) Blue, the latest Stateside TV cop smash. See TV listings and a major leature next issue.

2 The LN H 27 January 1994