a I Taking Giant Steps

- towards that previously cancelled Glasgow gig, critics’ darlings the Boo Radleys converge on King Iot’s. See Bock listings.



‘These massive promotional efforts have served to ram home what most of us already suspected: that Scottish art is. for the most part, uninspired, and that its value is more often historical than aesthetic.‘ _ Guardian art (‘rlllt‘ James Hall views

3 the screening of The Bigger Picture. the I Grunge clothing 5 'IV history of Scottish art presented by

causes domeStlc dlSPIIiES ; Billy Connolly. as a triumph of PR over once again. Proven in whsmnce.

Trishaw, at the BSAMD.

See Theatre preview.

‘There were certain things in a few Jam tunes that even at the time I thought. I‘m not sure about this, but went along

3 with it. Weller was adamant that what

1 he was saying was correct. But I’m sure he winces when certain tunes from the

1 late 70s and 80s come on the radio

now.’ Former Jam bassist Bruce F oxton

~ remembers the low points ‘English

Rose ', per/raps."

‘The biggest fight we had on LA Law

§ was when the Harry Hamlin character

E was representing a nudist colony. And in the very first scene . . . a nude woman walks up to give her testimony. Because we were showing her rear end . . . we had two weeks of horrendous arguments. Finally we had this guy in a video room with a ruler measuring how much of her crack was visible from the bottom of the screen.‘

; LA Law t'reator Steve Botfhco on the

T lengths the censors go to protect our (l€ll('(ll€ sensibilities.

I Woody wonders

whether his alimony and

legal expenses will leave

him enough to pick up 3 ‘People try to kill Sweetpea off. . . but

thet b i ll ' - ' '

A . lai , euspsetc ahydas Sven the Viking. the Berserker. ' } lo'gg‘egaan: “:2”: “ta”: preserves her for me. and she is the one i L the soup. luvs tough in who writes the songs. - . . . Manhamn Murder In a moment of (acidity. singer Tort

me”. see mm Amos gives a rare insight into the

preview. creative process.

The List l4—‘27 January 1994 3