Fancy developing the thigh muscles of an Eastern European speed skater? Slide is the way to do it. The slide itself. a smooth board with two

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76 The List l4—27 January I994

adjustable rubber buffers. is imported from America where it threatens to eclipse step as the latest fitness craze. Bumhill Sports Centre in Glasgow is one of the first centres to offer classes in Scotland and manager Garry Bruce

reckons slide will be huge in I994. Participants wear nylon over-socks and slide from side to side pushing off from the buffers in a series of skating- style exercises. It's more energetic than step so isn't ideal for beginners. but


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Take the easy approach: get someone else to do it. in this case Bicycle Repair man Steve. at Edinburgh Bicycle. lirom punctures. to SIS. to crown race milling. Il'your hike needs to see a spanner or two.


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neither is it just for the super-fit. ‘There‘s a fun atmosphere in the classes.‘ Bruce says. ‘Everyone goes on their backside in the first lesson, guaranteed, but most people get the hang of it after ten minutes.‘ Like step. the slide is adjustable by widening the distance between the buffers so people of all fitness levels can take part in the same class. It’s so hip. Bumhill is even doing techno-slide classes.

That‘s CV as in cardiovascular. the important fitness buzzword meaning 'heart and lungs. If you do an aerobic activity that increases your pulse rate and gets you breathing harder. then you're exercising your cardiovascular system definitely a good thing. Most modern gyms have CV equipment which help you to do this. including cycling and rowing machines. stairclimbers and treadmills. You can get this kind of exercise in other ways. ofcourse. but a CV gym has it all in one. usually central-heated. room.

Some hi-tech CV equipment has digital displays that turn the exercises into a kind of computer game which regular users say stops you getting bored. The Kelvin Hall in Glasgow has a state-of—th nan Fitnet system that allows you to monitor your fitness level and design a workout which suits your objectives. As well as improving cardiovascular fitness. CV machines also tone up the pans of the body you exercise.