(m Win a ‘Ni ht on .1333}:- Earth’ gideo ii'hiiéiil'l ""3


Five taxis. Five cities. One night. That's the basic to m m mun“. at m cm I. . premise of Night on Earth. Jim Jarmusch’s off-beat cw ' m m 0' 'i'. m W" “M. comedy which catalogues a series of bizarre, and Ml 3‘ ca" am at an m “9" H "I

entirely unrelated. events which happen while most of u. n" "chm 3‘ 3 cm 9' “'0 “do

us are asleep. It stars, among others, Winona Ryder as a cabbie who wants to be a mechanic and Roberto

Benigni as a man with an unnatural obsession for

- vegetables. plus an excellent Tom Waits soundtrack. We’ll give copies oi the video to the iirst five people to tell us:

Which ofJarmusch‘s previous films used the format of different stories. same time?

Send entries to: JAHMUSCH COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 "E to reach us by Monday 24 January.


Headers oi the list can go to a tree screening oi Woody Allen’s latest movie on Saturday 15 January at the Cameo. Take a copy oi the List to the box otilce to claim your ticket. See iilm section for details.

Win Sega games

Telestar Fun & Games has launched a range of double-value packs which pair up the most popular Sega games into single packages. As a taster. we‘ve got a copy of the Corporation and Aquatic Games Megadrive package to give away. Normally it would cost £39.99. about haifthe price of buying the games separately. but comes absolutely free to the first person to answer this question:

IoAsueirr You can get tvto tickets for the price oi one to see David ‘llr Finlay’ Itintoel at the liioyal lyoetu ior all shows on 10—20 January. Take a copy oi the list to the box oiiice.

Sonic helped make the Sega Megadrive a top-selling games system. What is the hedgehog‘s sidekick called in the second version of the game?

Send entries to: SEGA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh Eiii

"E to reach us by Tuesday 25 January.

Win loads 0f groovy ourz or THE YEAR - nrsuus

I Congratulations to Allan Brandie of Dunoon who wins our

Quiz of the Year competition and the £l00 hamper of goodies from Peckham's delicatessen. An almost faultless

round. ALLAN, marred by your inexplicable confusion of

it‘s chilly out. so you'll be needing a Rezerection ski hat Paul Weller with Michael Bolton!

to keep your lugs warm. Fortunately we‘ve got one to For everyone else. here are those 808%“ in in": 1 Robbie Coltrane 2 Romper Stomper 3 Smell of Reeves and

give away‘ along With plenty Of Other morehandise from Mortimer 4 Sent to prison for an offence involving an axe

me people that regumfly [um InghSton ""0 a top rave'o' 5 Thespian couple Brian Cox and Sin' Neal appeared in The rama. The winner gets that hat, a jacket, a couple oi 1- Master Builder and Hello! 8 Quentin Tarantino 7 Toni Morrison. shins, gloves, boxe, shorts and plan” of other Roddy Doyle 8 Tom Courtenay 9 Members of the Posres who

. , backed Bi Star on tour10 An a artment block 11 Carisberg "gle'ection bus and babs‘ "1" {our runm'rs'up get “1" T" 12 2007 1% Graeme Obree 14 Pe‘ier iiowson 15 D FENS19 Ken Shins. boxers. badges and whistles CtC. Buchanan 17 lluffty18 Emma Thompson. David Thewiis Phoebe Traquair 20 Bono 21 Malta 22 Audrey Hepburn . .- * . . . . . . 23 Scottish/Scttler Watch 24 Christine Borland. Julie Roberts What lung 0' bani] to?“ to m} StdgL for the HOgmanay 25 Sliver. Benny & June. True Romance 25 Margi Clarke 27 Esha Rczcrccuon [0 bring m 1994-) Ness 28 Nicholas Fairbaim 29 Anne Parillaud. Gary Oldman. Julian Sands 30 Louise Scullion. assisted by Matthew Dalziel . . ' . . . 31 Ford Administration 32 Paul Weller 33 Ken Campbell/Oscar nd énéaitgbm'; :Eizfirfic-ryo" 13:"916 Dean. Robert Beck/Peter Harrison 34on Donnelly 35 Portfolio ree , ll 9 it) reac us y L nes ay .- 36 Dino DNA from a mosquito preserved in amber 37 Metropolis 38 Fourteen 39 Empire State Building. Valentine's Day 40 Tibor Fisher 41 Charles Manson 42 Peter Capaldi and Elaine Collins. Emma and Ken. Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith 43 Sarah Dunant 44 Carter USM 45 Julie Birchili 49 Played by kids 47 Golden Gate 48 Tom Leonard 49 Five 50 Glasgoy.’


Win a copy of ‘The Book of Guys’

At a time when the New Man is being replaced by the New Lad as an advertising icon and men‘s groups are standing up to proclaim their masculine identity. Garrison Keillor, chronicler of a mythical smalltown America. has written The Book of Guys (Faber £14.99). We‘ve got two

copies of this collection oi stories about different

aspects of ‘guyness‘. and you can win one of them by answering this question:

NFEBS: cutouttheconpon ortdte elonlthe wholenepazineandpreeentlttotheteievantbox otiiceorcaehdeeltJiloiiereareseblectto availability and unapouentsreeervethe ripbtte ninaeadiniceion. WORN-lymeebyperpemnper competition.|iyoeareenteringnorethanene compound-,yonneedueoniyeneenveiopeJIt please “examiner-unendde attachedtoflcileabyme-petitieneanepente allilKreeldenteiovertheaeeeiieineicohel- relatedeflereidoreeponebllltycanbeaccepted bytbelietierpriaeelhichonnotbeebtalned enetoenioreeeencircuetanmi’oobtalnallet oininneteJleaeeeendaSlEteTheliet Mpetltionfllnnemgtatinunhiohhuliei» reenlisyoereeelu.

What was Garrison Keillor‘s last book called?

Send entries to: GUYS COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 "E to reach us by Thursday 27 January.

The List l4—27 January i994 79