his achievement as a printmaker. Andie MacDowell. Robert Downey Jr. watercolourist and stained glass artist. Tom Waits. etc. etc. etc. Wed 2 Feb—Sun 17 Apr. I The Joy luck Cltth Wayne Wang I Animation Plus In response to the brings Amy Tan‘s novel to the big recent British boom in popularity of the screen in the form of an interlocking medium. this is an exhibition of series of personal tales spanning three international and contemporary generations of Chinese and Chinese animation at the Collins Gallery. with Americans. The ethnic and historical models. sets. video screenings. details are fascinating. while the film as installations and workshops. Sat l9 a whole delves deeply into the Feb-Sat 19 March. emotional minefield of sport mother/daughter relationships.

I Being human As far in scope as

possible from the modest aims of That Sinking Feeling. Bill Forsyth's latest film jumps around history following the trials and tribulations of Robin Williams‘s various incarnations. Great use of locations in Scotland. Morocco and Italy.


Music l Smith Quartet (Fri 25). BBC Queen 1 Street Studios. (

- .

I “will Anniversary 0' Palesmna Th“ I Five llations Championship Scotland

i . s i l alian . Edinbur h take on a resurgent England Sldc' The her very core a further batch of songs. y g chariot-swingers are on a high after

Mon 28 at Queen’s Hall. Edinburgh. ! unwcmty Rena‘imcc 3mgch m a defeating the All-Blacks, but the ; performance of his Requiem 400 years . Murrayfield atmosphere is always

I "all": 5m“ Pmcnfls The 908 L exactly since he died in Rome in l594. , wonh a few Ohm man for the home answer to The Clash bring their thing to 5 Wed 2. (cam 53[ g p ' l the Plaza. one of Glasgow's most I All You Need is love Cappclla Nova, i ' ' zzitmospheric. if least-used. venues. Wed Y in their inimitable style. draw together BOOKS

- the 16th century composer Gesualdo. 3 , , I Cocteau TWlI'IS Touring with a ' the Beatles. Glasgow composer real live band for the first time ever. the Wiuiam Sweeney and Cache writer l novel from the doycn of cogmcmpomry

I Tori Amos Following tumultuous praise for her debut. the often harrowing singer-songwriter pulls from

COCICaUS. it's said. will be dip in 3 Aon has Macneacail. What do the 3 . - . - - . extensively into their back catfloggue as j havcgin common? Yes, as St y l scgmeh fiu‘lon‘ffollowmghthb k p I suede Best newcomers of I993. but well as playing tracks from the new Valentine’s Day approaches, it must be :3?)sltngglfagcfllgnbgndix: 3p will their brand of indie glam survive F0117 Calendar Cafe. l l at love. love, l0vc_ th t E.,§ d the Find Om at the (Queen.S Ba‘TOWland» Glasgow : I The Turn of the Screw Scottish 1 .a'm: ; in k A L K, ,d 0" 58‘ '2- I Solid Silver 708 Show Not the likes i open, takes the Tramway for its new . J th’ C o" ch ' mm y lolou Rawls Remarkably. in a field . of Sweet and The Glitter Band. but a ! production of Britten’s chilling and 1 (. 0m. fl" ape) SW S Cit-Story, “’"h more than "5 fa” Share 0f

l collection from one of Scotland s best

casualties. Rawls has sustained a successful career since the late 50s. Seldom does one of the great soul

rootsier crew led by Alvin Stardust. Sat sinister opera based on the novel by ; young write“ l9 at Usher Hall. Edinburgh and Sun , Henry James. Directed by David : I on, Faun; 'Mamyn French (Hamigh

20 at Glas ow Ro al Concert H ll. v ' w a ' '- .

g y a wawux‘ Zlghtl) ‘lLilzgincfifor h“ Hamilton) New novel from the author Singers ways Scotland so this gig is . [teem/PT 9C '93 8‘ . I?!” t of The Women '3 Room. a hard-edged doubly welcome Sat 5 at Playmqu - mm 1“ I" u M m a“ mg 0 3“ family saga exploring the relationships Theatre Edinburgh

how the company uses their change of , . ' . venue. Tue '5_Sm 26. between an American tycoon and his I The animal mm“ To me am”

1 {our daughiers' Brothers Of all the troupes on the road Theatre celebrating the beshaded and pork-pie- . Sac,“ “cans Communicadois W halted Jake and Elwood Blues with production of Sue Bum/tigers Glover’s . “ghtly'playw Old 3”" i‘mnbers' this ‘5. new play based on a real life strike and FBStlvaIS the only one to come “Hill the blesmllg

ofthe John Belushi Estate. Sat 12 and

occupation of a cathedral by French I Puppet and Animauon Festival Sun H at Playhouse Theatre

I Cypress llill Rap's latest superstars. prostitutes in the l970s. On tour Fri l l

celebrating the .0 f t. i F b g l n A . Based at the Netherbow. this ever- Edinburgh J ys O recrca Iona c _‘ a "‘ pr' expanding festival which covers the ' . . .- . . ° . ,. , - . ' , , I Meatloaf He (J do an thin for love. hggtgs. as heardon their unforgettable v lNlcked, Year! The Royal National _ crossover between ammanon and including visiting Glaggigw “Elia: in the - single Hits From The Bong . Sun Theatre brings a new play by Garry puppetry is taking in new venues t f . . . ' ' ( 20 at Barrowland. Glasgow. Lyons to the Tron Theatre. Glasgow. 5i"lCL 0 {our momhs- F” 18 dnd 54‘ l )

1 outside Edinburgh for the first time. at SECC‘ Glmgow.

. Major events already lined up include: I Sm" Asymm From Minneapolis. and Tara Arts version of The Tempest using prc_dming the grunge boom by at least Puppets and “‘9”; a new' Omc'ally' five years. Soul Asylum are still “aimed pmducnon Of The Tales of around. having touted their brand of

flea” 'x 1,.) gm" lay lTan Turblr (an?! , melodic hardcore on a number of untLr calm S rC’USllre 3 an to lie "lajoplabcl albu'ns. Sat at

I M-People An opportunity for some Bhangra. rap and demonic powers. elegant slumming with one ofthe most Mon 2 l—Sat 26.

impressive British dance bands to have I The Grapes of Wrath 7:84. in tandem emerged in the last twelve months. Tue : with Dundee Rep. tours this adaptation i 22 at Barrowland. Glasgow. of John Steinbeck‘s classic dustbowl I Michel Petrueeianl A return visit tragedy. Thurs 24 Feb—Sat 2| May. from the French piano genius already

. . ' ° 'th the Stevenson centena . Also . prom'ses to be one Of the Jazz Dance I :irlii‘ilriation screenings at the Fiiiiihouse Barrow'and' Glmgow' - highlights of the year. He makes light 1 I the [long Elklns Dance Company i Mon 28 M‘apgm 9 Apr ' I “I! Wonder Stu" Bouncmg back of his physical disabilities. and . Scottish tour for this us dance troupe '3 . ' after their exsellem last album. the maximum use of both a prodigious i that combines acrobatic break-dance ; Fllm S‘Um?5lu_ill_;’fll '338‘3‘galied Te“; technique and a dazzling musical j with contemporary styles. ' , “We!” - “TS at MOW 3" v intelli ence. ueen's Hall Edinbur h 7 . Slum cuts. ROber.‘ (Th? Fla-i”) Glasgow.

g Q ~ g i l Al h Fn' l l. : Art Ulla" conunltfsmls art's": [e I Soundcheclt Assembly Direct‘s jazz

. renaissance w s -an - as - -

I Soundeheclt Assembly Direct I William Wilson A retrospective show vemion Ora geld“ $1.310“ flog.“ by 36350" continues With the BalaneSCU : launches its second contemporary at the Gallery of Modern An which Quartet (Wed l6) and Icebreaker (Sat i

Raymond Carver. Féted at last year‘s 26). BBC Queen 8mm Studios.

Venice Film Festival. its cast reads like I w a Show The ever-toothgome ' a dream Tim Robbins. Jack Lemmon. Tommy Steele in a nonstop trek

music programme with Evan Parker and Chick Lyall (Thurs l7) and the

explores the work of this Scottish artist who died in I972 and aims to reassess

The List l4—27 January 1994 7