After the urban hipness of Hill Street Blues and the risible experiment Cop Rock, Steve Bochco has pinned on a badge once more for N YPD Blue. Tom Lappin reports from the city that never stops screaming

‘Freeze, asshole !’

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inaccurate boast. US audiences could happily leave it, but the adoration of overseas markets (especially shame. blush Britain) resulted in further series, albums. tours etc. A rather more acceptable youth icon was The Fonz, Henry Winkler’s wrinkly, bequiffed captain of cool from Happy Days who had every twelve-year-old saying ‘Heyyyy’ from 1974 onwards.

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hen it comes to TV cop shows, there’s realism. and then there’s realism. ‘lf I got half the pussy that Caruso gets. I’d be a happy cop.’ said one real-life New York Police Department employee on duty in midtown Manhattan last week. ‘If I dressed like that guy I’d get laughed outta here.’ adds his partner.

These are but minor quibbles though in a general thumbs-up for Steve Bochco’s drama

the Fonz: You will believe

Homicide: Munch and Bol

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Blues past and present in Steve Bochco’s cop dramas. Caruso and Sipovltz ot NYPD (left) and tour denizens oi the Hill Street Precinct.

Taking Manhattan

series NYPD Blue, airing to large and appreciative audiences in the American cities that haven’t banned it, and currently screening on Channel 4 in Britain. As the boys on the street put it. somewhat wistfully, ‘Any show that has a cop getting laid that often has to have something going for it.’

Viewers of the first episodes can confirm that

there’s as much action in the sack as on the

sidewalk in NYPD Blue. The hero, Detective _ John Kelly (David Caruso) was seen romping

seems to have had an inordinate influence on Evan Dando’s world- view.

is for Hill Street Blues. 1980 H saw the birth of Steven

Bochco’s ensemble police show, mingling drama, farce. tragedy and romance in an edgy. realist setting. lts influence was enormous, and can still be seen in current shows like Barry Levinson’s

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