I Gerry And The Pacemakers are cool. llot. Yup those catchphrases are back in Wayne’s World ll. Mike Myers and ‘l’ia Carrere (schwing!) flip through her record collection. See Film review.


" I Proof positive that in 2 .f medieval times peasants

‘33; were hung like donkeys. I The Hour of The Pig tells . lul-

' it like it was. See Film preview.

I Catch the tide just right at Cramond beach and you can watch the Ford Granadas sinking in the quicksand, as captured here by photographer David Williams. See Art preview.

I.I lleinMoves performer aur e ooth doesn’t look .

too comfortable, but it I/ could be worse. He could “he; have Joan Collins on his hack swiping him with a horse-whip. Oh I don’t

know though . . . See Dance preview.



‘If a woman meets a guy in a bar and goes home with him and then shouts rape. she has already consented to sex by the very act of going home with him . . . 1 want them to decide: do you want sex or not? If you don’t want it. stay at home and do your nails.‘ Liberal-[miter Camille Paglia files her eomplaint against women today.

‘Why do men always have a name for their dicks? Because they don't want someone they don’t know making decisions for them.’

Theresa Russell makes a wicked willie joke.

‘I know claiming Bob Marley as Irish might be a little difficult. We are both islands. we are both colonies. We share a fondness for procrastination. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the next day. unless of course it's freedom.‘

U2 's Bono notices some remarkable similarities between the Irish and Jamaican experiences after the reggae superstar was admitted to the Rock Hall of Fame.

‘1 love violence in films ifyou don't shirk it. if you show what it is. the pain of it, why it happens. During Reservoir Dogs l debated with Quentin [Tarantino] whether I should let my son Jack, who‘s eight. see the film. So I sat down with him and we watched it on video.‘

'Iim “Mr ()ronge' Roth explains his understanding of ‘Parental Guidance '.

‘lt‘s nice that we all have stores and babies and shoes and sex and all that stuff. You can‘t really get around the fact that that‘s as alive as we’re ever going to get.’

The things that make life worth living for Kristin Hersh in that order?

‘Country folk don’t do that sort of thing. They have sex the proper way.‘ Godfrey Basecroft. ereator of The Archers, on a reeent gay storyline in the soap.

The List 28 January—10 February I994 3