Theatre is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Touring shows are listed alphabetically by title at the end oi the section. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our oiilces at least ten days beiore publication. Theatre listings compiled by Mark Fisher.


Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. L = Level Access. R = Ramped Access. ST = Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC = Adapted Toiletts). WS = Wheelchair Spaces, AS = Adjacent Seats. H = induction Loop System. G = Guide Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant Accessible. C = Catering Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.

llelp: A = Assistance Available. AA = Advise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are available from the Ticket Centre. Candlen’ggs. Mon-Sat i().30am until 6.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on 041 227 5511. Sunday opening is noon-5pm. Any Ticket Link box office can sell tickets for other venues.


I ARCHES THEATRE Midland Street. 221 9736. [Access: L. Facilities: WC. W5. C. G. Help: A. AA]

Glengarry Glen Ross Until 12 Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). David Mamet’s tough- talkiiig. hard-nosed drama of competitive real-estate men is produced by the ever- reliable Arches Theatre Company (rather more reliable. it must be said. than your dear old Theatre Editor: many apologies for listing incorrect dates last issue).

I CCA 346-354 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521. [Access: PPA. L. ST. Facilities: WC. W5. H. G. C]

Bad Girls: Bad Reputation Thurs 3—Sat 5 Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£2.50). After-show discussion on Fri 4. Penny Arcade retums after the success of last year's Bill'li.’ [iv/re! Fug/rug! Whore! with a new show about irony. hypocrisy and betrayal.


Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh. lintil Sat 5 Feb.

The title says it all: the conjunction and the verb demanding clauses, contexts and coherence. C.P. Taylor is a great and eminently watchable writer not because he employs these elliptical techniques ior any narrative service, but because he employs such uncluttered minutiae to suggest a vibrant and instantly recognisable whole. llis theatre is, ii you like, the Theatre oi Commonality: he hints at the significantly mundane, and by allowing the audience to make the emotional connections he creates a

bond between stage and audience

' which is almost celebratory.

I So it is that ior the Geordie heroes

. and heroines oi this play there’s very little earth-shaking drama, despite the

iact that the Second World War is making its shrapnel ielt all around

them. The most tense and violent

moment comes not as bombs iall

dangerously close to their air raid shelter, but when one oi the characters iorgets to buy the head oi the household a pint.

The iocus, being pulled closely onto these minor emotional earthqudtes, removes the sterility imposed by calculated plotting and allows the actors to explore the nuances oi iully ileshed characters. This the talented cast does with alacrity, bringing out Taylor’s rich humour while retaining the nobility oi its pathos.

There are moments however, when the quick cross talking demanded oi the ensemble is not quite met, though whether this is due to early-run line problems remains to be seen. Otherwise it was one oi these unique productions which manages to mix nostalgia without sentimentality, and one whose context allows you to rediscover the oit sung popular songs oi the time as melancholic or rousing anthems oi solidarity, as opposed to the discordant hummings oi one’s grandparents over Christmas sherry.

(Stephen Chester)


And a llightgale Sang strikes a chord

! I

i Theatre, video and erotic dance. See

f feature.

i I ClTlZEHS’ THEATRE Gorbals Street. 429 : 0022. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm

E (10am—9pm on performance days). Bar. 5 [Access: I... R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. I C. Help: AA]

7.30pm. £6 (£2). Main Theatre. Philip Prowse directs Arthur Wing Pinero’s l0l- year-old drama about a woman with a past that high society won’t let her forget. See


he Admiral Jones Tue 8— l 9 Feb. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Circle Studio. Jimmy Chisholm revives his Fringe First-winning portrayal of John Paul Jones. the Scottish adventurer. British traitor and American hero. Written by Frederic Mohr and produced by Dumfries and Galloway Arts. I CUMBERHAIID THEATRE Cumbemauld. 0236 732887. Box Office Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—3pm; 6-8pm perf. evgs Bar/Cafe. [Access: PPA. L. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: A. AA] Over the Rainbow and Old Comrades Until Sat 29 Jan. 7.45pm. £4 (£2). Double-bill linked by the theme of unwanted intrusions into everyday life. performed by No Mean Company. The House oi Frankenstein Fri 4-Star 5 Feb. 7.45pm. £5 (£2.50). Wise-cracking horror spoof by Martin Dowling performed by the Apex Players. Times like These Thurs 10—12 Feb. 8pm. £4 (£2). Frances Barrett presents songs and stories by Bertolt Brecht. drawing attention to how little we have learned since they were written. I DRAMA CENTRE AT THE RAMSHORH 98 Ingram Street. 552 3489. [Access: ST. Facilities: WC, W8. G. Help: AA] When I Was a Girl I Used to Scream and ShOlll Fri 28 Jan—Sat 5 Feb. 7.30pm. £5/£4 (£2.50/£l.50). Despite being Scottish. Sharman Macdonald has enjoyed most of her success in London. so it’s good to have a chance to see one of her best known plays performed by Strathclyde Theatre Group. Thirty years in the lives of three women. Armed Chancey and Graceless Wed 2—Fri 4 Feb. 1.15pm. £2 (£1). Welcome arrival of lunchtime theatre to Glasgow. The first show is by Anita Kane and Tim Klotz. aka Renaissance Festival Players; a sword— fighting comedy about lunch. love and whisky. I GLASGOW UHIVERSITY Drama Studio. West Quad. Main Building. Jezebel Until Sat 29 Jan. 8pm. Free. Third-year student Jo Clayton writes and directs this play about the imagery of women from the Bible to Barbara Cartland as part of a ‘Faith in the University' season.

i The Second hits Tanqueray Until 19 Feb. i I ximilnmiiuv nous: lian CENTRE 50

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