Two essential releases for your record box this month come from points east and west on the Scottish map.

In Edinburgh, Twitch and Brainstorm launch a new label. TAB vinyl with ‘Canin’. It’s the debut from faceless knob- twiddlers PM (from Manchester incidentally) and it’s the sort of hard and fast acidic workout you'd expect from the Pure stable. Out now: beg, borrow or steal.

On a sensuously grinding and lusciously deep NY rip comes the latest release on Glasgow’s Soma label. ‘You Dig’ by The Easunon features the collective talents of Nick Peacock and Oscar Fullone (both D15) and Frank O’Reilly (ex soundman for One Dove). 1 do by the way. Out 31 Jan.

Unrelated but worth mentioning for its pure chilled beauty is A Positive life’s debut ‘Calling' EP (Beyond). Erstwhile contributors to the impeccable Ambient Dub series (2 and 3). find A Positive Life’s naive sonar pulses remixed on this EP by Higher Intelligence Agency. A synthetic oasis. Out 31 Jan. (BC)

'I January saw the introduction of the Glasgow licensing board’s new curfew arrangements. Most clubs will remain licensed right through until 3am and the doors remain open a half hour extra until 12.30am. which in theory should avoid the mass exodus of clubbers from pubs at 11.30pm. In an interview last year Councillor James Coleman stated that the curfew would be extended to 12.30am ‘at the very most‘ so it looks as if this is as much as we are likely to get for the time being. Changes to specific licences include Cleopatras which is now affected by the curfew for the first time. and the Tuxedo Princess which has had all restrictions lifted as it is ‘an asset to the city'. (RW)


CltcbttlbeetClaegoI alumni: fortnight.

I love Boutique Camp of the highest order. The Arches, Wednesdays. I SI. Frankly the best dance club under Central station on a Friday night. The AmhenFridays.

' I The Shimmy Cllb Happy dance classics to blow away those midweek cobwebs. Bennet's. Tuesdays.

= I Knucklehead at the Art School.

Johnny and Hamish taking their Blue Juioean vibes up the Art School. Art

School, Fridays.

l I Solorra The club runners club.

' 13!]: Note. Sundays.

I Cate loco at The Arches. 10pm—3am. £6. The wild and wacky Loco experience

returns on 29 Jan in an even more

theatrical mood. lain Smith from Mischief la Bas will MC for a bit at the beginning .and the first 100 punters through the door get to take part in Super Prize Bingo!

I The Cathouse 9.30pm—3am. £4 (£3.50/£3 before 11pm). Sweaty rock- orientated club on two floors. with early opening and specially cheap drinks till 11pm. Trad rock upstairs and contemporary rock downstairs.

I Cleopatra’s 11pm—3am. £6.

,I Club Xchange 11pm—3am. £5. Gay club

with upfront dance tunes from DJ ‘Suave‘ Gav. Happy Hours llpm-2am.

I Cracker at Strathclyde University Union. 9pm—2am. £2. Students and guests only. Michael David's traditional student night with an indie slant. Paul Mullholland is in Reds with a ‘techno free zonefi

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art. llpm—late. £2.50. The very best in psychedelic/garage/soul/60s in the Vic Bar.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). 10.30pm—3am. £2.50. A good selection of indie-dance faves and a friendly vibe.

I Fury at Fury Murry's. 10.30pm-3am. £4. imaginatively-named and student- on'entated night.

I iiablt at Sunset Boulevard. 11pm—3.30am (no curfew). £6 (£5). Michael Kilkie and Colin Tevendale with ‘a hot selection of British and US house’. I Matrix at The Hive. 10pm—2am. £3. Students and guests. The ultimate combination, apparently. with John Lyons. Drinks promo.

I "0’ Jan With Attitude at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. ‘Dropping science like never before. the eclectic Watt brothers mix wicked jazz and funky soul in an atmosphere not unlike 605 Soho.‘

I nods 10.30pm—3am. £5 (students £3 before 11pm). Relaxed, friendly and popular club night with DJ Kevin mixing up the disco. house and funk.

I Sbooeil at R.G.‘s. 8pm-midnight. DJ Cristian with a house/garage pre-club warmer.

I Swing It at Floozy’s. 10pm-3am. £6 (£4 before 11pm). Noble Whitelaw and Mike Costa.

I The Tunnel 10.30pm—3am. £6 (£3). Derek Wallace and Sir Kevin McCay ‘leading the party on a garage up while Stephen Middleton and Derek Fulton of October Cafe fame do what they do so well in room 2.

I Tankin’ at Glasgow School of Art. lOpm-late. £2.50. Take the upstairs option on an Art School Saturday night and receive a generous helping of acid jazz. funk. dub. ska and hip-hop. With Lindsey. Denny. Louie and Andy getting high up in the rafters.

I Under Ventura 8pm—midnight. Free. Soul, funk and garage with Kevin.

' I the Volcano 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£4

with matric card). Mellow house, garage grooves and street soul with Graham Wilson and Scott McCay.

I Wild at The Cotton Club. 10.30pm—3am. £5. Commercial dance and



I Baby love at Floozy‘s. £3 (£1 with pass 10—11pm). Simon Coyle. Live dance- directed bands most weeks. Check for details.

I Bar 10 9pm—late. Free. Always something going on. probably DJ Gavin. I Bennet’s llpm—3am. £1. All beers and spirits £1! DJ John Frazer.

I 819 Ram 99p Special at Club XChange. 11pm—3am. 99p. Gay. All pints and spirits 99p. ‘What every punter wants’ apparently.

I Bob’s at The Volcano. 10.30pm-3am. £4. lt’s Sunday night. It‘s Partick town. it's the only place to be hot and sweaty.

I Bomb at The Cathouse. Studio 3. 10pm—3am. £1.50. Hip-hop evening.

I Bubblellclous at Reds. 11pm—3am. £6. ‘Bombastic boogie. bubble grooves‘ and all drinks £1. A fine finale to your weekend.

I Club Mouth at The 13th Note (upstairs). 8pm—midnight. Free. indie and alternative tunes plus ‘excellent international bubblegums for early mouthers’! Now featuring live bands most weeks. See Rock listings for details.

I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatra’s.

11pm—3am. £3 (£2 with ticket).

I Ital Reggae Club at Eruption. 10.30pm—late. £2. Recently moved to this new venue.

I loungln’ at R.G.‘s. Free. 12.30pm—closing. All day long in the bottom bar. A mix of jazz and soul flowing all day. changing subtly as the different jocks take their turn on deck.

I NBC at the Sound Factory. 11pm-3am (no curfew). £4. Smart but casual. Stevie Kerr and Joe the Bear with ‘pumping Euro dance‘.

I Pumpin’ at Sunset Boulevard. llpm—3.20am (no curfew). £3. Trevor Reilly and Colin Tevendale.

I Rock City at The Cathouse. 10pm—2am. £1.50. Rock from the 703 to the present. I Sex Machine at Fury Mun‘y’s. 10.30pm—3am. £2.50 (£2 non- waged/women two for the price of one). Glad to see that Fury’s is diversifying away from the usual pint of beer and packet of crisps. ‘A hot. busy. funky Sunday}

I Sonora at the 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. Excursions into ambience. A forum for many of the top

I DJs who happen to be town at the

weekend. Look out for many big names (such as Alex Night from Fat Cat Records on 6 Feb) alongside the resident DJs ‘Unknown‘.


I Tile Beat Club at Fury Murry’s. 10.30pm—3am. £2 (£1). Loadsa bottled beers for £1 to the accompaniment of ‘classic tunes. bouncy dance and 90s indie’.

I Bellybutton at The Volcano. 10.30pm—late. £3 (£2). Get your midriff round this newish. Euroish. garageish. funkyish club with Kevin McKay and other assorted top DJs getting it right on a Monday night.

I The Boat at The Tuxedo Princess. 9pm—3am. £1 with student card (free before 10.30pm with flyer). Pronounce ‘bow-att’. immense student night. Battle the crowds on the revolving dance floor and dodge the DJ hurling T-shirts at you. The weekend starts here.

I Crash West at Cleopatra's. 1|pm—3am. £2 (£1 with ticket). The same as Crash on Friday but slightly further west. hence the wildly geographical name.

I Club Xchango 10.30pm—3am. Free. Gay. Big Karn fills the holes in her social calendar with this new dance-orientated night. Cheap drink.

I Hunt at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. ‘Japanese techno and white trash noise‘. Whatever next?

I The Tunnel 1 lpm—2am. £2. The only place to be out and proud on a Monday. 5Tuesdays

I Boudoir at The 13th Note (downstairs). 8pm-midnight. Free. Easy music with a twist: from Liberace to surrealist organ samplers. this is a superb hiatus from the norm. Your hosts for the evening: EJ. (that’s ‘Easy Jock’), Ian and Dr. Paul.

I JoJos at Club XChange 11pm—3am. £2.50. Gay. ‘Suave’ Gav with his top choice of dance and chart sounds. £1.25 spirits and pints.

I Moist at The Cathouse. 10pm-3am. £1. A mish-mash of poppy and studenty-type sounds. Plus all drinks for £1.20!

I Spank at Strathclyde University Union. 9pm-1am. Free (students and guests only). A suicidally bad name for a night of retro chart favourites.

I Shimmy Club at Bennet's. 10.30pm—3am. £2. Legendary. drunken. ‘mixed’ (or should that be ‘mixed-up’?). longest-running club night in town with Craig Davis. £1.10 promo beers.

I Tradig Post at Cleopatra’s.

l 1pm—2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket).


I Bennet’e llpm—3am. £1. Gay. 70p vodka and gin! DJ Sara.

I Ceroc at Circa. 7.30—1 1. 15pm. Modern jive based on French LeRoc. Beginners class for 45 minutes from 7.30pm then dancing till 10.15pm.

I Chopper at Club Xchange. lO.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Long established, busy night combining garage. house. rap. funk. disco. and pop with awfy cheap booze.

I Club llavana at the October Cafe. 9pm—midnight. Free. Run by DJ Jazz of the Sunday with the same name at the Cotton Club. Promo Mexican and Columbian beers and spirits go down a treat with two pints of sangn'a for a fiver.

BS The List 28 January—10 February 1994