which has been tempting palates of the city's population for years now.The management have come up with an innovative and bargain price lunch deal that takes some beating. For £4. between ten to fifteen tantalising dishes are yours for the tasting in a buffet- style arrangement. Highlights include spicy Dum Aloo, Navrahan Kurma plus lotus leaf savouries among a range of starters. While every Wednesday evening they‘re offering an unforgettable trip through the culinary map of India with representative dishes from each region plus a colourful display of all traditional ingredients. A veritable education for only £8.50.

I Pancho Villas 240 Canongate, 557 4416. Ole amigos. Fiesta time from the Latin American chefs who have established a reputation for traditional Mexican cuisine with that extra kick. The three course lunch at £4.95 is excellent value with nachos and enchilladas their sizzling speciality. The evening menu has a wider selection of main courses weighing in at £5.50 for Fajitas Vegitarianas for those with an aversion to meat, and Pork Burritos for those who don’t at _

only £l more. What better than a cool 33 Mexican beer to wash it down with. ~ Hasta La Vista Baby.

I Plum Lapin 32 West Nicolson Street, 668 4332. The Pierre Victoire empire continues to flourish with this restaurant’s emphasis on vegetarian cuisine - though sticklers may not approve of the inclusion of our fishy friends on the menu. The large dining area with basilica-type central dome is filling up fast with those discerning diners keen to take advantage of the £4.90 three course set lunch. How does steamed leek and quail egg salad with

lamb‘s lettuce served with shallot

vmmgmte smke yo“? or Perhaps the followed by wild and not go wild sounding Red Dragon Pie. casseroles a mere 65p and holding with the

fies" him) pancake fined With mughmom {dcaggéc flavo‘urcd with and vegetarian stews constitute the American ethic of buy one coffee and ratatou'uc. served wnh prfive'gale mango“ and red Burgundy tossed with main dishes at around £2.50. while the second is free, this has to be a $333,: gffigfgslztgezr $233!? a melo of pasta topped with cheese and "193° filth the aPPC‘UIC 0f 0 initially rcgumr 'UnCh SPOL

follow. nuts. It may sound like a mouthful but ' "My like “16 humus and auhcrglrlc hate I spices l 10 west 30W 325 5028.

I "on. “do.” IO Victoria it tastes even better. Cheese or sweet or numerous salads. The ubiqurtious Established by the winning team Street,225 1721; 8 Union Street, 557 round Offthe Who“: CXPCITCDCC- 9 Liarf(3[€ahc and, {fwfrumblfiR’S’Y‘dlc behind the Kalpna success story it was 3451. "is no wonder these places are as I Seeds 5l—53 West Nicolson Street, . 5W8]! ‘I‘LLWEP‘IU‘EMM’fflill‘ ‘1 y' inevitable that Spices should keep up. busy as Picaddilly Circus on a daily 667 8673' N0‘ only does “"5 “9w . if“? y 3'09" I‘m“ Fprm‘u “'5 “‘9”de _ the excellent standard initiated by their basis, given the bin for an excellent expanded hotbed of student eating , ficfgm‘p‘uilll‘lwt' .. flit": 8,"? me u L ‘big brothers'. Therefore the £5.50 three course lunch £4.95 _ is enough aCl‘V't)’ Comp“? “llih the U910“ 1" . i“;,g$‘?”““f I'm?” ‘1'“ Mb” lunch menu is sure to attract a crowd. A to make even Ebeneezer Scrooge smile. terms of prices. it is also a library of . “x81 '5”); “ML” . g i i ((7 vast three or four course lunch chosen The secret of success seems to lie in its invaluable thought'pmmkmg rcadlng 7. t Sc 8 4inlwlwn (“LL ) ) “Om 3" intrigung range 0‘ “Ch and authentic French food at affordable matter to pore 9"” When Chompmg ' g 25—: I 11%“ mglf)? Road'fm Wondcmll ingredicms can be .

prices in spam but attractive through the spinach soup and home- Jmh :1 bir"lgrggll‘rn'IB‘ilrafts: 1):” ' anticipated. Kashmir—style cauliflower, surroundings. Pumpkin and almond made bread for £'- The mmgumg E y L ' dhal lentil, roast aubergine and spinach

will serve you some of the most massive to overstuffed sandwiches you’ve ever laid your hungry eyes on.

or a sweet. smooth coconut sauce are

soup or a fresh fruit cocktail for starters among the regularg‘ favouritcg

. Since opening the Nicolson street I Traverse Cafe 10 Cambridge Street. f branch in October they have built up a 228 8003. Recently franchised out to

; serious reputation for their traditional those established purveyors of fine

' pastrami and four-tier tuna melts as wholefood Henderson‘s. this

well as vegetarian mouthwaterers like downstairs theatrical cafe will peanut butter and banana. Prices start at doubtless make its own mark on the Edinburgh eating scene judging from its lunchtime menu. The health aspect is given a Mexican twist with the inclusion of nachos either as a starter or main course. ()ther inspired choices may lead you to consider the popular broccoli and Stilton pie replete with crisp. green salad. The banoffi (banana

and toffee) pie comes highly recommended as does the trifle. Prices vary but £3.95 is the norm for main courses and around £1.50 for sweets.

A guide to cheap eats in Glasgow will be included in (me of the flirthcmning issues (If The List.

88 The List 28 January-10 February I