found on Avenida da Liberdade and Run _ Portas de Santo Antao.

Expect to pay around £l l-£20 for a

double room at the cheaper end of the scale. At Easter. and even more so in '07.. I I

The following offers are open to Glide Frederick William Flower was born in , 75g, {"‘f‘su'lm‘en ’00!“ ivai'Pbi'i‘y is often catatowmnlv- nanometreniece; :é'éffif?332.‘§.:Ji'3‘:I;J‘SLEi'ét‘".l.3‘2§§.. n the age of nineteen he was selling ' _ ~. ' -r-.‘;'.'i mm ‘. . ~ ~ . ;'_'- . e ‘d. port in Portugal and was later to run E ~ 9 y

_ . Lisbon has two youth hostels; Pousada de his own shipping busmess, but It was Juventude de Lisboa. Rua Andrade Corvo.

Tieo tickets tor the price or

one tor Scottish Opera’s

ior his hobby oi photography that l ,_ 3 , ' r “,5 53 26 96, is the main hostel in the city Flower is remembered. He is believed ' ' " ' "s ,_;_‘- centre with e00 beds. Thereis also a large pertains-co 0t Dollzottl’s to be the first person to use Fox- .. campsite. the Parque Mumcrpal dc

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' .1 . . _ _ L’Ellelr d’amore at the Theatre Royal 3 Talbot's calotype process, a i : -- .. Turtsrtto e Caltip‘l‘smo, 70 goo l .‘whlch IS til 1 Feb at 7.15pm. Tickets from E forerunner of modern photography, in i ' A from: Sturdy]:rffoiiiatrhhuci33$? and “cut out". 041 227 5511 all! all ; Portugal. A collection of nearly 300 prints carry notes about variations in '3 com L y “g L' Ticket"!!! outlet:- % prints, mainly landscapes in northern g the chemicals used during _ 7 Portugal taken over a ten-year period, i development. ‘Family, acquaintances AT'NG 8‘ DRINKING is being exhibited during Lisboa 94. 1 and other persons appear in some or Isl-“b0” has some of the best value cafes

An essay written by Harold Flower on 1 the photographs casually, rather than SWEET his grandfather’s work gives a picture ' as being or importance in the picture,’ 9‘ ‘“ L r

. . for £6 but its chea er to o for main CHARITY or a determined man who loved the ; his grandson adds. dishes and Special: Scafiod is a

countryside of Portugal. ‘rlo railways Flower appeared to give up speciality but is Often more expensive. “3”” '0' '53 (concmions existed at that time and the roads over photography suddenly halt way Look out for t‘cri'ejarius beer hails £1 50) '0' Hm“ '3‘" “M which Frederick William had to travel through his life and never picked up a where the emphasis is more on drinking swan” Penman“ 0' 3”“ were mostly second-rate, which camera again. What remained at his than eating. Apart from Portuguese

dishes. there are many inexpensive restaurants serving food from former colonies such as Brazil. Mozambique.

Chan” at “3AM” New Ammum means their condition was probably . equipment arter his death was sold by “team "0'" 3"“ “b at 7-159“ deplorable. He probably travelled on . his son in 1921, but this important “like” "0'" "0"“ cent”, “41 227 horseback or by mule diligence, with a collection or the first photographs or

. . An rola and Goa. Some of the trendiest 55" 3"" 3" "Ckemnk outlets” change to bullock haulage up the l Portugal remains in the country. bar: restaurants and Clubs are in Bamo SteepeSi 9'3dient5-’ l (“the limb) . . Alto. with live music venues playing fado Flower was also fascinated by the ‘The Flower Collection’ is at the (see preview). jazz. African and Latin.

E Processes "wowed in 93'" Museu de Chiado from 26 May-31 Check out Se7e. Lisbon’s answer to The TH photography and many or his original August. List. for details.

1'” fink.“ f" . due to published ill March (Pengum &

o“ '0' m mm. Jon“ There are no direct flights to Lisbon £9.99). ' I "use" Gal‘benkian Partthitlhc lttaeee Theatre 0|! Tireede , Gulbenklan Foundation w ic supports a Vla tnuch 0f Portugal's cultural output‘ the 1.” "am "on lack“ can“ from either Glasgow or Edinburgh adds Head for ROSS-lb “hm mm! of the City's museum features collections of Eastern

abOIIt £100 to the following prices: ensions are within e'is w'ilkin v distance and Wcswm 3” from Al‘Cicm Egyptian 0412275511ullallrlcketllek , a P_. w «a t i.- . H _ .‘ mu British Airways flies from London of the square. and on the western side of Surat)? m {m Ng’U‘UN It,“ ellc‘ry' Nam“ Heathrow three-times a day, At the the adjoining Prath dos Restauradores is (“mks m “we III‘PRSS'OmSL‘.

moment, the cheapest {are is £134 but the English-speaking Turismo (Mon—Sat I comm de Arte "edema The gallery 0f

. e . 3 20th centu Portu uese art includes work 9. ill—X Nil. 5 i 10; ill—b l . t‘l. 346 33 . ‘7 g 1 that deal may "M be continued 3"" 1 I m 1 pl I L by Futurists Amadeu de Sousa Cardosa

- l~ll whi ‘ll )l‘ovid ‘s .iccoinilitxlation list. . . 5 19 Febmaw' supe' Apex '5 the "a" I k I L s ' and GUilherme Santa-Rita.

bus timetables and maps. There's also a

ORCHESTRA I cheapest at £159 but you have to stay smaller 10mm information 0m“, at me I Museu da Cidade Collection of prints. I a Saturday night and seats are limited - airport Opt.” 14 hmm a (kw paintings and models of pre- 1755 Lisbon “was i‘" “'50 on each flight, so advance booking is ' ~ " in an 18th century Palace- Academy Orchestra’s perrormance ; 0345 222111. . . . _ sited in another 18th century palace. of Schumann, Nelson and Bartok at . Tap A" Ponugal also flies from it you have money ior mid-range pensions I Museu de Arte Antiga The core of the "a" 10 feb at . and the more expensive categories of collection comprises 15th and 16th 35”” mom's” 0" « London Heathrow three times a day , .1. . ~ . b. h, b.. ff .- h, u H , . h 7 3M “ck'ts "om Ticket centre, 5 “h M k tolc you rt pro a est 0 using t t. ccntury Portuguese works by artists suc . . k u k : w m "wee '9 "ms Starting "0m booking service at the l'urlsmo where . as Nuno Gonclaves and is displayed iii a 041 227 5511 and a“ "c at n 1 £134 midweek or £149 at weekends, ; there is no commission charge. The beautiful converted palace of the period. outlets. g but prices rise to over £230 by spring, airport hotel desk will establish whether Gonelaves was part of the ‘Portuguese i Until the and of March, Tap is there‘s space at a pension or hotel but they school‘ of religious painting which 1 operating Monday and thumday won‘t reserve a room. . spanned the exciting period when Gothic SCOTTISH ; flights from Manchester which cost . f1:21;::“‘:t.:f‘:’rfr‘)‘:l fglflllr‘lgfirensaf‘ arltwis spinelan ‘0 "‘6 Ref-“gang ‘h cflAMBEn mas-£245 return. There are no Apex "f, ‘, - ",1 i” L, :L (.l pi, std-H . pl? h'f A?" "T‘ L ‘0 “"0" a“ W” S y 0‘“ ! stand-b [educflons hm the amine i o lcr in .i tenement m ings in a c Durcr and Raphael. i 0' , y . central parts oi the city. The most obvious I "mu ([3 Marinha Monastery museum * “"0” "I two days "99 car mm It tW0 and accessible accommodation area is [racing 1th history of Portugal 35 a trading A" “a.” £1 '" soon” i adults travel together, or tour days ' around Rossi’o. with cheap pensions to b ' nation slumber Orchestra‘s perrorinance ,. . ._ . ... ..

| 3 tree hire it there are tour or you. 0' u mum, 3“ mm" m ; Booking inromiation on 071 828 0262.

the city Ilalle on 11 Feb at 7.309.. t Tickets ira- flcket Centre, on 227 = INFORMATION . 5511 and all Ticketlilllt outlets. j

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To tdte up one or these otters present your Clyde Card to the venue box'

office. All otters sublect to . availability. 1

. . . . l 1 Travel information is taken from the sixth

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"3”" to CI". 1 a“ my“ 2 I" edition of the Rough Guide to Portugal by “rule! dmilt 3 Mark Ellingham and John Fisher which is

Bole. Palace

so The List 28 January—10 February 1994