video will be hitting the Highlands as m Aberdeen Video Access presents a series of talks, workshops and

screenings to provide help and advice 1. . . . rawling the waters or 60s and 70s TV

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roduction in Aberdeen an)d offers a “I. new “venue's is “an” in the p ide e of gen/keg d e m cm video retail net. Series producer Brian w. “u. 'g q p Clemens’s scripts still crack along to hire at its Holburn Street headquarters. "

The new series of events which goes memo'able I“ at Lam's

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I Trainee Graduation: Five trainees under the title ‘Wide Shots‘, will

have joined the ranks of the country‘s include talks from actor Paul Birchard, giggly: afizgzflfizzgmrrfi

film and television professionals, as writer and script editor Paul Pender, Bond Bond Stamps “guarded

Scottish Broadcast & Film Training‘s and producer Marie Devine. Screenings Englishnes; Bambi“ macho-man

first set of graduates completed five include a selection of work from local postmings hm“ ,s lemmas and leg

months of industry experience on 4 filmmakers, the best of the recent crop action _ egsentialying'ed‘ems now I V

February. Sarah-Jane England of First Reels, and a programme culled “discovered without me intrusion of

(Continuity), Dianne Jamieson (Make- from the Edinburgh Fringe Film and me adverts. by a slylophone- VOIIIII‘le 2 boasts the

up Artist), Ewan Morrison (Assistant Video Festival. All events take place in volume 1 cwsmrs Peter Cashing as 3 Sleeping 933 lemfl 0' 5.9999: aim -

Editor), Kirstin McMahon (Camera Aberdeen Arts Centre. and information kidna ed scienust “ken to a [mom a Peomnal iaVOlll’lle - Gambit 8

Assistant) and Gina Lee (Assistant 3 is available from Aberdeen Video 8 “PS: . I "d ml“ with Nazi monks ag‘amfi'u’le'cmc" Show"! ra"9° "In

Production Manager) worked on a ; Access, McClymont Hall, 43a Holburn i of": '5 Ia , "est, h" ‘1," Last in Target - “mics With a COM line in

variety of projects, including Taggari, ' Street, Aberdeen ABl 6BR (0224 (am 853:: 5 ts 1,;velseln Wide'iapel Vio'ence- (AM)

Making Waves, Dr Finlay, Cardiac i 584840). _ , 9 V "'3" i - -T- - , a The-New Avengers Vols 1 and 2 are

Arrest and feature film Shallow Grave. I I oouglas Mackinnon: Scottish "d'culous cum" c8 eni‘mam' amiable 0" the Video Gems label at ‘These achievements are a substantial filmmaker Douglas Mackinnon will be [avenge pint and a spam appea'ance £1239-

s rin board for the indust ,’ t on hand at the Glasgow Film Theatre . , H )

cgmngiented Neil Fraser, SBy&FT's i on Tuesday 22 February to introduce a [:JiISilziiiCLctiittjgimL ((g'fijiiiciiiiiii’iilli‘ackford’s

Chairman. ‘The retention of 6pm screening of his work. Included is appeal, and struggles to ' sprawling three-hour epic

programming skills in Scotland Ashes, his graduation film from the justify its extension from deserves to find a

depends not only on the provision of ! National Film and Television School; the TV sketch format. discerning video

quality training, but also on a healthy Sealladh (The Vision), which was - q? (ClC) » audience. Centring on

and self-sufficient broadcasting and nominated as Best Short Film at the ,' three young Lanna? " a.

film industry. That is very much the 1993 BAFTA Scotland Awards; and a I S‘X’j‘i‘frgcdffiif' ms at?“

issue of the moment.’ recent cPiSOdc Of The Billv WhiCh he I } hiiiiiiucriliaiiL—lr

I Aberdeen Video Access: Some of [ directed. Matinee prices will apply at Lg," "is a detailed accou‘m 0f

the top names in independent film and i this screening. (AM) '3 the shifting rivalries and

loyalties in a microcosm of US society rarely

. examined on filiti. (Buena I El Mariachi (18) Robert Vim)

_ three minutes - on lo-eand Il-Matic or . evu format is currently being sought

hi the Dialect co-ordinators. To date. «g, Rodriguez‘s slit-Price “it I Also out this fortnight the majority oi material has tallen into ' finally i‘mm 0? Eh“ are Sharon Stone's tepid the pop mama/short drama “hand”, I Coneheads (PG) format ll was originally thriller antics in Sliver I alum" h man 0' the Scottish Stranded when their plan made for. Ignore the fact (CIC); Ted Damon and g y to conquer Earth takes a that it had a Cinema run on - , s . . coll es with illmmakin divisions - - - - a . Whmp't “O‘dbtrg m 99 9 wrong turn. illegal aliens the arthouse CerllllI. this is Made In America ‘, have submitted work, with community Bcjdar and Prymaat unashamedly exploitative (Warner). 0m, of the most issues being covered in tapes from Conehead (Dan Aykroyd action-comedy fare (wrth patronisingly unfunny Video In Pilton. A strong input has and Jane Curtin) try to subtitles, oi'cour'SC). as a comedies cm H, be come "om me music cams; at Jew“ assimilate themselves into crooning drifter is ' forced upon us; and In and Esk Valley College, with the result US SUbu’bia- Unlike mistake“ for ‘1 Mama“ The Line or Fire. a tightly that students than may find [asth genow Swim/U.“ N113"! h'iglmnailzofiin d o constructed assassination _ -i've mov1e spin-o i I 00 n, 00 ut movie starring Chm Inlslmodpe by h: gass'ng Wayne's World, this satire (l8) Denied a decent Eastwood, Sam's“ ""3 on on m" e 0 on American family life cinema release, Taylor : ‘Obviously we’d prefer it these ' shelves up here last year. politics and love, while programmes could also be shown in Kevin Dillon. Ethan trying to pin down its Scotland so poo"; can” see the" 9 ~ Hawke. Frank Whalley level of comiiiititicnt to own work, on their on "annual and Ayre Gross bring at. either. JeaiifLuc Godard‘s . ' 3', human side to the conflict. idiosyncratic style fits the

television,’ says joint project co- ordinator Christine O’Hara. ‘But what

as their army intelligence loose improvisation of

platoon discovers the interview-like we’ve created instead is a k’ind 0' futility of their mission conversations into the inter-cultural exchange. We re looking behind Nazi lines. overall formalised for anything relating to Scotland or (Columbia Tristar) structure or the movie, made by Scottish people, in order to I The Emma llarte Also released is the same low that we’ve all become good 93133 byoad a cross-action of Trilogy ( IS) Barbara director‘s futuristic SNOW: ii shouldn’l coma 33 a society as possible. We didn’t set out Ta)’ 10' Bradford OVc‘rdOSC detective parody.

time, in the quintessential Alphaville. (Connoisseur. rags-to-riches intrigue and £15.99) jealousies of/t Woman ()f I Other videos to buy

surprise that it’s 888i" for Scottish to be an an magma", but it’s filmmakers to see their work aired on beginning to took that way, or course,

6m talflmgnhm: gnlhor‘l. "'3 "tomes aw’damndem on What Substance, Hold The include ‘iiiastcr of “mus "'0 E n "'9 a u 8 on People send in- _ Dream and 72) Be The I eroticism‘ (believe that if “my "93".“ With “"990 "3798'" It is hoped that the Berlin rapes Best. Each mini-series is - you like) Zalman King's

College, has launched the Berlin rapes i Project will stimulate debate at the Project as the means by which work 3 Edinburgh Television Festival in

released on two cassettes high society prostitution in a twin-pack. and stars nonsense Wild Orchid ii:

that has." “mad, he." momma“ Anal.“ on open access to television such Oscar faves as . Two Shades Blue ( l8)

can be packaged into twelve halt- 5 and cable channels in this country. For ' “‘Midnighi CW" ( '5) QTTO’W “dofi.'"s'(j'j‘a"‘ (C°‘"”‘b"‘.Tr“l‘a' af‘df

"on", mum” to b. show me moment anyone Inmwsmd in Based on a novel by ecson an iran‘ ‘a _ the fourth insta mcnts o

, 3 William (Bin/v) Wharton, ~ Richardson. (Odyssey. two Manga animated

mom." on Ban“ 3 an." ace.” l “Mining manna Should coma“ this World war 2 £14.99 each pack) epics Doomed

cmnl’ on..." m" mmsm" "mam 0' Lama 'l' Shaw 3‘ 13 ensemble piece was a real _ I Masculin Feminin ( l5) : Megalopolis (15) and High Guam, "‘30 100‘an " “"0"” "3ch Edinburgh: El" 483 discovery when it ; French youth of the 60s j Crying Freeman (18)

lolllllllll "In. 8860013, mum” i (031 558 3135). premiered on the video discovers left-wing (Manga. £8.99)

sponsored /)_\' BACARDI BLACK

18 The List l i—24 February I994