I She’s absolutely (yeah

we know) now, but back in the 70s Joanna lumley hemmed it up in camp

nonsense like The llew

Avengers, just released

on video. This issue, - Video finds its new home

and settles into the Film > lleview.

Going down hill faster than an Olympic skier it’s the . . .

I Willy gags will be coming thick and last for the next lew weeks, so we’ll keep ours under

(3 wraps until, oh, the Free Willy review in Film lleview section.




I Whither now tor a novelty act sick of singing about jumpers? Sultans Of Ping address this and other questions on their upcoming Scottish dates. See llock preview.

I 1994 will be the year of the geek, proclaims carrot-topped gagster Chris Evans telling us not to forget our toothbrushes in his new live Channel 4 show. See TV preview.

2 E



2 The List 1 l—24 February 1994