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‘The moment George Bush said "Not" like Wayne was surreal. I never cease to be astonished at this thing. “Not” was something my brother used to say to torment me. And suddenly Bush is saying it to torment the whole of the free world.’

Mike Myers on the schwings and roundabouts of catchphrase fame.

‘It's a bit like having high blood pressure and cutting your am open to let it all out. It’s such a relief and

I ‘Hey guys, I thought release" . Hanna's was a dodgy Ambient knob-twrddler the Aphex Twin

camp move, but (abade uses a dubious medical model to

. . .7’ Kieter Sutherland describe the creative process.

and chums brazen it out in The Three Musketeers.

Oliver Reed would not . .

approve. see mm review, ‘The strawbernes are a bit of fun. Everybody enjoys sex . . . Even middle- aged people enjoy a robust private life.

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marginally more adventurous, and that

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rock om Immad as the Daily Record journalist, discusses Rubber Bishops, Wm, a which scenes in her bonk-busting novel, gig at Glasgow’s Fools m A Parliamentary Affair. are based on Paradise at the Old personal experience.

Athenaeum. See Comedy listings.

‘Bert and Ernie have no “sexual orientation". They‘re cloth puppets, for Pete‘s sake!‘

An exasperated Sesame Street spokeswoman responds to suggestions by a fundamentalist minister in America that the children is 71’ stars are 803'-

. Yup, it’s the lanky one from Gregory’s Cirl, John Cordon-Sinclair, all grown-up now and playing a lecherous iournalist lo a new BBC sitcom Nelson’s Column. See TV listings.

‘When we get too powerful, they gotta pump our brakes. because there's never been a black President. And that’s what the whole world's fearing right now. And the thing is. as big as this rap shit is. who knows; maybe I could run for President one day.’

Is Snoop Doggy Dogg the man to turn the White House black?


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