V Again it is that time of year when in The List there does appear. a Valentine message so sincere. Donna. you are still my love most dear.

V Sunshine fond thoughts on full moon, forever.

V Baby It’s a funny old

game . . . Keep training with the boys. Stay hott for Barcelona. Love you. Puss.

V Bill’s vision of the future: Cuculidae obliteration. artistic freedom. anorak firing squad. free cabemet. financial excess. king-size nest. And they lived happily ever after. S.

V on West young man and banish your Oxford blues. We’ll be Calvinists together all year through from the East: Middle. Near and Far. Love you always, your possible opera star.

V Nil - it’s Feb 14th . . . surely tonight i can have a treat? Sweetie.

V erian the girl with the nicest smile in the world, you can climb my mountain anytime! Let me melt your frozen heart.

V M lron my shirts, pretty please. You'll have plenty of time now, and it’s very good for the thighs. Put that nice, shiny. sharp knife down, dear. E.

V Marie Roses are red. hamsters are fluffy. What colour’s your hair? - Never you worry. Slip under my duvet. throw your last eam'ng down; toast your new perm a comfortable brown.

V Darling to!!! you’re dead comfy, especially at night. Wishing you all my lip-smacks. L.R.D.F.

V Bella - do you remember those nights in Paris Pooh Ponger does time to return again now the kids are out of nappies!

V ‘oear’ Susan we belong together like accounting students. woolly jumpers and white nylon shirts. Luv ya

lots . . . honest, Derek.

V Eisil soft pink fluffy snugs and woody smells are my heaven. Strong forearms rule.


V To Margaret Anne You make me Violently Happy, Like Someone In Love. This is Big Time Sensuality. I will love you always, Keith.

V Snuggler loads of snugs and wriggles from the big fish.

V Roses are red violets are

. blue, snog the nearest person as 3 long as it’s Lou.

V Janos II I love you, I love you, I love you almighty, I wish your pyjamas were next to my nighty. don’t be mistaken, don’t be misled, I mean on the clothes line not in the bed. ?


V Eddie You’re Nigel to my Lizzie, Eric to my Ernie. Homer to my Marge, Alf to my Ailsa. You’re my Zuzu's petals, stay with me in Bedford Falls. Yours, Valerie.

V FD: My beautiful friend. You delight me in my wakefulness and caress me in my dreams. WW.

V George Love you lots. Please take me to the park on the 14th. ??? V Tom I will say this only once. Remember Paris - Je ne regrette rien. Special ‘close‘ thoughts and much loving. Jane.

V lley sugar! I adore you. Gooey squidgy slurpy love + kissy-type stuff. We’re talking hot + moist. Oooer! I’m yours. Take me!!! XXX.

V Fiona Flower I am here. Allow even yourself the possibility of unfettered love with no surrogate father figure in sight. I kiss your eyes. The Goat.

V II I dig it when you’re fancy, dressed up in lace. I dig it when you’ve got a smile on your face.

S. V Doctor M - Nobody. nobody. nobody has made me feel the .way you have! i didn‘t know monogamy could be this good Elv. V To the Judge Not often you find, someone with such an active mind; Don't let it examine every deficit. we know we’re not perfect. Just smile and have fun! SS. V ‘II music be the food of love. play on.‘ Happy Valentines, music baby. With love from someone who ‘bothers’ and loves you.

; V Sweet Baboo When you

come home I’ll be naked! Love you always! Piss Face.


V Young lotte: I’m just shy. Next time. I promise I‘ll look you straight in the eye. Many fur-balls, Mr T.

V there isn’t a rusty meek

steam engine, tractor. copy of

5 Trade It or VAT inspector in the

world that means more to me than you. Mind you, there is a 1959 Alfa Romeo which comes

a distant second. With lots of

love and spare parts Manifold Man. V Big squelchy kisses to John.

Love. Naomi and Claudia.

V James You make me burst into flames! Love. your secret admirer. x.

V llauglity but nice .I.B. So glad you're still guarding the castle. Another 8 perhaps? Hope so. Much love from the Princess Tiger.

V Tall, dark and beautiful

i could drink a case of you and still be on my feet. With love from someone who looks up to you (sometimes!)

V Jane you scared away the ghosts on Easter Road. Love Thumbs.

V Kay Thinking of you . . . as always.

V lg Thirteen years knowing you. eight years of marriage and things just keep getting better and better. Keep your motor running. N.

V To my darling pet lamb: You are the task for which all others are but preparation. Happy Valentine’s Day. All my love. Honey Bean.

V M! Bunny bounce for me one more time. Love you. Sparky. V Smutty You have made me the happiest schnugglebunny in the world, love you forever. C. V Kate I miss you so much. Come and visit me soon. I'll wear my bloomers and furry slippers and we'll have bad games. Love Bertie.




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