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‘There are some bands who would like to live in the studio, only make studio records, that to us would be death, not a test at all. To us it’s about writing songs and playing them as often as we can, trying to make those songs live.’ - Charlie.

will have to believe in it. We‘re not about to waste our breath doing every political rally or whatever that comes along.‘

With no stirring independence anthems to placate the radicals. The Proclaimers‘ world- view. their concentration on family. work and conservative or reactionary. Certainly there's plenty to take offence at if you’re that way inclined: the dogmatism ofthe title track. the ‘back-to-basics‘ message of ‘Let’s Get Married'. the cheap

mother-in-law gag that is ‘Don‘t Turn Out Like Your Mother". but the strongest impression is one of honesty. The directness. verging on baldness. of the lyrics makes it plain that these songs. like everything they've done before. come from the heart.

‘We never sat down and tried to write about a particular subject] says Charlie. ‘lior me a first line comes about and I just take it from there. You don't think about it. it's a subconscious thing. At the end of the song you may think. ‘censor it‘. bttt the actual spark for the song is not conscious.‘

‘We do what we want to do at the time] adds (i‘i'aig. ‘You realise when yott do it that some people might take it the wrong way or be offended but there‘s nothing you can do about that. You don‘t think about what‘s fashionable and what's not. After all ‘l.et‘.s Get Married is not a very l994 idea for a single. I like simplicity. I don’t like heavy meanings in what we do. This album is very direct and that‘s what we're aiming for.’

For both Proclaimers. the most frustrating apect of the live-year hiatus in their career has been the lack of live work. With no new material to play. live dates had no function. They make amends in April. living tip to the Protestant work ethic and the album‘s title with a tour of some of Scotland‘s more outlying venues tare you ready to rock. Portrec Gathering Hall?)

‘We feel as a Scottish band that we‘ve got an obligation to play places which are out of the way that other bands don‘t play.‘ says Craig. ‘the Highlands and smaller towns of Scotland. We want to go out to those people rather than just play Edinburgh and (ilasgow and


Aberdeen.’ ‘That‘s what it's all about. confirms his brother. ‘There are some bands who would like to live in the studio. only make studio records. that to us would be death. not a test at all. To tts it‘s about writing songs and playing them as often as we can. trying to make those songs /lt'(’.‘

‘l‘M GONNA FOLLOW THE MONEY’ croons ('raig as the television camera looms in for the umpteenth close-up. You don't need to glimpse at the monitor to know the Reid brothers are as geeky and as affecting as ever. The Proclaimers Part ll starts here. and this time it‘s personal. '.l

Ill! The Highway is rc/cuscd (m .‘lllurc‘h 7. The Scottish {our begins in licrti‘ir‘k (m /7 April.

lll_lin Proclaimers tickets

THE PHCCLAIMEHS ARE hitting the highway for a tour of under-visited towns on Scotland’s rock ’n’ roll map. You can follow them by winning a tree pair of tickets for one of the eight gigs during April. The tour dates are: The Maltings, Berwick Upon Tweed, Sun 17; Albert Hall, Stirling, Mon 18; Tobermory Town Hall, Mull, Tue 19; An-Aird Centre, Fort William, Thurs 21; Gathering Hall, Portree, Skye, Fri 22; Eden Court, lnverness, Sun 24; Town Hall, lnverurie, Mon 25; Hothes Hall, Clenrothes, Tue 26. Please state it you are happy to accept tickets for any of the gigs or, it not, say which towns in order of preference. To enter, just tell us:

What was The Proclaimers’ first album called? Send your answers to Proclaimers Comp. The List. l-l High Street. Edinburgh El-ll lTE. Entries must reach us by Wednesday 9 March.

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i 'the blood is the life' Bram Stoker, Dracula, 18‘)?

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T H E A I I? E C O M P A N V M


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