I The latest example of Hollywood's new ‘Denzel Washington must he in every movie’ rule, sees our Denz flashing his impressive equipment in the direction at Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief. See Film review.



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'lt's quite enjoyable. It takes a lot off

your mind. being celibate. Sex does occupy such a lot of space. It’s like giving up drinking. You find you don't have to go to the off—licence so often.’ Whv Keith Water/muse newspaper

' columnist, playwright and novelist is

spending even more tinte with his

. typewriter these days.

‘l freaked him out with my Scottish

accent. I was photographed being

embraced by Michael although Sony

' have yet to come up with the pictures.‘

Alan Mt'Gee speeulates that per/taps a

(riddle/rant Michael .lat‘ksan isn 't the publit‘itv ('(ntp it ()II('(’ was.

‘I do like his hair. If you spend any time with him, his hair isn‘t as big as everyone makes it out to be. I've seen

. sotne pictures from a few years ago and : that hair is high. But now it's pretty

normal. He‘s really good looking.‘

Julia Roberts on a side ()f/ter husband

I._vle [.ovett the public rarer sees.

‘It just becomes a trifle after a while. a

nothing. It becomes an issue of who

didn‘t wear it. Anything that happens

on television now, they have a red ribbon. So do you have to wear it'.’ Is it still an option."

Philadelphia star [inn Hanks wonders whether the AIDS awareness badge has lost its impart.

‘l low many lead singers does it take to change a light bulb? One. You hold the bulb and wait for the world to revolve around you.‘

Pint-sited I‘()('l\'(’l' David Lee Rat/t illustrates the aphorisnt ‘ntanv a true H'ttt‘tl. . .'


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