Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events l


: are listed by city, then by day, then

alphabetically by title. Clubs will be. listed, provided that up-to-date details

reach our offices at least seven days

before publication. Club Listings

compiled by Rory Weller and Bethan Cole.


I The Ark at The Tunnel. l()pm— 3am. £5 (£3 ). Pumping house. garage grooves. lasers and as much Versace as you can lit under one roof. Michael Kilkie and Scott McKay in Bar 1. Duncan Reid and Steven McCreery in Bar 2.

I Banus lt)..‘s()pni~-3ani. £6. DJ George Bell playing commercial dance.

I Bar 10 ‘Jpnianidniglit. l‘ree. A laid back (but very loud) soul-based set from Stevie Donaldson.

I Bennet’s llplll-dtllil. £4. Busy gay night with DJ Sara.

I Big Deal at The (iarage. ll).3()pin—3am. £3.50 (£2.50) New club. new venue. House. trance. soul and disco from Divine and Stirrup of Art School Saturday fame. I The Cathouse lllpm 3am. £3 (£2.50 with ticket) Well respected rock- orientated night reaching capacity at the weekends. industrial/rock downstairs and studenty stripey tights upstairs.

I Cleopatra’s llpiii 3am. £6.

I Club Xchange llpni- 3am. £4. (Say. brash. trashy and fun as ever with Ms Club X. Big Karn. Happy Hour

llpm 2am.

I Crash at The (‘otton (.‘lub. l’lpltl -3ani. £4 (£250 with matric card). An eclectic mis of happy sotiiids packing the place \veek alter \v eek.

I Dolly Mixture at Reds. Sli'alllclydc l'niversity Student L’aion. 9pm» 2am (doors close lam; fl (free before lilplll ). Students and guests. Tani (_‘oy'le putting ttlgcther a 'credible‘ assortment of sweet student sounds.

I Fluid at R.(i.'s. Spin midnight. l-t'ee. DJ Kev with a tasty selection ofgarage. house and club classics.

I Frantic :it l‘loo/y's. l()pni 3am. £5 (£3 before llpni with a l‘loo/y's discount card). DJ Dave Young and \like Costa. I Futuristic at Circa. ll‘ipm 3am. £5. Trevor Reilly and .\l(' .‘\1(‘ front Hangar 13 bring their underground. ‘intelligent' techno to Glasgow ev ery l-‘riday night.

I Hacienda Roadshow at The Sound Factory. llpm-—3am (no curfew). £5. Smart but casual. Series of weekly dance nights under the (ilasgow Hacienda banner. Regular DJ line tip includes Bassgenerator. Ten. .\l(‘ 'I‘N'l‘. and appearances by (iary Robertson and MC Voyager.

I llelter Skelter at lirnption.

10.30pm 3am. £3. Long serving rock/indie night.

I The Hip Joint at The Stib Club. lllpni—3ain. £3. Slip on your Adidas Ciazelles and get down to the ‘phat funk. chunkee (an, and solid rap‘ at the Stib with [Ms .\'ick Peacock. Mike MacCrinimon. Gregor and Crawford. Special Acid Jazz. iiiglil on March 4 with Mother iiarth and The Emperor‘s New Clothes playing live.

I Katch at The Cathouse. Studio 3. lllpnr 3am. £3 (£2.5()/£l.5() with a


Sublime visions from the edges of glaciers, vast Siberian expanses, the breathtaking horror of landscape; Biosphere’s gen-techno is located at the elemental fringes and spaces of existence itself. It’s hardly suprising when Ceir Jensen (the sole protagonist of Biosphere) explains that the surroundings of his home town Tromso in the arctic circle

inform his musical output. ‘l’m trying

to describe the area where I live, there’s not many trees and we have two months without sunshine,’ he says.

‘Patashnik’, Jensen’s third album, menaces and tugs at the consciousness with simulated terror exemplified by the psychologically disturbing children’s voices on ‘Phantasm’: ‘we had a dream last night/we had the same dream’. ‘lt’s not intentionally scary,’ contends Jensen. ‘l’m curious, I want to explore new territories, maybe that is a little frightening though.’

Poised on a chasm where the self is subsumed by the vast, Patashnik does not provide ‘ambience’ or ease for the listener, as the words of ‘Decryption’ illustrate: ‘so frightening to lose yourself’. Unsettling and disturbing, this is anything but background music. ‘I want people to think and use it as more than ambient wallpaper,’ says

most highly rated DJs. llis album


Jensen. R&S stablemate Robert Leiner (aka The Source) is one of Euro-techno’s

‘Visions of the Past’ is a slightly more sedate take on the pacey rushes and peaks of his DJing sets. ‘Sort of midway between techno and ambient,’ is how he describes it. As a DJ leiner has progressed through a range of styles. ‘In the past I’ve played Euro- disco, Italian disco and iazz-funk,’ he says. However the electronic focus has proved to be a constant for Leiner. ‘Visions of the Past’ meshes darker, visionary excursions like ‘llorthern Dark’ (he’s from Gothenberg in Sweden, incidentally) with melodic, jazzy and drop-dead beautiful tracks like ‘lntervalo’.

Signs and predictions are mounting that 1994 is the year that ambient turns deep, dark and not so pleasant.

Or perhaps it’s simply a will to escape the idea of the passive listener. Certainly for Biosphere and Robert Leiner don’t read ambient; read emotion, provocation, stimulation. (Betban Cole)

Biosphere and Robert leiner play The Arches, Glasgow on Sun 6 Mar. i ‘Patashnik’ by Biosphere and ‘Visions I of the Past’ by Robert Leiner are out ' now.

ticket). The Katcli boys pedalling their blend of indie/studenty/good time \ ibes that has stood them in sticli good stead on the east coast over the last few years. Also appearing in lidinbtirgh on a Saturday night.

I Knucklehead in the We Bar at (ilasgovv School of Art. 9pm ~|ate (doors close lam). £3.50. A sweaty night from the dubfunking Blue Juice boys Johnny and Hamish. Soundclash and Caravan in the main hall 25 l-‘eb and fortnightly. Patrick Sinoove and Andy Roberts from Creme upstairs on 4 March.

50 The List 25 February—l0 March I994

! I Reds 10.30pm3ain.£~l(£3 for sludentsl before ll.3()pm). ‘Chunky funk. deeliteful‘ disco and groovy garagel' With DJ Paul i N'Jie. Becks £l all night or until they run out. I Retro at The Hive. lllpin~2anr £2. i Students and guests. 70s and SOs sounds l with DJ 'l'rax. I Rhapsody llpiii 3am. £5 (£2 i. All ' drinks £!.5l). Stevie Sleepnian and (iraham \Vilson vv ith hip hop. garage.

house and funk. l I Shag .it l'ui'y \luri'y”s. l(l.3()pni 3am. l £4 (£2 belore llptni. The ultimate crap l

student night. the one which lowers the standards to which all others must stoop and it‘s still unfeasibly popular!

I Slam at The Arches. 10.30pm—3am. £6. You wortder why everyone is staring so much. but then you realise it's because of those revolving slides of dead Australian soap stars. Simple really. Back to Basics special 25 Feb. with Huggy and Ralph Lawson.

I Sonic The Indie Club at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). lOpm—3am. £2.50 (£1.50 before ll.45pm). indie club (as you might imagine) with £1 pints oflager on tap.

I Soundclash Republic at The 13th Note. 8pm—midnight. Free. Attracting a good crowd every week. DJs Andy. Joe and Iain take you on a ‘pre club trans dub ambient journey to the ultraworld'. Also check out the Soundclash gang at the Art School every second Thursday (next one 3 March).

I Sweet FM II Finale at Glasgow School of Art. 9.30pm—2.30am (no curfew). £4 (£3). 11 Mar only. The big blow-out with Jon da Silva bringing this chapter of Sweet FM to a close.

I The Volcano lO.30pm—2.30ani. £4 (£3). Packed night of mainstream dance. rap. funk and pop with DJ Alan Ronald.

I Who loves Ya Baby? at Sunset Boulevard. llpm—3.30am (no curfew). £5 (£4). A bald. lollipop sucking kind ofclub from Kiltie and Reilly.


I Atlantis at Sub Club. llpni—3am. £6. ()rde and Harri taking us on ‘sub-aquatic excursions into the deepest nether regions of contemporary sounds. textures and ball-busting bass lines'.

I Bar 10 9pm— midnight. Free. Socialise to the mellow sounds of DJ Nick Peacock. I Banus 10.30-3am. £7. Sam Wallace with his progressive house and regular guest DJs.

I Beat Box at Circa. l()pni—3ain. £7. Adrian (formerly of the ()rb club night) and Peter and Matthew of Sublime. Live PA from The Rhythmic State on 26 Feb. I Bennet’s llpm—3am. £5. Gay. With

Roddy Stewart the busiest shopkeeper/musician/DJ around.

I Cafe loco at The Arches. llpm—3am. £6. The wild and wacky Loco experience

in an even tnore theatrical mood. lain Smith froin Mischief la Bas will MC fora

bit at the beginning. and the first 100

. punters through the door get to take part

in Super Prize Bingo! Mischief La Mode

- fashion show on 26 Feb; 'glain. grunge.


I The Cathouse 9.30pm—3ani. £4 (£3.5()/£3 before llpm). Sweaty rock- orientated club on two floors. with early opening and specially cheap drinks till

I lpiii. Trad rock upstairs and contemporary rock downstairs.

- I Cleopatra’s llpni~3ain £6. I Club Cubana at Speaker‘s Corner 1 (corner of Sauchiehall Street and Charing

X). ()pin—late. £3 (£2 unwaged). 5 Mar. First Saturday of every month. Tapas. Cuban cocktails and red hot salsa. Latin American sounds with DJ Tchico. All

proceeds to Scottish Cuba Defence


I Club Xchange l lpm—3ain. £5. Gay club with upfront dance tunes from DJ ‘Suave' Gav. Happy Hour llpm—Zam.