:— Scottish opry

Another night at the Grand Ole Opry and another good ol' boy sports a rhinestone-encrusted shirt and ten gallon hat. Next up is a glamorous

cowgirl in an embroidered white dress singing about how her man‘s left her in the lurch. But this isn‘t the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Tennessee. but its counterpart in Govan. After the bingo‘s finished. the City ofGlasgow Municipal Club is given over to Desperate Dan. the Govan Kid and the rest of the devotees who talk reverentially of Nashville as the I ‘mother church of country’. 3

However. just as Nashville has : witnessed a convulsion which threw up played with the likes of Willie Nelson the stars of ‘new‘ country to challenge The connection hem-cc" Glasgow and the old timers. Glasgow‘s country scene I country music is very important and shows signs of looking forward. this is a unique event.‘ according to a Amongst the sneak PrCViCW Of : Mayfest spokesman. ‘We're bringing Mayfest is what's described as the '. country artists over [hm Glasgow UK'8 ‘biggcst and bCSI' COUHIF)’ audiences wouldn't normally get to festival. gcc_‘

The full line-up ofeight headliners Most ofthe country acts playing in hasn‘t been announced but Mayfest has Glasgow will be brought over from already pulled off a coup by booking America specially for Mayfest. The five-time country music award winning i festival will be split between the l500- country star Vince Gill for his first UK capacity Beck's Spiegeltent on gig. Also due to appear on these shores Glasgow Green and The Fen-y, for the firs‘ time is Young COUNTY An NB special also picks up on the gUilal‘lSl Stephen BFUIOD Who has - links between Glasgow and country. as

; influence the Scottish folk tradition has

ftill circle in a way. We took it over

i there. now they‘ve adapted it and are ' bringing it back to us.‘ (Ann Donald) T/H’ NB country music .s/rei'ud will be ? screened on Sunday 2 7 l-‘eliruury on

j Sundays 3—5pm. The full ri'Idv/esl

Bryan Burnett stands by Tammy Wynette. Dueen of Country

presenter Bryan Burnett discovered when he interviewed the indisputed Queen of Country. ‘Even someone like Tammy Wynette is very aware of the

had on country.‘ he says. ‘lt's gone a

.S'i'orris/i. Bryan Burnett also hosts the BBC Radio .S'i'ollund show The Brand New ()pr_v on l’l'icluys. 7- 9pm and

programme is announced next month.

I Disobedient servant These days you can't rely on students to bring home anything more useful than traffic cones as trophies from a night‘s drinking. in 1950 however. then Glasgow University student lan Hamilton I pinched the Stone of Destiny from i Westminster so it could be repatriated

to Scotland. Over 40 years on.

Hamilton. who is now a respected QC. will give a public lecture at Heriot Watt University on the individual's right to civil disobedience. The lecture is on Tuesday 1 March at 4.30pm. Details on 03! 451 3-140.

I Led by the noose Several leading Scottish Tories. including Scottish Secretary lan Lang and minister Sir Hector Munro. voted in favour of restoring the death penalty. The

proposal was heavily defeated in Parliament. after the issue was debated for the fourteenth time since the death

: Perfect pitch 75‘ y

g, .r. I) ., I” ~


. E” ’3'" r”

penalty was abolished 30 years ago.

I Devolution deal The Government wants to sell the Royal High School Building. the site of the proposed Scottish parliament which was refurbished in readiness for devolution by the last labour government. Opposition MPs described the building as having ‘symbolic importance‘ for people who want to see more political power located in Scotland.

I Religious conviction A new Falkirk- based book publisher could be about to run into a storm of Rushdie-style controversy with its first release. The Decline and Fraud ofRe/igion. Books

Rapide PlanS I0 Specialise in Artists giving the benefit of their controversial works of non-fiction. lts expgflgnco Include Fish and Horse (a first book by author Alan Ridley. which I mom. mowing new, perhaps?), took five years to research and write. is 5 “some, with the nst of ax-Simple a polemic against religions. including Minds manage; Bruce Findlay and Christianity. Judaism and Islam. i Radio Forth music supremo colln

In a band? Got a demo tape? Want to give it to someone with power and influence? You could do worse than head to ‘on the Right Track’, a seminar organised by the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society to help new bands get a toehold in the industry.

The sessions have snappy titles like ‘Earning a Living - Career Possibilities’ and ‘Releasing a Record Yourself - the Pros and Cons’, but in between there’s over an hour of valuable time to meet the Scottish music industry’s movers and shakers.

Hook up with Fish at the Traverse Somerville who will talk about the business side of the industry.

When the lunch bell rings, indie bands might like to make a bee-line for Stewart Cruickshank, producer of Radio Scotland’s new music show Beat Patrol (the music’s new, not the show). ‘For new bands it’s vital to get airplay,’ he says. ‘lt’s still the best way of promoting music. For a new band, their demo is their first sales pitch and it’s up to people like me to pick up on it.’

You won't get a better invitation than

i that. (Eddie Gibb)

0n the Right Track is at The Traverse, Edinburgh on Sunday 27 February from

10.30am. Tickets are £5 (£3) -

advance booking is advised. Details on 031 2281404.

protesting against nuclear arms in


I Towards a Healthier You in Europe Lothian Regional Council’s contribution to lntemational Women‘s Day is a free conference to promote European issues for women and health awareness for all age groups. The morning session will look at funding. employment and training. while the afternoon session will be devoted to health issues. Fri 4. 9.30am-3.30pin. Lothian Regional Council Chambers. Parliament Square. Details from LRC Women‘s Unit on 03l 46‘) 3465.

I Scotland Without Trident Joint conference organised by the STUC. Scottish CND and Scottish Labour CND with the aim of sharpening up the campaign against Trident by the Scottish Labour Movement. Among the issues discussed will be the economic consequences of Trident‘s development and deployment on Scotland as well as the impact that the escalation of nuclear weaponry has on the ‘peace dividend‘. Sat 5. 9.30am—lpm. Glasgow City Chambers. George Square. Glasgow. £2/£l. Details from SCND on 041 423


I Faslane Peace Camp Women’s Action A women-only gathering at Faslane Peace Camp has been organised for the weekend of Sat 5/Sun 6. culminating in an action at the Faslane Base on Mon 7. The weekend will provide an opportunity to meet other peace women front all over the country and join with them in workshops on nuclear issues before

Scotland. Accommodation. hot food. legal support and creche provided. but don’t forget the warm clothes. sleeping bag and waterproofs. Details from Faslane Peace Camp on 0436 820901. I ARC Election Benefit Sir Ossie's Wheels of Steel will be raising money for this came at The Mambo Club. 3 West Tollcross Street. Edinburgh on Thurs 8. front 9pm ‘till late‘. Entrance: £5/£3.

3 I Edinburgh Peace Festival This I year's festival is a itionth-long affair.

from Fri 25 l’eb—Strii 20 Mar w itli

concerts. meetings. drama workshops and ceilidhs. See relevant sections for further details. or phone Ray Newton

on 03l 556 1083 fora programme.

The Threat From Nuclear Convoys Sat

26 Feb. l0ani-—3pni. Petitioning and 7' lealletting at Wester llailes Shopping

Centre. Details: ()3l 66l 7785.

: It’s about time: Taking Action on Domestic Violence Fri 4. t pttt. Debate

organised by Craigmillar Domestic

Violence Forum at the lnstep Project.

| l i


Castlebrae High School. Craigiiiillar. Details and registration: 03] 66‘) 0068. Peace, Conscience and Taxation Sat 5 Mar. l().30am—|2.30pm. Seminar and Workshop organised by the Peace Tax Campaign at the Friends Meeting

' House. 7 Victoria Terrace. Details and

registration: 03l 669 1308.

Agenda 21: developing local initiatives Tue 8 Mar. 7pm. lriforiiiation exchange on environmental planning organised by SENSE with a video produced by the Pilton Environment Group at the Assembly Rooms. George Street. Candlelight Vigil Thttrs 10. 6.30—7.30piii. Organised by Women In Black at The Mound. Princes Street.


The List 25 Febmary—IJMareh i994 5