The following offers are open to Clyde

Card holders only. STEP


Free membership and £1 off the price of your first class for Step Aerobics at Pollokshavvs Burgh Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5.30pm. Information on 041 638 3579.


Subscription Series tickets for £20 (concessions £12) for the HSAMD Midday Concerts at BSAMD

Stevenson Hall every Friday until 11

Mar at 1pm. Tickets from Ticket

Centre, 041 227 5511 and all

Ticketlink outlets.


ORCHESTRA All tickets £1 for Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s performance of Bach, Haydn, Stravinsky and Haabe at City Hall on Wed 2 Mar at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.


Tickets £4.50 (concessions £2.50) for Academy Wind Orchestra’s performance of Bennett, Holst, Grainger and Patterson at RSAMD Stevenson Hall on Thur 3 Mar at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.


Tickets £2 (concessions £1) for HSAMD Second Year Students at BSAMD Chandler Studio Theatre from 8-11 Mar at 7.15pm. Production to be announced. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.

To take up one uI these offers present

your Clyde Card to the venue box

office. All offers subiect to

availability. CLYDE

. (fl Illlllti

Listen to Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 for further details.

82 The List 25 February 10 March I994


Round the world (RTW) tickets are getting cheaper as the airlines compete in a cut—throat battle for passengers. Rather than flying with empty seats, they fill them with budget

travellers, even if a few of

them could do with a shower. They represent amazing value; often an RTW ticket will cost little more than a return to a single destination on the route. We give examples

' of typical prices and _ destinations provided by . some specialists on this

type of travel. All routes start from and return to

I London. Prices may vary

at different times of the year

I Bridge the World I -3 l~'erdinand Street. London. 07I ‘)ll 0900. Basic RTW ticket starts at £698 whiclt goes Bangkok Bali-- Australia-New 7.ealand»-l.os Angeles-—-


flame Stan Ferguson

Age 26

Length of trip A year

‘I bought a single flight to Airstralia and I had a ticket on to south east Asia but I cashed those in as soon as I got to Sydney because I had decided to travel

overland. I took about £l500 with me i but I worked in a bakery in Sydney for

five months to save more money.

It‘s easy to lind accommodation because of all the backpackers‘ hostels. and you meet a lot of people there too. I bumped into some university friends and ended up sharing a flat with them. liventually I got fed tip with Australia because it's like being in Britain except that it‘s sunny < full of English people on the piss!

I travelled through Indonesia which was the best part of the trip. because I was staying in tiny villages which were

Roundabout rous


; overland to New York. A special I combined flight and overland deal which

5 includes the Trans-Siberian Express costs

£12.99 and goes St Petersburg--Moscow—

f overland to Beijing—overland to Kitti-

7 ming—Bangkok—overland to Singapore—

! .I(lkill‘III-BZIIi-S}'(Illcy-r\llckIilIId—I'Iil- Tahiti—Los Angeles—overland to New


I Campus Travel I 1 George Square.

Glasgow and The Hub at Glasgow

University. Hillhead Street. 041 221 8808

(both offices): 53 Forrest Road.

; Edinburgh. ()31 668 3303. RTW tickets

start from £784 which goes Toronto- San Francisco—lIonoltIIu-'l‘okyo--Bangkok—Vi enna. From £940 you can go Singapore— Jakarta—Sydney—Auck|and I’apetee--l.os

Contemplating South-east Asia/courtesy of STA Travel

is organising a student travel fair in

a London on Friday 4 March. Details on 071 730 3402.)

Angeles~overland to New York. ((‘ampus

a bit off the well-worn path. But even then you nearly always see a white

face. It‘s quieter than Thailand but it‘s

becoming more like it with massive all- night parties and people getting wasted on the beaches.

I did go to Thailand -— Bangkok is the mad place you expect but I also went trekking in the north. Then I flew to Ilong Kong before heading to Beijing because I wanted to travel back to Europe on the Trans-Siberian Express which was a good laugh.

Hame Donna Malone

. Age 26

Length OI Ifip Two years

f ‘I bought a round the world ticket but

stayed away much longer than I

' expected so I cashed in the last part

i when I reached Australia. I left Britain with only £300 and went to New York

? where I worked as a waitress. When I'd

: I STA Travel Strathclyde University

Students Association. ()0 John Street. Glasgow. 041 552 8808. Prices currently start from £750 for Los Angeles-Tahiti— Cook Islands—Australia— Bangkok—Delhi- Katlmiandu or for around £1000 you can include South America by going Delhi— Bangkok—Sydney— Auckland-Buenos Aires.

I Trailfinders 256 Sauchiehall Street. 041 353 2224. A basic RTW tickets starts at 1.7 15 for New York--I.os Angeles~ Sydney—Singapore. Another current deal. which unusually includes Africa. costs £977; it goes Johannesburg .»\ustralia- .>\uckland—I‘i_ji—-l.os Angeles.

saved enough I went travelling round

the States, but I got a lot of my money

stolen in Mexico so I had to get another V job in San Francisco.

I set out with a friend but we split up

: after four months when we started

i arguing about what to do next. I

3 preferred travelling on my own but I

was never lonely and I didn't have any

problems as a single woman. I went to Hawaii. which was disappointing. and then on to Sydney. where I worked for

several months.

v PASSPORT morn:

i on some out-of-the-way places that 3 were worth visiting from other travellers. Sumatra was the most

I travelled on the well-wont route through south east Asia but picked up

memorable country I visited because

there were hardly any tourists. My advice to other travellers is not to plan your trip in great detail because when you get there you'll find there are so many other things you want to do.‘