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grotesque or the erotic. Her aim is to person- alise her own experience in the female form.

‘By concentrating on the body, my work is more about an attitude. It doesn’t matter whose body it is. You know more about your own body than anyone else and ifyou want to see anything in depth you have to choose a subject which you know a lot about.’

Yet by depicting her own body and not projec- tions of another, her work nevertheless does have a political edge. But this is not the sole purpose of Hardie’s depiction of the human form.

‘l am more interested in the subjective response, how things seem on the one hand from the inside and also how things look from

the outside as influenced by the art from the -

inside. It’s kind of a dual consciousness I’ve been exploring because you’re freeing up the h & h f h b d mind from projecting all the time. That’s O t e

essentially a very female idea.’ Hardie’s work has also found a new direction

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in colour and energy. Although her layering of contrasting tones which she applies with her ~ . fingers is almost restrained, in common with the French Impressionists, there is a friction and movement of colour which is lost in the monochrome reproduction shown here.

‘l’m fascinated with the effects of light on the spirit of the viewer. I couldn’t really make the paintings I do without starting with the physical embodiment as a departure point, so I’m always starting from the sense of the reality of the body housing the spirit. I adore Monet’s work; that acknowledgement of something universal that is greater than the self. He actually had quite a . ' spiritual relationship with his painting and his mzfifl'nwfm eve" ml "iredl',From$avi mans” modesty is wonderful. It’s something we’ve lost and is. enema flake .0 WWW Uansts weer be“, ,0 £8.99

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painters of her generation. Next stop is India . a y where she will spend two months travelling. o ‘3‘

Later, as we walk down Oxford Street. it seems u

she’s there already in mind if not body. Like a

navel in one of her paintings, she doesn’t walk, , . . _ . . She “033- D . . ivan massow associates ivan massow associates MindAnd Body, an exhibition of Gwen Hardie 's ' work is on show at the Talbot Rice Gallery, 01d I 45W “m: “W “3680 '95 w°"‘°"‘ 5" ‘°““°"w'v 3“ C011€g€, U’ITT’erSity of Edinburgh, $011111 YOUR HOME rs AT RISK IF YOU DO nor KEEP UP nemvusms o~ A MORTGAGE on omen LOANS secunso on rr

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