As The List went to press, NIRVANA singer Kurt Cobain was reported to be sitting up in his Rome hospital bed, after coming out of a barbiturate-

, induced coma. Alastair i Mabbott sifted through the riffs and rumours of rock’s troubled trio.

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10 The List 1 1—24 March l994

left the house last Friday with the rift to ‘Serve The Servants‘ and Kurt‘s cynical opening lines going round and round in

my head: Teenage angst has paid off

well/Now I'm old and borer/f By mid-

morning. l’d discovered he was also at death‘s door. comatose after a drug overdose in Rome.

The radio said barbiturates. scurrilous rumours emanating from Rome hinted he was back on smack. But the issue of drug-taking in the lives of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love has


always been cloudy and muddled with contradictory statements. It was tempting to jump to conclusions.

At the height of Nevermmd‘s success. Kurt was investigating the junkie lifestyle. driven initially to heroin as the only thing that could alleviate the stomach pain that had tortured him for live years. He took it throughout Courtney’s pregnancy. developing a $4()()-a-day habit. then checked in to Cedars-Sinai hospital for 25 days. He was still there when his daughter Frances

l Bean Cobain was born. and passed out in thej