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Fiona Shepherd writhes on the shagpile with The Inspiral Carpets, still chart-beaters after five years.

A knife squeaking across a dinner plate, next door‘s Jack Russell yapping incessantly at the twitch of a curtain, Sting‘s voice all sounds which register high on the grating irritability scale for a good proportion ofthe population. And likewise, Clint Boon’s Farflsa organ, piping away on all those lnspiral Carpets platters with an almost bloody-minded persistence, outlasting even his bowl-cut as the group‘s trademark feature.

For others (me and lots of lnspiral Carpets fans, i guess), the organ is almost endearing in its reliability. Here it comes, hovering low in the background . . .


will Clint go for broke now? . . . Hammond solo ‘We‘re not surprised that we‘ve reached four fnlhlhng the dune“ tn the 'ehttnk)’ P0P heezets' coming right up. in that case, the intro to ‘Saturn 5‘, albums,‘ says Graham. ‘because we‘ve had so many 3 Category- Of course. it help-‘3 that the Ittspttals have the lnspirals‘ New Year hit (some said their best ups and downs since we first started out, yet nothing tour songwntets tn the hand, eaeh With their single yet), must have split the nation down the serious has come along to challenge our existence. idiosyncraetes Whteh they ttlsttdtOUSl)’ Sttek to middle, half setting their teeth in evident You‘ve had the Manchester scene, then you didn’t Without ever heeetntng tnttaetahle-

exasperation, half surrendering to their charm and have a Manchester scene. We always said that we ‘lt'S get a hit more Sent than the last atheni.‘ says dependability. had strong songs and melodies and we‘d hopefully be Graham 0t 09"” [Lit'l’l’lnifS eharaeter- ‘tt's tltnte

But then, who wants to be dependable in the around for a long time providing we all got on with ennnneteiat Overall. 30 hOPet‘UtlY People Wt” think whirlwind world of pop? it‘s an unsexy, undesirable. each other.‘ it's a P0P elasste- It‘s like When We did The Beast unyouthful commodity in a field that celebrates the There‘s no stinting on the robust choruses on Devil hind" a lot Of People Staggett it Off and after we unhinged and the maverick, and the group are Hopping. The name, by the way, comes from the teleaaed it even We thought "maybe that was a hit understandably reluctant to accept a pipe-and- slogan ofa Belgian advert for kitchen appliances, as tot) heavy for the Seeend album". hUt now People are slippers image. explained by the album‘s producer Pascal Gabriel. Saying it's our best album 50 it‘3 One Orthent?

‘We couldn‘tjustify our existence by just Well, that‘s Belgian TV for you. Sometimes an album fits into Your Order Of releases surviving,‘ says guitarist Graham Lambert. ‘That‘s You‘ve already heard the savage, driving ‘1 Want two or three Yeats after You've done it. 5‘0 even it cheating people really.‘ You‘ (Mark E. Smith‘s arch mutterings are absent De”, Ht’l’l’l'tg doesn’t have instant SneeeSS I think

in fact, after over five years of releasing records that from the album version). You‘ve already felt like People Wt” View it as a 200d P0P album Within the don‘t sound as similar as you remember them to be, windmilling your arms (maybe, if no one‘s looking) ne’tt tour 0’ five yearn, Though. to he (latte hone-9t. Inspiral Carpets are in an enviable position. They‘re to the ebullient ‘Saturn 5’. Two very different singles Wh)’ you’d Want to deprive yourseltnt font/five years a medium-popular band who can operate outside advertising an album that barely treads the same 0f “Stentng Pleanure is a mystery almost as bamtng fashion, but still command a share of critical ground twice. There‘s the brooding understatement as the interpretation 0f Belgian advent“- excitement now, with their fourth album, Devil of ‘The Way The Light Falls‘. the grinding, iurching Hopping. more than any time Since the release of pomp of «party In The Sky" the trademark energetic Inspiral Carpets play Queen Margaret Union. their debut, Life. . psychedelic pastiche ‘Cobra‘, and ‘Half Way There‘ GlaSKOW 0" Slit I 9-

iiearts mainman is out on his own a human angle than from a party these days and it would be difficult to political standpoint.’ it singer-

find a more appropriate act to open songwriter marked by his lack of frills the new season of intimate late-night or pretensions, he remains puzzled by

um:- Three Moore

concerts in front of the theatrical attempts to characterise him as a I backdrop at the lyceum. ills songs, roots musician. ‘When I first played in whether his own freewheeling Scotland i didn’t hear much talk about compositions or his sympathetic roots or World Music and I expect if interpretations of material by the likes i’m back here playing in 25 years t me, kw; 9°“ ffimflwm 't of Ewan MacCoIl, Elvis Costello or they’ll be calling it something a o a” my om’ m’ Shane MacGowan, are invariably different.’ In the meantime, to L0: mum ”" out “new mm In narrative-based, emotionally involving paraphrase an old Pop Will Eat Itself ":23!" My 12:0" I?“ 3‘ m" short stories in song form. number, Christy Moore knows the n ' ' 7:” "h n m” In the past Moore’s repertoire has score. :m '3; an.“ an?" :8, cum" ‘0 included songs by IRA hunger striker “& 0' a c“ m Bobby Sands, but in recent years he Christy Moore plays Royal lycelln, m t - H has softened the direct political Edinburgh, Friday 11-Sunday 13 "In" an“! and "0""! Christy Moore stance, preferring to “take things from March.

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