funksters. much beloved of this venue. Blackfr‘iars. Bell Street. 552 5924. I Mr Pititul Platform One. Rutlatid 9.30pm. Free. Blues partnership. this fortnlgm, Street. 225 2433. 9pm. Free. Despondent I Nigel Clarke Duo Supper Club. Cottiers. I ~ ‘5 soul. Hyndland Road. 357 5827. llprn. Free. ' " " ' ' I Firing Squad Cas Rock Cafe. West Port. I The llaggle Toggle Gypsies Boon’s 229 4341. 10pm. Free. Yard. Cathcart Road. 649 0184. 9.30pm. I Jezebel Brewsters. South Bridge. 558 Free. See Fri 11. 3457. 10pm. Free. I Cabin Fever Lounge Bar. Cameron I Live music Tolbooth Tavern. House Hotel. Glasgow Road. Hardgate. Canongate. 556 5348. 9pm. Free. Clydebank. 0389 873535. 9pm. Free. . ' I live music Abbey. South Clerk Street. I Big City Dugout. Cathcart Street. nocir Alto BLUES I I Dates "Sm below are m MM" shows: 667 3023. 8.30pm. Free. Greenock. 0475 727 918. 9.30pm. £4. I m wonde' Stu" M‘Ies Hum 5 see separate section for residencies. Edinbur h increasing strength as a songwriter (395 are lismd by date, then by City. g helps bolster energetic live sets. Dates will be listed, provided that details Glas ow I Christy Moore Royal Lyceum Theatre. Barrowland. Glasgow; Thurs 24. reach our offices art least one week I g Grilltllil)’ Sims“; 339 9697- “)Pm- £1 1‘ I Glenn Tllbrook Frontman from before publication. Rock and Blues I Midge Ure Pavilion. Renlicld Street. £10.39. Sec HI 1 I. Squeeze takes a jaunt mound the Listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd 332 1846. 7.30pm. 3.9.50. £8.50. £7.50. I Tribute To The Blues Brothels 7 h‘ tod Don’t ghout for and Gavin Inglis. Further to last year s I‘workshop -type 1 layhouse. Cireenside Place. 557 -590. foumry 0“ ’5 I - ~ tour. another solo outing lor the ex- 8PHI/l 11ml 113.5()-i10-5()I18~50- A new C00l For cats - that was one Of m teenybopper. punk, New Wat-ei- anrl New format and extra material added to the Difford's. La Belle Angela Romantic. He could tell Compulsion a i show which has already done the rounds Edinburgh. Fri 1]; King Tut's. tale or two. 1'“ wager. Or perhaps not. SUIIICWllill. JilkL‘ 11nd HWOOd appear I0 dO Glasgow. Sat 12. I n", omciai Tribute To the Blues 1 I Glenn Tilbrook King Tut's Wah “an all those songs beloved of stray - sou| Asymm Top-flight US growers pavilion‘ chficld Street. 332 l Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm, soundtrack cassettes and late-night melodic college_mck faves‘ long 1846 8pm“ 1pm. £1150 £1050 £850 L7.ITickets from Just the Ticket. virgin. HWWL‘IS- Patron-5 arc Strongly ad"'-“Cd ‘0 since grown out of the shadow of Remember: those suits. hats. glasses and UM)” Smut 226 4679- 5““ prcv‘cw- Shadcs‘ Uh‘ [Ihchc you are' There Hfisker DUI Barmwland Glasgow. covers of soul Ciassics _ they‘re “mm-UL I Hugh heed _And The Velvet Underpants is a student discount available on the I ' see? McCool s Ruling Cowboy. Candlertggs. l lptii show only: two tickets for the price 50’ 19- _ I Compuisron and Shed Seven King Tut‘s 552 7847. 9pm. Free. Fresh from their of one. I Inspi'al carpets BaCk 1“ the Charts wah wah Huh St Vincent SlrcctI 221 1 Deborah Harry supports. Glasgow's own I Wollstone and Martyn Bennet Teviot and our hearts, and Still using that 5279 830me £450 Tickets from King 5 cabaret punks; Row House. Bristo Square. 667 7016. organ Sound- Que?” Marga"?! U’litm- Tut's and Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union I'IThe mammal? and The "Dawes NlCC 730W“- £8 (“2)- SCC R’lk “Stings- Glasgom 5“, ]9I . street. 226 4679 Recent Manic Street n Sleazy. Sauchtehall Street. 333 9637. I 3am Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. JAZZ preachers support act Compulsion are 9pm. Pop with a country l‘lavotir.I £2. RecentlyIvoted Band of the Month in I Danish Radio Big Band The remirgscenc; I(if the card)y pundkly Manicsén I B/IIgHBallluClillziglogvr UnivlersityI I} [Thlklillifl MitLu' Slugtilllilcl‘.f8lld apparently

. . . . c an airculs‘ ul sa’ Ininus [ c . ‘“ i . OCCLK S '0 () TC l‘CCCll )' (1“ SC ii chS rOllT lrgin. Gills-5135! and "105‘ imaginative (“the 3 killer songs. while Shed chci hover homeless from this Big l.\‘.\'ll(’-[)i‘gllllllcd 1 Support promised.

European big bands explores me around the periphery of [he rc-activmcd i bash. which features Solomon Flynn. I I The Male Nurse and Tigers (in Vaseline peerless work of Duke Ellington and New wave sound Olympia. Johnny Falconhender and DJ Cas Rock Cafe. West Port. 2294341. Billy Strayhom. Queen ’3 Hall, I The cmour Wheel Nice 'n' Sleazy. i lan Henderson. 10pm. £3.

Edinburgh. Fri 11. sauchichall Street 333 9637I 9pm ' E I The Diesel Kings Halt Bar. Woodlands I D’Jango C(1\'ClldlSil.IWCSlTollCl‘OSS.

I Kevin MacKenzie Trio Three- Scorpop combo back on the gigging 1 Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. l-‘olk- 228 3252. 9pm—3am. £5. Cavendish quarters of the guitarist’s quartet. frontline. l Imgcd songs. with pretty and peppy I regulars WIIIh IthIr ponular sclchIon of which is currently making the artistic I The Bangle Tangle Gypsies McCooI’s 2 I 9'0"“ “35355” M‘ICSOF'E‘Y *t l “"1"” “W” Wm“ “We”

. . Rulin Cowbo Candleri S 552 7847_ f Street. 22l 8499. 9pm. Free. Pop/rock I Bluetinger Platform One. Rutland runningamong the new Scottish 23. Yt gilt l ,. h, H , f , . P _ e 77514“ 930 F .. R .ki Sat ~ -- or t

' ev oc e ongrega on I l - ég'LK & WORLD MacSorley’s. Jamaica Street. 221 8499. I

9pm. Free. Harmonica-toting R & B.

I Clan Disciples and Glenorglenda Grand 0 m MUSIC PRESENTS

Central Bar. Oswald Street. 221 4583.

8.30pm. £2. 5 . I Louis Macbeth Cathedral House. Cathedral Square. 552 3519. 9pm. Free. i I Angela Cameron Supper Club. Cottiers. Hyndland Road. 357 5827. 11pm. Free. I

I Brazil Boon's Yard. Cathcart Road. 649 0184. 9.30pm. Free.

I Rush Hour Trophy Room. The Dugout. : I. I ' II

I Cauld Blast Orchestra High octane folk/jazz/classical/rock fusion octet. Queen 's Hall. Edinburgh, Fri 18; Old Athenaeum. Glasgow. Sat 19.

I Christy Moore Guitar. bodhran and vocals from Ireland’s legendary singer in three solo late-night concerts. Royal Lyceum. Edinburgh. JFri' ll-Sun 13.


I Bough "ad-93" SCOItlSh Cathcart Street. Greenock. 0475 727 918. . I

songwriter with huge popular appeal 9.30pm. Free. ; I III :: I " I FAR? 1 . APRIL ‘94

leads the Cumbcrnauld Celtic Arts ; - I :5. "‘ " " '

Festival. Cumbemauld Theatre. Fri 4 Edmburgh I . I;;;I_;I_ - .. 17th Tums. BerWIck

11. g I Christy Moore Royal Lyceum Theatre. ' I VII "' I 18th Am Stimng

we“ & OPERA Grindlay Street. 229 9697. 10pm. £1 1. -; ..; i" f _ .3

- Moscow State symphony £10. £9. First in a new series of concerts 5 I II I I ~ 19th ArosI Ha". T°beIrrTl0rY

orchestra P l K d t . under the banner ‘l.ate At The Lyceum' ": 9 '2 .13. " I. 21st An.A.rdI Fort wuham ,ave Ogan con Iuc S ' with the rather nice gimmick that they ' _. " I ~ - *1 22nd Gathering Ha". portree

SChoenberg S Verklaene Na,” and i will be iii front of the current theatrical . ' .

Symphony N0 GlangH’ Set. up the renowrncd I ' i ‘._I-._ I :t

Royal Concert Hall. Mon 14. balladeer who has quietly influenced a ' I 25th Timmverurie

I Celebrlty Concert Kalichstein. 1 great number of people all across the - . - I 26th Rims. Glenrothes

Laredo and Robinson trio give a Spectrum “"10de {01k-

fundfiising concert in aid of the I olenn Tilhroolt and Micky Mair La

Young Musicians. Tm“ Pianomos I Belle Angele. HastiesClose(behindIThe i 2 _ ‘94

b Beethoven M d I h d : Pelican). Cowgate. 225 2774. 7pm. £7. 1

8);!th git aléngggceasggmzfigely An early night at the newly refurbished La L

. . i Belle. Acoustic sounds are the business.

réew worilbylHEaglict Hallgnmsson. ' with Micky and Andy Johnson from Kim ueen's a . in urgli, Tue 15. and Kin providing support to the Squeeze . ' ' '

I Endelllon String Quartet One of guitarist. Arrive early. especially if you ' JUSt Tleet,.Vlrgln Union Street

Britain's top young string quartets, want full value from the rather hefty door j Credit Cards.

who appear under the auspices of the Charge. 33¢ PFCViCW.

New Town Concerts Society to play I Steve Ellis and love Altair Cavendish. M U H

West Tollcross 228 3252.9 iii-3am. £5. Haydn Bartok and Beethoven. . ' P ', . Re-experience that ‘Everlasting Love' Queen 3 Hall, Edinburgh. Mon 21. down in the .Rainbow Valley 1

I Paragon Ensemble The Loving 0f . s “maid d “an a S b I ' -

gain. (a; Eugc thegtre piece by Cowpgaate, 225 2266. 9;“, £3. ggfimhmg i P war c uire ased on Celtic in the line of indie pop. visiting from Hull.

myth, A tale of sorcery, treachery, Spacemaid are getting ready for a tour

jealousy and eternal love. RSAMD. With 5*M‘A‘S‘H and Blessed Ethel. Glasgow. Sun 20; Queen '3 Hall. Support from local indie SONS-

Ed..,,u,g,,I Tum .noiSamg.Negaams.iona PRESENTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH Telllents Inc!

Street. 225 6313. 10pm. Free. Meaty

The List 1 l—24 March 1994 33