Zestier than a lemon tart, it’s the . . .

l Shades and shoulder-

I A Faustian pact _ length locks: it’s either

ensures that we have to

publish a picture of 1973 all over again, or Charlie Chuck every two those Wonder Stuii months or so. Here he is. people are heading for

Lovely. Catch Charlie as Glasgow Barrowland with Uncle Peter on the their peculiar brand of Reeves and Mortimer Black Country bop. See tour. See Theatre Rock listings.


l Considering the nature at Glenn Miller’s disappearance, a somewhat tacky visual tribute irom the In The Mood people. To swingalongaClenn see light Music listings.

I Traditional theatre poses no 1: crammed into the frame grimacing and clutching each other. Finely modelled by The Right Size, performing Baldy Hopkins at Edinburgh Theatre Workshop. See Theatre listings.



2 The List 11—24 March 1994