M'onday 4th. April The Charlatans Kristin Hersh and Throwing Hole Muses Whiteout Tindersticks

T u e s d a. y 5 t ’1 Therapy? Headliners to be announced Kerbdo-g Buffalo Tom

' Kaliphz

Wednesday 6th , M-Pe-ople jamiroquai Incognito Urban Species Oui 3

T h u r s d” a y 7 t h. linsp-iral Carpets Credit to the Nation with Chumbawamba Baby Chaos

F r i d a. y 8 t h Brand New Heavies The Sandals

K Klass Saturdgaxy 9th Texas Gin Blossoms Horse

Tickets £9, £1 (s.t.b f. - from The Ticket Centre, TOCTA (0“ 227 55 l)

THE MITCHELL THEATRE Carol Laula and Lies Damned Lies (4th) Michelle Shocked (5th) Martin Stephenson (7th) Dolores Keane (8th) Tickets £6 £7 from Ticket Centre/TOCTA

KING TUT'S WAH WAH HUT Trashcan Sinatras and Supernaturals (4th) Elias and Tempus Fugit (5th) A,C. Acoustics and Whiteout (6th) Thrum and The Orchids (1th) The Pastels and Fenn and Lungleg (8th) Tickets from King Tut's 04| 22l 5279

Other Sound City Venues Nice'n'Sleazy, The Garage, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow Film Theatre, Gran Central. ' J . V SOUND CITY INFORMATION. 04l 227 5582 :s ' '