I Barely two months into the year and they’ve had two hits already. Inspiral Carpets laugh off the Madchester hasbeens tag with a gig at Glasgow


I Accomplished welder, tine folk-singer, sitcom star, oh and he‘s got a .not bad line in freewheeling comic storytelling. He's at the Usher Hall. Message ends. See Comedy listings.

I ‘That’ll teach you to crawl along so slowly the people behind you end up in the Middle Ages.’ les Visiteurs solve the problem of Sunday drivers. See Film review.

Queen Margaret Union. ; ~_ . See preview. .34 ,.



‘Sometimes you have tours where you‘re just drunk the whole time. . . Then you get a natural high for the next tour and eat lots ofcelery. and for the next you only listen to jazz.‘

Those roek 'n' roll excesses, Bjork- style.

‘Our band‘s about getting in there with your audience, getting some connection going. Otherwise it‘s like masturbation. It‘s like going to bed with your girlfriend and turning your back on her.’

More rock 'n' roll, this time as explained by Bobbie Gillespie.

‘1 want to be a funny person. not a funny lesbian which is a contradiction in terms anyway.’

Donna McPhail stands up to be counted.

‘lt’s a powerful memory for a lot of people because it‘s such a sad moment, but they never actually see it happen. There are no on-screen deaths in Disney animated films.‘

A studio spokeswoman, choking backs the tears. talks about the death of Bambi 's mother.

‘Rock 'n' roll people love Frank Sinatra because Frank has got what we want swagger and attitude. Frank‘s chairman of the bad. Rock 'n‘ roll plays at being tough. but this guy he's the boss.‘

Bono gets it slightly wrong it is

Frank 's swag not his swagger we all want.

‘l'm not frightened of anybody. lfl met Vic Reeves I‘d have no desire other than to smack him in the face.’

Hard man Morrissey. sometime singer and bare-knucklefighter

The List 1 1—24 March 1994 3