I THE WILOLIFE OF HEW ZEALAHO Fri 18. 7.30pm. Lochwinnoch Nature Centre. RSPB Nature Reserve. Largs Road. Lochwinnoch. £1 (50p). Talk by Gordon McDonald.

o u I The wind has not been too kind of late to all the resorts. with several having to close ° because of the weather. However. as The List went to press. the snow was deep. it was white and it had freshly fallen. in fact. all resorts report the same ‘wide. deep cover with all runs complete'. The only differences were in the depth of the

I CREATIVE STITCHES Fri ll—Sun i3, drifts. with several resorts reporting 9.3()am—5.30pm. SECC. Finnieston Quay. haVing ‘0 dig OUI their Ski-lows. All you Glasgow. £4.50 (OAP £3.50. Kids £1). could want for an excellent day on the SECC Tickctlinc: 041 248 9999 piste and ifyou go now. you’ll beat that Everything the active needle wielder Easter rush. . .

could hope for under one roof with I Ski Clubs For the socral life and post- personality appearances, displays, piste piss-ups. your local Shh-Club can’t be workshops and loads of exhibitors, beat. They also organise mini-buses to . I EgypnAu BELLY mums woflxsflop slopes most weekends and can put you in Sat 15, 1 1.153tn_5_45ptn. Brown‘s touch with other people who might want Leisure Centre. 35 Coplaw Street. ‘0 Ci" Share-

Glasgow. Details on 0539 731268. £20 Glasgow Ski Club meet every Thursday at

whole day. £12 halfday. A day out with 3 9pm in The Scaramouche. Elderslie difference from professional belly dancer Sire“ Details from 04' 424 1893 or 0‘“

Hila Thacker. The mornin session 883 6665- .

(l 1. glam-2. 15pm) is for beginners and Hillth 3|“ Club meet C‘Vcr)’ TUCSda)’

anyone who wants to improve their from 930W" at the W931 End “omit

technique. The afternoon (3.45_5.45pm) Palmerston Place. For an information

is for intermediate dancers with some Pack Phone 031 77-20 3121-

previous experience. Women should wear I GLENCOE Chalrlm company: 08556 I SCOTTISH MOTORCYCLE SHOW Sat 12/Sun 13, loam-5pm. Brunton Hall, skirts if possible and bring a scarf to tie 226 Closed TUE/wed- Thf‘ 0105631 “330" Musselburgh. £4 (£1). The 15th year of Scotland’s premier show catering for lovers of round their hips. No booking required: ‘0 013580?“ and SCO‘land 5 first motorised two-wheel transport. Among the round of retailers and exhibitors there ‘Any age. any size. bring a veil and bare €0mmcr ml “‘80”- Thc first low Opened will be the latest models from BMW, Triumph, Honda and Oucati. It you’ve a spare feet!‘. I“ 1956- t t £16,000 you could purchase your very own hand-built eimota or tor a few thou less, I GLASGOW COMIC ART CONVENTION Sat I NEVIS “"35 Chairlift company: 0397 the Electra Glide Ultra Harley Davidson could be yours. " 19/Sun 20. 10.30am—5pm. Clyde Hall. 705835- Scotland 8 newest and hence.

Clyde Street‘ Glasgow 02. £15 (both most modern ski resort boasts the UK s .

' days). fit) (one day). Accompanied only gondola system. The highest pistes in

This section gives details or selected 031 668 8405. £1.50 (75p) (valid tor all Children under 1 4 free. See photo caption. Scotland are at the top of Aonach Mor events taking place in and around the three days). The Plate Library. which I mupAssmn TODAY Fri 1 14;“ 35. (4006 feet). Creche facility: three to seven Central Belt OI Scotland this fortnight. houses the world's best collection of Phone for times. institute Francais years. Events are listed by area and then astronomical photos. will be among the Dtticosse. 7 Bowmom Gardens‘ Glasgow. I CAIRHCORM Chairlift company: 0479 alphabetically. All submissions should be parts of the Observatory not normally (Ht 357 3631 Free Special exhibition of 861 261. Scotland‘s most famous ski area, accompanied by a contact phone number open to the public which you can visit. posters and hooks to eOhmtememte the close to the skiing town of Aviemore so for our information. Days Out compiled Lectures each evening. death of Guy de Maupassam ht 1893. there are lots of things to do off-piste. The by Thom Oibdin. I PEACE FESTIVAL Among the many Also screenings Of videos of his work resort is reckoned to be Scotland‘s largest.

events during the Peace Festival are two I MODEL, 10y Ann cougc‘mns FAIR boasting 28 runs.

. one-day conferences: Sun 20‘ mxm_4t30pm_ New [Inherit I CLEHSHEE Chairlift company: 03397 CENTRAL & TAYSIDE Conflict Resolution, Oisannament and Visitor Centre New teamrkt Mitts. 41320/41343. Edinburgh's closest resort.

I scon|s|| pmu‘rfiuc 30mm “mum Reconciliation Sat 12. from '9.30_am. tlanark. 0555 661345. 50p (25p). A“ The three valleys of Glenshee offer 38 EXHIBITION Sal 18. 9am-5pm- Faikifk Friends Meeting Housc‘ V'Ciona kinds of collectables in the toy line. from PM?“ 0114031" 0f runs and f1 maSSWC Town Hilli- FTCC. (A180 exhibition {Or Terran“ £2 (“ian'day “Ck”- A day Of teddy bears to Dinky cars. Also film and “PMt capaFli)’ 0i 18.500 Skier-9 8" hour- clubs only. Sun 19). First-time hosts of the workshops. seminars and debate. TV mememhttm Bring your toys atone Creche facrlity: over two years. All access Scottish Congress. Falkitk have put including the Helsinki Citizens Assembly and get them valued hy one of the many roads clear. _ '

together an exhibition featuring stamps (9:45—l imam) and CM) (“Om 4P1") top dealers from England and Scotland. I THE “cm Chairlift Company: 09756 from at] over the world, but with a Special with visitors from l-aslane Peace Camp. The visitors centre is Open from 51440. Scotland s best resort for absolute concentration on the postal history of Cuba an Schooi Sat 19. noon—4pm. ()0 t tam_5pm (meg/t; 1.60) and provides a beginners. With easy green and nursery Falkirk. Stamps. postal ephemera and The Picasullcct hdlnburgh- 031 228 2642- ride through the sights and sounds of 310129;“ “gm "3?“ to the Ci” Park: Facilities postcards will be on sale from the 45 Speakers and workshops Ott economy. Robert Owen‘s New [innarkt with his for disabled skiers. Creche facrlity: over dealers expected. who will include the health and Work brigades; i‘f’HOWCd by ‘humane‘ approach to his work-force. three Years-

Royal Mail and the Philatelic Bureau. Club Cubana (see Clubs listings).

I SCOTTISH MOTORCYCLE SHOW Sat 12/Sun 13. loam—5pm. Brunton Hall [F scum.” Musselburgh. £4 (£1). See photo caption.

Fri l8—Sun 20 10am-6pm (Sun: lOam—Spm). Hopetoun House. South

Queen-Sic"! £150 Leading 3‘"qu I TWO WHEELS SHOW Sat 19/Sun 20. specialists from all over Britain bring their loanwspm. Aberdeen Exhibition and wares to display and sell in the Ballroom Conference Centre. Bn-dge of Don‘

and Tapestry Room of this fine Adam Aberdeen. £4 (£1). For lovers of manswn- everything on two wheels. motorised or Discover Hopetoun Walk Sun 13. 1.30pm. pedappowered with StallS and displays 03] 331 2451- £2 (Chlidren free). from a variety of exhibitors and retailers. Although the house doesn’t open until Graeme Qhree‘ world and British

535i?“ the? is the Opportunity for a sneak Champion cyclist will be making a preview With this walk and talk about the personal appearance.

house and grounds. aimed at those who

have not visited before. Meet in the car park in front of the house.

I museum om EVENING Tue 15. I CHILDREN’S cream: TNE cornea ACE “t _ "'9'" "a" "it 3"" ‘W'M © "‘"N W“ 7-9.30pm. National Museum of Scotland. Daily. 10am—5pm. Summerlee Heritage I GLASGOW COMIC ART COHVEHTIOH Sat 19/Sun ZO, 10.303m-5pm. Clyde Nall, Clyde Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 031 225 Centre, West Canal Street. Coatbridge. Street, Glasgow 62. 215 (both days), £10 (one day), accompanied children under 7534. £3. An opportunity to visit the Free. The very excellent Summerlee tourteen tree. Entry includes 64-page convention booklet. Over 60 British comics museum after hours. with talks and Heritage Trust. venue for many a fine day creators, including luminaries irom the pages ot ZOOOAO, Judge Dredd the Magazine demonstrations about the relationships of out. widens its brief slightly from and Deadline, will be joined by some twenty overseas visitors Including Steve

jewels to geology. The tearoom and shops industrial heritage to include this Englehart, Hermann and Glaswegian err-pat Eddie Campbell, tor the usual found 0' will be open. exhibition from the lan Rintoul Cinema signings, panel sessions and artwork sales. Sunday sees the presentation or the ON I OBSERVATORY OPEH EVEHIHOS Thurs Collection. Toys. books. magazines. Comic Art Awards, voted for by comics industry workers. On Saturday, the tlrst I83“ 17—Fri l8. 6—9pm; Sat 19. 5—9pm. Royal projectors and soundtrack records are of Root Hearted - from the makers of Electric Soup - Will be “untitled With 8 "I". Observatory. Blackford Hill. Edinburgh. among the items on display. help from The Outlaws.

CO The List 1 1—24 March 1994