I JW Jimi Hendrix fanzine. New issue out now. 10 issues per year. SAE for details: Jimpress, 108 Warrington Road, Penketh. Warrington, Cheshire WA5 212.

FOR SALE AMSTRAD PCW951 2 Personal Computer word processor with keyboard, monitor, built in disc drive, Daisy wheel printer, auto sheet feeder, Loooscript software, spare discs & instructions manual. 2250 - a bargain! contact Catherine on

031 447 6854

IS TIIERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes, with NC, a self—run club for career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton, hill walking, theatre, meals. days out, parties, cinema . . . in Scotland. For details, phone:

O“ 334 4165 for Glasgow or 031 447 3332 for Edinburgh or O382 JSOSOZ for Dundee.

I Club ThirtyoPius - Glasgow for the unattached to meet friends and enjoy more social life. Weekly bar nights, dances, meals, parties, 10-pin bowling, walks and lots more. Ring Don 0786 823426.

GOES? Gay or Lesbian and Catholic? So are we! Quest is a self help support group. In times of calm or crisis, telephone O“ 333 SS‘O. Tuesdays and Sundays 7-10pm.

I Exploring fiansformation Group meetings with Michael Eaglemeare. Beyond the persona there is an awakened existence that communes with the cosmos and is receptive to the creative essence so needed in ourselves and the world. Wednesday evenings 7.45pm to 9.30pm. Firrhill, Edinburgh. (Donations) 031 441 7549 (Other evenings by

arran ement).

I Ed nbnrgl gay social club Make new friends in an alternative to the scene. We are youngish. enjoy ‘Lisry things’, outdoor activities, meals out, etc. Interested? Then contact us now! Box No 222/G/ l.

Every week COMPANY runs en oyable events for the In ependent, lively unattached. if you would like to improve your social life and meet new people just give us a call and ask . for a brochure and full membership details


2‘1 1253033133 Place. 613800}.

333 1920

Tel Oil



Scotland's Largest Computer Dating Agency

Enhance your Social and Romantic Life. Free Brochure - apply:

8 Royal Terrace Glasgow GS Tel: 041-332 301 6


I Female, so, seeks male to travel, settle, have baby(ies). I think I’m warm-hearted, good fun, sometimes moody, but you’d have to form your own opinion! Usual social things plus countryside. You? Box No 220/4.

I Tali man in black (30) desires slender Morticia/Elvira type for doom, darkness and deSpicable deeds. Wild hair, nose ring and big boots advantageous. Photo and message in blood to: Box No 221/6.

I learfy normal totally tem’fic. quintessentially caring, obviously open, quite creative, mischievous man sought by fantastic female (30) to share talents, travel, GFT, food, fun and imagination. Box No 221/13.

I Artistic, Glasgow man, 29 likes travelling and outdoor life, looking for fun to be with girl. Photo appreciated. Box No 221/16.

I transvestite, 39 (discreet) living in West Highlands. non- smoker, interests, countryside, music, computers, good food. Would like to meet and correspond with a caring female. Age unimportant, but a sense of humour is a must. Box No 221/19.

I Tell, slim, intelligent woman seeks non-materialistic ‘alternative’ man (35—45) who enjoys life to the full. Box No 222/1.

I Professional male (32) tall, slim, handsome, into travel, films, theatre. books, foreign food and classical music, seeks intelligent, caring female for friendship and evenings out. Box No 222/2.

I Professional Glasgow male dark, slim and handsome, craves 20—305 female to share or improve these tastes: foreign films, wines, restaurants, arts, culture, Becks, conversation, travel, ceilidhs, intimacy and passion. Photo? Box No 22213. I Atb'active socially-confident. professional female (30) (Fife) likes jazz. blues, rock. Loves books. Smoker! Seeks motivated, caring, passionate man (thirties) for possible relationship and fuller life. Recent photo appreciated. Box No 222/4.

I Back to basics dinner party for singles who don’t need oranges. Thirty-something

women invite those interested to

join them for dinner, equal numbers men and women, Edinburgh area. Catherine. Box No 222/5.

I Slim, solvent female (45) Edinburgh, with busy days and evenings, seeks male for frequent nights and occasional travel. Age, looks unimportant.

Warmth, SOH essential. Box No


I S“ on skin and nothing but time to kill, easy-going, laid- back male art student with free September would like to travel Europe with a cool female companion. Box No 222/7.

I Cycling companion wanted to tour Spain, Portugal, Cuba? In May and June. Dates and venue open to discussion. Box No 222/8.

I Edinburgh female, 36, unconfident but attractive and caring with lots of life and love to share. Enjoy the natural world, the visual arts, friends and novels. Slightly apprehensive about ads like this but here goes! ls there a similar, understanding, attractive, but more importantly warm and good humoured male person willing to meet? Box No 222/9.

I Enchanting, elegant woman 34, seeks rude, bad-mannered. immature, useless and ineffectual mummy’s boy to chastise and cosset. Despondent, inconsolable. unloved, nose-picking, Mr Wrongs, who can’t cook or kiss properly, only. Box No 222110.

I Guiet, 20-year-old male with a love of films, mainly GFT, would like to meet a female similarly passionate about cinema, to see films with. Box No 22211 1.

I Glasgow-based professional woman, attractive, slim, lively, early forties, non-smoker, enjoys cooking, meals out, films, beach walks, affectionate, caring, wants to enjoy good things in life with like-minded man. Box No 222/ 12.

I All women (38) seeks all man, 30s/40s for passionate entanglement. Looks, brains, wit and warmth in abundance. Can you offer the same? Box No 222/13.

I Divorced male, 33 non- smoker, likes running, cycling, walking and most other sports. Seeks similar sincere female in the Edinburgh area for friendship. romance and fun. Box No 222/14. ITheseadsaresocbeesybut I’ll try anything once. I’m male (26) living in Edinburgh and looking for female company. Interests include Peel-type music, skiing, gigs and travel. Box No 222/15.

I Attractive male (35) dark, 51: 10in, creative professional, just moved to Glasgow, seeks bright. slimmish woman - and maybe an excuse to open some wine for the first swallow of

spring . . . Photo? Box No 222/16.

I Absoluter desperate for female company. Edinburgh man. 41, not lonely, just slightly socially isolated, finding it difficult to meet women, seeks someone who understands the feeling. Meet for no obligation dn'nk. Box No 222/17.

OULTUREO MAN Fit, tall, attractive, 30-something, recently arrived Edinburgh. Happy but misses Skin Two scene and wants like-minded woman friend. Enjoys jazz, opera, dance and adventure.

Box Iio 222/16.

I Wistful woman wonders whether there still exists one educated. articulate, solvent, exciting yet reliable, pleasant- looking, marriage-minded man (35—45) who appreciates books, classical music, laughter and - hopefully her? Box No 222/19.

I Male, 26, intelligent aware, fit, likes cinema, wild times,

: diverse musical tastes. Handsome or cute? I’m 5ft 6in, so you’ll have to decide, seeks lively girl for interesting times. Photo please. Box No 222/20. I Straight female twenty- something, looking for girlie

' pals to drink, socialise, chat with. into indie, Lisry things. Come on, let’s get a life! Please , write. Box No 222/21.

I Tail male (35) slim and attractive, seeks female (25—35) with looks and a library ticket to ' share improving books and

; knowing looks. Edinburgh!

1 Glasgow. Box No 222/22.

I Glaswegian male, 35 seeks attractive, confident, spontaneous. sensual, subversively humorous and unconventional soulmate who rejects new age/self-awareness charlatanism and is audaciously confident in her feminity and sexuality. Photo? Box No 222/23.

I Glasgow girl, 26, veggie artist. likes swimming. camping, motorcycling. animals, would like to meet new friends. especially a positive. affectionate, non-smoking man. Box No 222/24.

I Cultured guttersnlpe male. 33. Handsome in a bad light. Likes. dislikes. virtues and failings too numerous and eclectic to list. Needs attractive. l8—30ish Lolita to adore and satisfy. Photo please. Box No 222/25.

I Edinburgh boy, 27 dreaming of hitching with twenty- something Edinburgh girl on road trip with Hunter S. Thompson, Suzanne Moore. Hal Hartley. Jessica Lange. Pete Tong. Kristin Hersh in back. Box No 222/26.

I Attractive, professional male (26) seeks attractive, warm. affectionate female to share bottles of wine with and to hold my hand in the back row of the GF’I‘. ALA. Box No 222/27.

I Travel companions) wanted by friendly, easy-going male (29) for holiday to Thailand, leaving soon. Male/female, any age. Replies with phone number will be answered immediately. Box No 222/28.

I Professional male, 36 attractive, genuine, discreet. seeks attractive female for no strings relationship. Joint fun. company, passion and secrets envisaged. Box No 222/29.

BLACK MOISREL SEEKS solvent, single, educated, caring male, 40ish, as companion to tail adventurous. professional lady, 42. May like jazz, cinema. crafts. walking. Smile and commitment essential. Edinburgh/Borders. Box 110 222/30.

I Buom blonde writer seeks compatible male animal lover who likes to give and receive flowers, massage and timeless kisses. Words, photo etc to Box No 222/31.

Address 14 High

Glasgow G1 2.12

and we will forward it.


our letter to The List Classified, Street or 179 Buchanan Street Edinburgh EH1 11E

Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT-HARD CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

TO The List 11-24 March 1994