Win a ‘Like Water for Bhocolate’ video and book

This is a film from Mexico that eroticises food like never before. When Tita is prevented by her mother from marrying, she develops magical skills in the kitchen which enable her to play with the emotions of those who eat her food. We‘ve got five copies of the video and book, published by Black Swan, upon which the film was based to give away. To enter. answer this question:

Who wrote the book and screenplay of Like Water for Chocolate“?

Send answers, which must reach us by Wednesday 23 March, to

cuocoure com, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh em 11:. .

Win free T.A.G. beer and T- shirts

To tie in with T.A.G.'s sponsorship of the Talkin‘ Loud jazz/funk/hip hop show on Radio Forth (Thursdays) and Radio Clyde (Saturdays). we've got two crates G'M'T. ofthis premium imported lager and four promo T-shirts to give away. The two

wmners get the beer and T-shms; the two runners up get T—shirts. To enter, Just tell us:



Which group did Carleen Anderson sing with before she went solo?

Send answers, which must reach us by Thursday 24 March, to “LG. MP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.

Win a copy of ‘The House of Spirits’

The House of the Spirits is a powerful story which follows one affluent family living in a South American republic that staggers from coup to coup in its fight for democracy. A new film, with an all-star cast that includes Jeremy irons, Meryl Streep and Vanessa Redgrave, is

about to be released but you can get there first by reading the book it was based on. We‘ve got ten copies to give away. To enter. tell us:

Who wrote The House of the Spirits?

Send answers, which must reach us by Friday 25 March, to SPIRITS COMP, The List, 14 High Street,

Win ‘Short Guts’ tickets and goodies

Robert Altman has woven the short stories and poetry of Raymond Carver into an astounding film about the state of America. You can see the film for free when it opens at the Cameo and OFF on 25 Mar. The Edinburgh winner receives a pair of Cameo tickets, soundtrack CD and a copy of Carver's book. The two runners up get tickets and a Short Cuts mug. The Glasgow winner gets a pair of GFT tickets. mug. CD. poster and book and the runner up gets CD, book, mug and poster. To enter. tell us:

Carver‘s widow has given the film her blessing. What's her name?

Send answers, which must reach us by Wednesday 23 March, to

SHORT COTS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 11E.

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PERTH CITY BALLET We’ve got ten pairs of tickets tor the ballet at the Playhonse, Edinburgh on Tuesday March 29 at 7.30pm Send yonr name and address to The list, 14 iligh Street, Edinburgh Eilt IT! by Friday 18 March. The first tenotttotthehatgetthetlcitets.

CHRIS" MOORE availabioto see my mew-.25 ‘1 such attenu- mmflnuém'



Iii SESSION You can see ‘In Session’ recorded live, ieatnring: liel Anitri and Carlene Garter (Sunday 27 March); Daryl ilall (Monday 28); Chris flea and Marcella Detroit (Tuesday 29); James Taylor (Wednesday 30); Christy Moore, Sinead 0’ Connor and The Levellers (Thursday 31). All concerts are hosted by London Wainwright III at the BBC’s studios in Glasgow. Write to ‘In Session’, Room 6109, BBC, Queen Margaret lirive, Glasgow 812 one. Enclose an SAE, stating preferred night and number of tickets (who. fear) on the front of the envelope.


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The List 11-24 March 1994 a