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LOS ANGELES Ll25 £239 NEW YORK £95 £ |85 SAN FRANCISCO £l25 £249

i th Sean Hughes

we come home each night. I found from Glasgow 62 'DY previous tours that it is Important to play a wxde Momma 0900.|730 W O R L D W-l D E / E U R O P E

variety of music on the carjourney home. Then Wed ,‘ looo.i;30 D l secretly suss out which music the driver likes. sat '°°°"' £205 £3“ enabling me to control the speed we travel at. Campus have. , r . . . .- BUDAPEST £80 £|59

U2 s Aclztung Babv gets us home in record time. Dundee University

h] J ( nd M 1r Ch 'n’ P h ) Cm 1\ AW P'ace PRAGUE “9 "29

:2 a as s‘.‘( ('

w l c “US I .. y l M - Mon-Fri 0930-:700 RIO made a long haul of it. wed '0004700

I usually arrive at the venue two hours before I N S U R A N C E the show. This time is spent continuously going 5:21P“ TVS“; _ W /d d

- , . , ~, . ,, - orrest 03 or WI 6

to the toilet. checking sound and lights. eating Edinburgh 5 DAYS cheese sandvviches. reading messages that have Mon-Fri . 09004730 I MONTH €30 been left there usually requests for signed Wed '000-l730 6 MONTHS . £l20 photos and having inane com'ersations with 53‘ '°°°"'7°° P/US Other r3195 3V3I/3b/e theatre managers. Campus have.

After a show. there is usually a hundred people Glasgow University W at the stage door I sign whenever possible. The “Uh

. . Hillhead Street TRAVEL After my pre-tour preparation. I expected the MomFri 09304700 show to (Sock in at lhhr 40mins. lhe first night wed [0004700 Telephone bookmgs: ran over y a most an our.

. , . ,. . -, . -. , - . And Branches

‘l tape the show each night and listen to it the Nationwide I Retailagems followmg morning. For the second night I cut

twenty minutes from the set. and

the show became another ten sussout pm: McIntyre presents

complained about the show being _ _

too long. I agree. but I see every gig likes, enabllng me to

everything. Also new material pops , i

into my head on stage which l can‘t traveI at‘ SAM

account for. gets US home In

‘l \ 3 - “I I ‘I . i . . By th Llld 0i th ilrbl. LLk [ht .

show has been shortened and new _ , l material is seeping through. Jesus and Mill'y sham s i I don’t think I can eat another Psychocandymadea 1 cheese sandwich. - I 2 long haul of It. - >

a knicker-clad teddy bear being thrown at me on -

stage; some of the Crystal Palace football team

so I really can‘t tell you what to expect as yet. \- Suffice to say I have always enjoyed playing . Scotland. and having just heard that both .

minutes longer! The early reviews . . . 0 . mmmmmdmr as special and I want to give controlthe speed we . Highlights of the first week were: coming to Croydon; the tremendous reception l a ' . have been getting; seven journalist-free days: ' i drunken Chelsea fans not being allowed into the Oxford gig (after their team‘s FA Cup victory over my hosts); getting to meet Postman Pat; the , sheer volume of new material coming through: ,_ and watching Brooksicle late at night. The Scottish dates are near the end of the tour

Glasgow shows are now sold out and tickets for . I MOfCh

Edinburgh are flying. you seem to like me as tickets £12.50, £10.50, $8.50 &56.50

much. I intend ‘0 reciprocate that trust 0“ the available from box office tel: 031 557 2590 and usual agents nights. On the other hand 1’“ robabl' have

come down with flu and be so pissped off viiith the SE 8‘

material that I’ll be on auto-pilot. As if. . . Ll sunday '3th MarCh SOLD OUT

© Sean Hughes 1994. EXTRA DATE: Saturday l2th March 7.45pm Sean Hughes plays Glasgow City Hall on Frulav Tide“ “3'50' "50' (9'50

[8 and Manda), 2] March, and [:‘(Il-nbmg'h available from box office tel: 04l 248 9999 & usual agents

PLEASE NOTE: Reeves 8. Mortimer will be on stage at 7.45pm Prompt

Playhouse on Saturday I 9.

The List 1 1—24 March 1994 7