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Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Full length reviews of new releases can be found in the listings section which follows. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Aardman Animation (PG) Britain's favourite animation studio provides an audience-friendly programme ofclayrnation classics. including appearances by national heroes. Wallace and Gromit. Tue 5 only. Edinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

I Addams Family Values (PG) (Barry Sonnenfeld. US. 1993) Anjelica Huston. Raul Julia. Christopher Lloyd. 95 mins. The Addams clan are back in residence. btrt this time with the addition of baby Pubert and gold-digging nanny Joan Ctrsack. who's got Irer eyes on I-‘ester's riches. Twisted humour and inverted morality for the adolescent in us all. Great set design. but jokes that will go way over the head of the kids. Central: MacRobert.

I Aladdin (C) (John Musker/Ron Clements. CS. 1992) With the voices of Robin Williams. Scott Weinger. Linda Larkirr. 91 mins. Panto time. Disney style. as street-wise thief Aladdin woos Princess Jasmine with the Irelp of the Genie of the Lamp and hindrance of the evil Jafar. Colourful. entertaining stuff that will be lapped up by children and adults alike. Williams's whirling dervish of a Genie inevitably steals the show. Strathclyde: Magnum.

I All Quiet (in The Western Front (PG) (Lewis Milestone. US. 1930) Louis Wolrllreim. Lew Ayres. John Wray. 138 mins. An ()scar-winning adaptation of Remarque's pacifist novel darineg takes a German point of view. following a sensitive young man and his friends who are sent to the front litres of WW1. Realistic in its emotional impact. it is surely one of the greatest anti-war movies ever rrrade. Shown here in as near a complete version as is available. Edinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

I The Aristocats (Ll) (Wolfgang Reitherman. US. 1970) With the voices of Phil Harris. liva Gabor. Sterling Holloway. 78 mins. A street- wise alley cat woos an upper-class feline against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century Paris. Loads of loveable cats. dogs. mice detectives and human adversaries. alongside some of Disney's more under-rated songs. General release.

I Bad Girls Programme 1 Hell’s Belles ( 18) Bad girls across the generations. Inu'n-ierr- ll'r'rh Lydia [.uneh covers her taboo-breaking work in music and literature; 'I'hanoropis and Black Bot see Beth B. blasting America and looking at torture; and Girl Power and I! llirrn '1 [.Ul'r’ marks a new talent in the making. Sadie Bennirrg. Iidinburgh: I‘ilmhouse.

I Barton Fink (15) (Joel Coen. IFS. 1991 ) John Turttrrro. John Goodrrran. Judy Davis. Michael Lerner. 117 mins. When socially-corrrmitted playwright Barton I‘ink (Ttrrtturo) is consigned by the Hollywood machine to write wrestling films. he slumps into a writer's block as large as his mysterious next-door neighbour (John Goodman). Unprecedented winner of best film. actor and direction awards at 1991 ‘s Cannes Film Festival shows the Coen's at their rrrost menacing and absurd best. Edinburgh: Canreo. I Beethoven's 2nd (U) (Rod Daniel. LS. 1993)

Charles Grodin. Bonnie Hunt. Debi Mazar. Chris

Penn. 89mins. It‘s love at first sight when

cinema's favorite St Bernard sees Missy. looking

delectable with a pink bow in Irer hair. Pretty soon. this Beethoven Iras produced a not-so- musical quartet of pooping ptrps. whose ability for mischief is matched only by their sickening cuteness. Cloying stuff. certain to be lapped up by kids and people who smile at Andrex adverts. General release.

I Blue Velvet ( 18) (David Lynch. LS. 1986) Kyle Macl..achlan. Dennis Hopper. Isabella Rossellini. 120 mins. lrr small-town Middle America. would-be boy detective MacLachIan finds a severed ear on sorrre waste ground. When the police shoo him away he decides to do some investigating of his own. A singular fusion of the cosy and the terrifying which blends kitsch and nightmare. B-movie detection and brutal sex to deconstruct our complacent vision of normal society. This is film-making of remarkable imagination and skill. Glasgow: OH”.

I Bound And Gagged: A love Story ( 18) (Daniel Appleby. US. 1992) Ginger Lynn Allen. Elizabeth Saltarelli. Christopher Dentorr. 95 mins. A bisexual woman kidnaps her female

lover in order to ‘depr'ogramme’ her from her dependence on her violent husband. and heads otrt on the road with a male w otrld-be suicide friend in tow. Sex and comedy blends with more serious issues domestic violence and the consequences of obsessive relationships which gives this movie a little weight. despite its moral idiosyncracies. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I A Bronx Tale (15) (Robert De Niro. LS. 1993) Robert De Niro. Chan. Palminteri. Lillo Brancato. 12-1 mins. After witnessing a fatal shooting. a young boy is taken trrrder the wing of a local hood; but this bad angel‘s influence is balanced with advice from his honest. hard- working father. An atmospheric. subtly rendered coming-of-age tale set in the bus, with De Niro showing ample talent before and behind the camera. Glasgow: ()deon.

I Carlito's Way ( 18) (Brian De Palma. t'S. 1993) Al Pacino. Sean Penn. Penelope A rrrr Miller. l-ll nrirrs. ()trt ofjail after five years. former drtrg rtrrrrrer Carlito Brigarrte can't corrrc to terms with the erosion of any sense of honour on the streets. and finds his struggle to go straight becoming more and more impossible. Pacino at times slips into performance rather than characterisation. btrt still squeezes sensitivity from the character; Sean Penn is excellent in his return to acting; and De Palnra pulls it all off with more restraint than usual. lidinburgh: Canreo. Central: MacRobert.

I Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition (Pt‘r) (Steven Spielberg. t's. 1977/so) Richard Dr'eyfuss. liraucois ’l'ruffaut. Teri Garr. 132 rrritrs. There may be additional effects and an extended ending inside the alien spacecraft. btit the Special lidition isn't overlorrg. rrrairrly because Spielberg tightened the central section detailing Dreyfuss' grow irrg obsession with Devil's Tower. A magnificent movie. the master at his best. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Cool Runnings (PG) (John 'I'urteltaub, LS. 1993) Doug Ii. Dotrg. Leon. John Candy. 99 mins. Speculative comedy based on the firstcver Jamaican bobsled team at the last Winter Olympics is harmlesst amiable. btit unfortunately cranks rip too many moralistic messages complete with appropriate accompanying music. Still. audiences seem to like its easygoing nature. making it an affectionate tribute to the late John (and). General release.

I La Crise (15) (Colline Serreau. France. 1993) Vincent Lindon. Patrick 'l'rmsit. Annick Alame. 95 mins. The director (II. from l/H'ttltli'\ If! f 'It Col/fun and Ronrrurlrl And Juliette plays for farce-style laughs (Ire story ofa man who loses his job and his w ile in a day. A fistful of contemporary issues are thrown up. btrt one or two flashes of inspiration aside. these personal disasters are a pretty weary ride. Iidinburgh' Cameo.

I Delicatessen ( 15) (Jean-Pierre Jenner/Marc Caro. France. 1991) Dominique Pinon. Marie- l.aure Dougnac. Jean-Claude Dreyfus. 99 mins. In a sepia wasteland somewhere in the future. a butcher feeds his neighbour s with the juicy joints of his lodgers. But when former clown l.ouison (Pinon) arrives and falls for his daughter. an underground vegetarian resistance group come to the rescue. llilar rous blend of bizarre characters. slapstick and comic tension makes for the first true cult item of the '90s: Iidinburgb: Cameo.

I Dr Strangelove (0r flow I Stopped Worrying And learned To love The Bomb) (PG) (Stanley Kubrick. ['K. 1963) Peter Sellers. George C. Scott. Sterling Hayden. 93 mins. Devastating black comedy on the lunacy of the nuclear age with Seller‘s ideally cast in three roles (l‘S President. jolly Brit captarrr. and demented teutonic boffin) and Slim Pickens the good ole boy heading for oblivion to a chorus of ‘We‘ll Meet Again'. Still alarmingly relevant. Part of the Designs ()f'l‘he Times touring season. Glasgow: GI'T.

I Dr Zhivago (PG) (I)a\ id lean. l'S/l ‘K. 1965) ()mar Slrarif. Julie (‘Irrrstre Geraldine ('Iraplin. I93 mins. Big screen romance in the (Iona Hill: The Wind style. rather than a gcnrrrrre adaptation of the Pasternak trove]. wrllr Slrarif and Christie as lovers caught tip in World War ()rre and (Ire Russian Revoltrtiorr. Notable mainly for its lush. picture postcard plrotogr'.’rphy. which looks

I ECA Animation A selection of work by students from Edinburgh College of Art. where animation has recently grown in stature and becorrre a subject that can be studied on a full- time basis. Recent films and archive material share screen time with wor'ks-in-progress. with staff and students on hand to discuss the work. Wed 30 only. lidinburgh: I-"ilmhouse.

I les Enrants Du Paradis (PG) (Marcel Carrre. I’rarrce. 19-1-1) Arletty. Jean-Louis Barratrlt. Pierre Brasseur. I95 rrrirrs. Paris in the 1840s. Amid the seething heart of the French capital‘s theatre street. a mime artist falls in love with the delicious but flirtatious Garnace. ()ne of the cinema‘s rrrost extravagantly enjoyable productions. this gorgeous eleplrantirre wallow of a film is crammed with incident and compellineg curious Gallic comic characters. Glasgow: Gl’l'. Central: MacRobert.

I Eraserhead ( 1 8) (David Lynch. ()3. 1976) John Nance. 90mins. You may never eatjelly babies again after the repellent btrt compelling tale of Henry. his haircut. his girlfriend. his strange offspring and a sizeable quantity of pus. Disturbing sttrff. merciftrlly filmed in black and \r. lritc. Glasgow: GI’I‘.

I The Exorcist r 18) (William t-‘riedkin. cs. 1973) Linda Blair. Iillen Btrrstyn. Max Von Sydow. I 1() mins. Iiarnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. Glasgow: ()deon. Stratlrclyde: I'Cl Clydcbank.

I Flirting ( 12) (John Duigarr. Australia. 1991) Noah 'l'aylor. Thandie Newton. Nicole Kidman. l()() rrrins. The second part of writer/director Duigan‘s trilogy. which began will) 1987's The Year My Voice Broke. relates the continuing life of Danny limbling (Taylor). now at a remote Atrstralian boys‘ boarding school. Wonderfully evocative writing and characterisations lift this gem above other. more slushy. tales of first love. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Free Willy (L) (Simon Wincer. 1993) Jason James Richter. l.ori Petty. Michael Madsen. 1 12 rrrins. After moving from one set of foster parents to another. young Jesse finds Irirrrself helping out with chores at a marine arrrrrsernent park where Willy the orca whale Iras also been separated from his family. Land and sea rebels become soul-rrrates. and the plot Ireads thus it a distinctly [ff-like path. liasy-to-grasp adv enture for the kids: a little too simplistic and manipulative for a more sophisticated audience. General release.

I The French lieutenant's Woman (15) (Karel Reisl. ('K. 1931) Meryl Streep. Jeremy Irons. McKerrr. 123 mins. Past and present. reality and artifice. passion and scandal are artfully juxtaposed in Harold Pinter's masterful adaptation of the John l-"owles novel. which contrasts the Victorian romance of a scholarly

gentlerrran with a fallen woman . and the contemporary affair between actor and actress

glorious in this new prrrrt Part of the Designs ()f

The Times touring season. Glasgow: Gl’l‘.

I Dragon ( 15) (Rob Cohen. 1 'S. 1993) Jason Scott Lee. Lauren Holly. Robert Wagner. 119 mins. Iixciting. intelligent biopic on the short life of martial arts star Bruce lee will please action fans and provide sorrre insight into the motivations that drove the man through his revolutionary fighting techniques. grorrnd- breaking films arrd inter-racial marriage. Jason Scott Lee is excellent in the lead role. his sirrewy physique a match for the master‘s. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

portraying them in a film. Slightly starchy btrt rich and satisfying. Part of the Designs Of The Times totrrirrg season. Edinburgh: liilmhouse. I The Fugitive ( 15) (Andrew Davis. LS. 1993) Ilarrisorr I‘or'd. Tommy Lee Jones. Jeroen Krabbe. 1.“) mins. Wrongly accused of murdering his wife. Dr Richard Kimble (Ford) goes on the run. trying to track down the one- armed man who is the real killer while being hunted by a CS Deputy Marshal himself. Great acting. btrt w lrat could have been one of the best thrillers i1) recent years lacks edge-of-the-seat appeal as director Davis fails to light the fuse on a dynamite plot. lidinburgh: l'Cl. Strathclyde: l'CI ('Iydebank.

I Groundhog'flay (PG) (Harold Ramis. ITS. 1993) Bill Murray. Andie MacDowell. Chris lilliot. TV weatherman Phil Conners (Murray) finds himself in the back of beyond. trapped in an ever-repeating single day. Partying and babe- cIrasing leads to serious romancing as Ire goes after his producer (MacDowell). Murray's cuddly sarcasm stops the movie from becoming the kind of moralisirrg rntrslr that surrounds so many of his contemjxrraries. At last. a Hollywoth comedy that is really funny. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

I llal Hartley Shorts ( IS) (Hal llattley. ('8. I991 ) 84 mins. In between 'I‘rusr and Simple .llnr. Hartley refined his filrnrrrakirrg technique will) a trio of shorts. Ambition is stylistically

closer to Godard. and more physical than his

usual work; 'l‘lreorv ()fAihim-mner centres on New York trendy trnderachiever's; and Sun-iving Derire tells of a literature teacher's love fora pupil. Hartley's dialogue is as idiosyncratic and entertaining as ever. Iidinburgh: I‘ilmhouse.

I The House Of The Spirits ( 15) (Bille August. (iermany/Portugal. 1993) Meryl Streep. Jeremy Irons. Glenn Close. 138 mins. Disappointineg messy adaptation of Isabel Allende's novel retains the domestic melodrama and South American political content. btrt loses most of the

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FIRST RUN I Kalifornla College artics meet white trash psycho on a road trip to serial killer sites. Intelligent. character-driven narrative with splashings of gore. Edinburgh: Film/rouse. UCI. Srrcrtlrclyde: UCIs. I Short Cuts Masterfully acted and directed patchwork portrait of Los Angeles residents on the brink of social. psychological and geological collapse. based on Raymond Carver‘s Short stories. Glasgow: OFT Edinburgh: Cameo.

III Schindler’s list Oscar-winning story of a German industrialist who saved 1,100 Jews from certain death during WW2 shows that Spielberg can give us one of the best films ever made. General release.

I Shadowlands An intimate and unsentimentalised account of the later life ofaeadernie and children’s novelist CS. Lewis and American divorcee Joy Gresham. General release.


I All Quiet On The Western Front The classic 1930 version of Remarque's novel, centring on a young Gennan‘s front-line experiences in WW1. Edinburgh: Film/rouse.

I The Piano Fresh from Oscar success, Jane Campion's beautifully realised tale ofa 19th century antipodean love triangle features a perfect blend ofacting. cinematography and music. Glasgow: CF)". Edinburgh: Film/rouse. U C]. Fife: Adam Smith.

I King Kong An early and truly great monster movie, which pits human cruelty against the dignity of nature, with effects that were remarkable for its time. Edinburgh: Cameo.

mysticism that gave the book its specral appeal. Performances are varied (and often emban‘assingly amusing). the story a little overcooked. Iidinburgh: Iiilmhouse. I'CI.

I In The flame or The Father ( l 5) (Jim Sheridan. L'S/liire. 1993) Daniel Daylcw is. Pete Postlethwaite. John Lynch. 1J3 mins. Writer-director Sheridan manipulates the facts concerning the wrongful arrest and eventual acquittal of Gerry Conlon. one of the Grrildford liour‘. bill the deep. disttrrbirrg truths of this miscarriage ofjustice remain constant. Day- l.ewrs and Postletlrwaite give career-best performances as Gerry and Gtriseppe Conlorr. the father and son whose relationship provides the emotional core of the movie. Brave. powerful sttrff. Glasgow: MGM I‘ilm Centre. lidinbtrrgh: Cameo. I'CI. I‘ife: New Picttrre House.

I Into The West (PG) (Mike Newell. line/t 'K. 1992) Gabriel Byrne. lillen Barkin. (‘iaran Fitzgerald. Rtraidhri Conroy. 103 trrirrs. Following the death of his wrfe. a former traveller (Byrne) sets tip Irome with his two sons in a Dtrblin slum. Btrt when a mystical white

horse appears and the boys Iread off into the lrislr

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