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‘l've never tried Ecstasy. but the first time Kurt did was so funny. 'cos he ran round the garden and then came back to me and held out his hand with this thing in it and said. “here. you must have this." And it was a twig! And then he got horny. and it was like he was in a porn movie or something.‘ Courtney Lore-Cobain and her husband. the A dam and live o/grunge. in happier times before the/all.

‘l’ve been using a Bic razor for the last four months on the show. At first 1 used to cut myself like buggery. especially round the back of the neck. Now there's no problem. i can even shave myself when I‘m drunk.‘

The def! Iour‘h of.»lndrea l‘lli/likll Reah. aka Hu/flv ofThe Word.

‘Sinatra is my sixth sense. 1 don't just listen to this man -- l have Biblical dramas with this man.‘

A Frank admissionfrom l’a! Kane.

‘If she had an affair with the Kennedys. it had to be in 1955 or maybe 1956. After that she was unmanageable. unpleasant. dirty no one wants to acknowledge that. People have a time warp. They imagine the Marilyn that the Kennedys were supposed to be jumping on was the Marilyn of the early 50s. But it wasn't.

Tony (.‘urlis on the squalid dee/ine of Marilyn Monroe. his ('o-slar in 195‘) is Some Like It Hot.

‘l was at Glasgow just after the Men's Union had decided to admit women. and I remember during an election in Glasgow Union there was a guy from Gaysoc standing and he was just completely destroyed by about 200 bawling. shouting students. it was a real bear pit.‘

The Day Today wriler Armando Iannmrei. who was so horrified he transferred to (Ir/old l."nit‘ersil_\'.

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