by character comic Cal Turner and -

featuring a regular quid-a-minute open Ed'nhurgh

mic slot. Perrier contender Parrot and I Bruce Morton Traverse Theatre. Alan Taylor are the highlights tonight. Edinburgh. 229 1404. 9pm. See Fri l.

I Mischief la Bas Cottiers. 935

Hyndland Street. .357 5827. l-‘rom 8.30pm- TUESDAY 5

Free. Weekly tlteatrical anarchy with Ian

"3"“ “WWW” 3"" “35585 are Comedv is listed by date. then by city. Lilli;931533321iii:M" in mi Glasgow ,

listed by city. titan alphabetically by Shows will be listed, provided that ' I Bruce Morton tron Theatre. 63 venue, Shows m" be listed, provided details reach our offices a hast ten 1 Trongate. 552 4267. 7.30pm. £7. See Fri that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Comedy listings ‘-

days before publication. Dance listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

compiled by Mark Fisher. 5 ‘W

I mums ROYAL Hope Street. 3.32 goat). Glasgow [Accessz PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. W8. I Fools Paradise ()ld Athenaeum



I Bruce Morton Tron Theatre. ()3 Trongate. 552 4267. 7.30pm. 1.7. See Fri

H. G. (‘. Help: AA] Theatre. 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. 1

Compania Nacional De Danza Until Sat 26 10.30pm. £6 (£4). The ever-popular -' The (:0de Cellar Th. Hm N H, Mar. 7.l5pm. £4- £20. Programme l: Fri weekly comedy club this week stars the Upmmm gm?“ “1 167:8 ;, m] (may) 25 and Sat 26 Mar. Leading Spanish excellent Mark Steel who always has such MGR. [Ugly wmdgl‘,‘ ' i i i i h ' contemporary dance company makes the a welter of material that he needs no i i i i l

most of its invitation to perform in the London Spanish Arts Festival by taking in a trip to Glasgow.

support. You won‘t be disappointed. 7 SUNDAY 27 Glasgow

_ i i -- - - l Bruce Morton '1" Tl -; -, (.3 7 I Bruce Horton Tl'ilwr‘“ ThC‘W'C' Trongate. 552 426392.3(lpdii27i See Hi

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (jreenside Place. I Miscmel L3 835 callw‘lml HUUSC» Edinburgh. 228 1404. 9pm. Back working

_ - l. 557 2590. (Access: R. 1.. Facilities: WC. 2.8/32 cathedral Squaw 352 35'9- W”?- towards his next TV series after the I cars cod supper Bur Mim‘ 36 \\’S. G. ('1 HW- Lllndltlnlc lunacy‘as Mr Ml-‘Cthl success ol'Sin. Bruce Morton returns with KCh-inurmc 3”ch 353 (H75 9pm £3 Perth City Ballet Tue 2‘) Mar —Sat 2 Apr. . reads lhmugh 1““ “’Wk 3 “CW-‘3 = more wild and wondertul obseryations of~ (£3). (‘31 Tumu- “(lnptg immhcr persona m

7.3013111- £05” 5'7- “1111.5 Pum _ ' dull)? “f0 899 Pr”ch introduce the l)raylon Underground and Allfiltilllll- 1“ NSC )‘UU “NC “'("lflt‘rlng 1 Trio and throws a tiuida-minute towards ("1d lht' C(lllllmll." ‘5 0V” “"9 mm ml” 2 anyone with the nerve to try an open spot.

pieces: I’it'nt't' (11 Hanging Rock, Serenade I Mischief La gas (“mm-8‘ 935

. . . ' I!” lm‘l’. (“ms/ill itltd UH fllf’ Bi’tlt'll- 5LT _ I The Comedy Cellar T he l3th Note. l lilyndland Street. 357 5827. lirom 8.30pm. previCW. Glzissfortl Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3 (£2). I Bruce Morton 'I‘I'uvcrgc 'I‘hNU-k.‘ Free. See Thurs 31. I ST BRIUE’S CENTRE ()tWC” TL‘mICLK Top Scottish stand-ups in new comedy Edinburgh 33st 14()4_ 9pm 50C Hi ]_ . . 3-16 1405. [.Access: PPA. 1.. ST. R. tins East Kllbl'lde

. I Comedy Club hast Ktlbride Arts C entt‘e

.. - . ( .

meegaggnd 8130mml Eagerlytmf? 5‘” ) 31 old (‘oach Road. 0355261000. spin. £5

pr' " pm‘ um LL .Lp 5m“ ' (£2.50). Stand-up comedy eotnes to East Company in a new devrsed piece _ , . _. ' - I

f . t I M'scmef [3 gas (“mull-.11 HOUR. Kilbtide w ith a new monthly club

choreographed by Tamara McLorg. I cars cod su er B, .M, v I , . , ’i 3 i h t VHH‘ H, -.

imposed by lain Johnstone and scripted . pp ‘1' “0‘ ) , l 25/33 ( “mm”! Squall“- 353 3-2 10- ll’m‘ wml U“ y I 19”“ U“. “my arm" J )hn H.181“, Pcrfmimcd m live music v Kelvingrove Street, 353 0475. 9pm, £3 ' Flu, yummimc lunacy as. M, Mixchm‘ Another strong line-up tonight with

‘- ( -' (£2). New weekly comedy club competed reads {mung}, km week‘s m.“ 8. Johnny Meres and Alan Taylor.

See preview.

. -tilthrtYOI|J~. WMuu4M-v’ " [M

I the old athenaeum

scotland’s youth arts centre

.scottish youth theatre eaSter drama workshops A chance to explore all the skills of theatre arts in one week, with some of Scotland’s leading youth theatre practitioners.Week long drama courses for young people aged 6-I0i8t l I-l4 (28-3! march) and IS-2I (5-9 April) IOam-Spm every day. No experience is needed, but places are limited - so apply now for more details.

presents '

Joan Littlewrml/i‘heatre Workshop's

musical entertainment '-


and moving chronicle of the First World War

Caucasian chalk circle An exciting new production of Bertolt Brecht's classic, presented by 'Langside College Theatre Arts Course. Wed 23 - Fri 25 March, 7.30pm ' £3 (£l.50)

gold bier presents fools paradise The Funniest Night in Towanhe Winter Season hits an unforgettable climax with Mark Steel. Saturday 26 March, l0.30pm £6

scottish youth theatre spring drama classes 1 Saturday Drama Clubs for young people aged 3-5, 6-l0 and I l-l4 begin on Saturday l6 April for a ten week season (£34). Senior Drama Classes for people aged I5-2l begin on 2| April (£25) - either workshop or performance based.Apply now for more details.

box office: MI 332 2333

I79 buchanan street. glasgow, gl 2jz

~ mam. r i

ON TOUR 15 MARCH - 14 MAY. Citizens Theatre Glasgow, 15 March - 2 April I

Box Office: 041 429 0022 i 4

_ I Contact Wildcat for tour details 041 221 6789 ~ ,

The Old Athenaeum is owned and operated by Scottish Youth Theatre

50 The List 25 March—7 April l994