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Scottish Horizons New Watercolours

19 March - 9 April

Mon - Sat 9.30 5.30

25 March - 24 April 1994

Cover Story: A New Look at Bookbinding Works of Contemporary Designer Bookbinders and Society of Bookbinders with supporting historical and practical


In Residence: Works from University Hall Varied range of art objects collected by

University Hall. St. Andrews.

Leigh Fotheringham Jewellery

93 NorthStreet St. Andrews KY169AL


Rest: s5": 5. the Scottzsr Arts Com-cit




Women ’5 Magazines

Television and Radio

Car Magazines Photography Cara vanning


A Century of

Popular Magazines


1 February to 5 June

Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 17.00

Sunday 14.00 - 17.00 NATIONAL LIBRARYOI scor

National Library of Scotland,

George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW.

Telephone 031-226 4531


54 The List 25 March—7 April 1994

i L Ll

Billy by Rachel Meehan is one of the images in the show, Black. White and Colour which

will open at the end at March at the Glasgow Print Studio.

| Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh g and ttow home to archive material on

; education in Scotland from 1872 onwards.

; Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour ; of Victorian. Edwardian. Second World

; War and 60s schooldays.

; I NANCY SMILLIE GALLERY 53 Cressweil E Street. 443 4240. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm;

3 Sun noon—5pm.

? R. Parsilal Finch Until Sun 3 Apr. New paintings by this artist who has recently

I exhibited widely iii the US.

; I STONES AND SAMSON 183 Bath Street. : 221 7222. Tue—Sat 1.30—5.30pm. A range of reasonably-priced paintings. ceramics. tables. glassware arid small sculptures by 3 artists and craftsmen.

I STREET LEVEL 279-281 High Street.

552 2151. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm. Fractal landscapes from the Real World Sat 2 Apr-l4 May. Large. detailed landscape photographic images by Bill Hirst exploring natural and man-made fractal patterns geometric shapes which have a recognisable. repeated irregular pattern in land formations.

The Emigration Project Until Sat 26 Mar. An exhibition by Amanda McKittrick and members of a women's group from Castlernilk in which a trunk of clothes is used to convey a personalised history of emigration. The clothes are printed with photographic images and embroidered texts relating stories about emigration gleaned from the participants.

I ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL 300 Great Western Road. 339 6691. Daily 9.30am-5.30pm. This Gothic Revival building has recently been decorated inside with huge murals by local artist. Gwyneth Leech.

I ST MUNGO MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS LIFE AND ART 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 11am-5pm. Free. Glasgow’s own museum of world faith. Exhibits include a zen garden. priceless art works from the world‘s six tnajor religions. Dali's Chris! ofSuint John oft/re C mss and the story of religion in Scotland in words and pictures.

The Chinese Way Until 24 Apr. Dragons. demons. mythical creatures and other symbols are part of the Chinese tradition and decorate a range of ancient and modern objects in this exhibition.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat 11am-5pm. Installations Tue 5-30 Apr. As part of the Reading Room project which is a series of new commissions by artists and writers on the theme of books. reading and knowledge from books. which will take place in London. Oxford artd Glasgow. this is art installation of writers' work. Janice Galloway. Jackie Kay and Michael Bracewell interpret their notion of a reading roont iii a visual setting. Silencium Tue 5—30 Apr. German artist. 1.0thar Baumgarten's installation employs reading tools which mirror the ritualised processes of reading. See also the Royal Botanic Gardens irt Edinburgh.


I ART OF OUT SPACE Under Blue Moon Cafe. 58a Broughtort Street. 557 2625. Thurs—Fri 6—9.30pnt; Sat 5—9.30pm; Sun 12.30—9.30pm.

Out T00 Until Sun 20 Mar. Paintings. photography. prints and sculpture from Scotland‘s gay. lesbian and bisexual artistic communities.

I BOURNE FINE ART 4 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat lOam—lpm.

Randolphe Schwabe Until Thurs 31 Mar. An exhibition of landscapes.

I CENTRAL LIBRARY George 1\’ Bridge. Mon—Fri 9am—930pm; Sat 9am—10.30pm.

Inky Impressions Until Thurs 31 Mar. Sketches and prints by Georgina Brown. I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 2424. Mort—Sat 10am—5pm. Cafe.

TV is King Until 7 May. Square eyes? Addicted to Brno/(side? Then this show is for you. An exhibition of televisions from 1930 onwards which asks where next for the demon box'? But are they switched on? The Gate at the Present Until 7 May. An exhibition of Lego models by 25 young

architects from all over the world who

were asked to design a symbolic gate of

T the present. Alan Bold’s Illuminated Poems t.‘nti1 30

Apr. A series of illuminated poems by this Scottish author and artist.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Cockbum Street. 220 1260. Tue—Sat Ham—5pm. Slide-Tape Installation Until Sat 2 Apr. In collaboration with Slide Workshop. the exhibition aims to explore the potential of the medium in a gallery context.

Artist for a Week Short-term shows by the brightest of local talent. You cart meet the artist at the gallery on Saturday afternoons 3—5pm.

Gallery 111 An ever-changing display of small-scale contemporary artwork at affordable prices.

I THE DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE Carlsberg House. 3 Doune Terrace (off Moray Place) 225 7189. Mon-Fri 10am—5pm.

October 1943 - the Rescue of Danish Jews Irom Annihilation Until 22 Apr. An exhibition of sters.

I EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Lauriston Place. 229 9311. Mon-Thurs 10am—8pm; Fri and Sat 10am—5pm.

Fragments Until Sat 25 Mar. Paintings and prints by Jacqueline F. Kerr. Architecture in 19803 Jerusalem Until

Fri 25 Mar. Also. work from the college’s evening programme.

I EDINBURGH GALLERY 18a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon-Fri 11am-5pm;