Bobby Gillespie: ‘Rock ’n’ roll wlll out.’

Soul-deep, rock—hard, mile—high; Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream walk it like they talk it. Craig McLean tries to catch up, while (right) Gillespie’s Glasgow music peer Jim McKinven of One Dove appraises the new album.

arch I990. and Primal Scream are reviewing the singles in NME. Mostly what they hear is ‘despcr- atc’. ‘weak’. ‘soulless’. ‘sick’. ‘clean’. or just ‘made by soppy virgins’. Bobby. I Robert and Andrew save the big thumbs-up for two songs. One is The Carpenters’ ‘(They Long To Be) (‘lose To You’. The other is E-Zee Posse’s ‘Evcrything Begins With An 13’. The former is proclaimed ‘a beautiful. beautiful song. You know she really means what she’s singing.’ The other is ‘a great bubblegum record’, and the ‘gcnius’ figure behind it Boy George runs the Possc’s More Protein label is acclaimed for his ‘intuition’ about music. The Primals dig these two singles, big style. Everything else is played. panned and binned. ‘lf that’s sex.’ says an exasperated Bobby at one point, ‘l’d rather be deadf

March 1994. and Primal Scream are still getting their rocks off. Their comeback single reeked of ornery horniness set to a stomping Tamla Motown backbcat. Other new Primal Scream tracks talk of the soul. redemption, spiritual glory and a whole lotta love. Beauty. ecstasy. sex: what made records great for Primal Scream in March 1990. hell in March 1984. are what make records great for Primal Scream now and forever. ‘Rock ’n’ roll’. as it was originally defined a slang term for sex and as it was later debased. has never had more ardent disciples. Spread the word and keep the faith. Or as the new album title has it. give out but don’t give up.

In his most enthralled moments. Bobby Gillespie is much given to sudden proclamations like ‘rock ’n’ roll will out!’ and ‘rock ’n’ roll is good time. sin-free music. isn’t it‘.” Other times. ‘I feel real bad and distant and depressed and numb, and I put on certain songs and they touch me. make me feel again. make me feel alright for a while. It’s like a narcotic almost. That’s why we called the last EP Dixie-Nara) a lot of music from the South has that soft Southern gracefulness to it. It’s so gentle. It just soothes yoursouL’

Then he will talk about ‘thc kids’ and ‘the beautiful music’ that Primal Scream can and did and will introduce them to. Mention Primal Scream’s forthcoming, long-awaited tour. and an ecstatic reverie is just around the corner. ‘We’re just gonna give people the best night of their lives.’ says a rapt Bobby. thinking of the mates the Scream are bringing along to stoke the party Alex Patterson, Andy Weatherall. Kris Needs, Marco Nelson from The Young Disciples. even

8 The List 25 March-7 April 1994