culturally exclusive because ofthe use tried SO mUCh and even though he had they are most vulnerable financially . ' ..l of Scots. Would he dare to say such a cut out all drugs and drink years back and emotionally, The manufacturers of 2""""’ - thing if he were in Barcelona watching and stopped smoking a couple of a new chocolate bar make sure the ' a play in Catalan. To gain an summers ago he even wanted to stop confection is available in the shops understanding of other cultures you Sweating - there W16 Still the addiction before spending money on an need an open mind. a lack ofprejudice. for work and for changing the world to advertising campaign. Similarly the and most of all. a sense of respect for constantly drive him. council should make sure support that culture. Cancer ofthe pancreas could not be services are in place before creating Lou Fergusson cured and he decided. when diagnosed. new dcnmnd, Bowmont Terrace to perform his last gig only two weeks The powerful messages of Zero Glasgow before he died. go home to his parents“ Tolerance may empower women. but if home in Little Rock and let nature take they cannot change their lives in the its Course. Even at the COSt Of his life. moment thev feel tnost able to do so. 15 sound gOOd for :IaCkheSd oh" h t I?) he would not have but the truth and there is a danger that false expectations ' amls mas (is l is ‘0‘ ’63 I~ declined treatment to postpone his all have bccn raised, The council is you and ShOUId l.t become ShOUldv like 3“ Other "‘USiCloumOS that too early death. proclaiming on billboards that it an annual event In think a review is an excuse to inflict US The world is a much poorer place supports. abused women and children, Glasgow? AI'C Wiih.IhCir own bad jOkcs and “3”?” Wilhou‘ him and heaven has btjcomt‘ but if that support comes to be seen as . Oplmonsr Work for lhc NME‘ "0‘ “1" riCher. it was a privilege knowmg hllll. nothing more than window dressing. scream CUStOdlanS Of the List- 1 unfortunately COUldn'l 5C0 Pal” however briefly. surely they have done tnore harm than true spirit of rock ’n’ roll . Wellerbut hédhoped ‘0 ‘98!“ , Kirsten Nielsen good, . ; something of his recent gig from The Upper Mill Street Margaret soul“ or JUSt pTOdUCCFS Of 3 List. No chance with a crap review like Tillicoutry Edward Sm.“ accurate pastiche? Is ; that: A We slip in standard Clydebank , ; Christine McLennan Robert Altman s screen 2 Station Road adaptation of Raymond ; Edinburgh n h. N, Carver’s Short Cuts a i J Reilc [mg £33": .h, , c: as air a 0 on . irvana; s a hlgh'CIaSS soap Or a Stand-up Stands down H _ . _ , punk record.‘ No it‘s not. Did I pray? p61‘C6piiVC portrayal Of ' Last month. the life ofone ofthe Than/‘st the late" Klr‘wen‘ Mun-V 1"” Yep. But they weren‘t answered.

. . ~ sta ersltad too/n n )r’ s o r . .. biggest cult comedians. the American ff 5 w H ’6 j “"13 Joe Strummer sChautleur

. o t r) . . r I. ) _ .) ordinary Amer1cans. or I Bill Hicks, ended. Bill Hicks was for Bill Hit/cs at the l ring: and Here sad Colwood Avenue

bOth? L€i US know what years known as the smokers' m hear/16 ‘1_("lle("l‘:e(1(””' "friend "Nd Glasgow Du think abOUt any i Spokcswrson: for free mm and drugs, to tilt/1;; as that IAm()I'lt‘jtllfi'ltlllll- When w“ Hm an “pyuwvfyxf. pug“ y . . and starting hlS shows wrth a rock up I e‘ ' 1.6) pm"! “as S 18 1‘ '1 I you have to take the rough with the SUbJeCt and YOU COUId WIn l tfflCk. BUI he W55 mUCh more than What wreer Antwan" “(Hui-'1’,” f‘jg a Hf,“ tru'omprehensible. But it sounds like it a bOttle Of tequila. he was known for. The points which but Hm,“ was. {I’e'e'}.‘:e/”’_(”" 'H’el'e S u might mean something to somebody so 5 made us laugh were all part of his fight bome (’f’e‘lml" “am’WfW-‘m‘ "1 ll") we thought we 'd better print it.

for the rights of a“ with consideration office next time you 're in Edinburgh. to your fellow man.

"atlonaI dlsgrace Bill Hicks was a true idealist who L t I .

I couldn‘t sleep last night because I was would search for the truth and fought 0w 0 erance Address your lettch to The LISt Letters

pondering the term ‘cultural no more adamantly than when Zero Tolerance has moved west trotn at: .

exclusivity‘. 1 am of course referring to misinformation. all over the world, was its Edinburgh origins. Strathclyde 1‘4 High Street '

The List review of Mary Queen ofSeots set up to keep us all trapped in fear. obviously regarded the original hdtnburgh EHl 1 TI;

Got Her Head Chopped Off. Because a He had always something planned; a approach as a success. though or H

play (which incidentally l have yet to new line for his set. a song. a measuring the impact ofa public Old Athenaeunr lheatre

see) is showing in Scotland about a screenplay. and over the last couple of education campaign is notoriously I79 Buchanan Street

particular piece of Scottish history in years ideas for a television show. Hicks difficult. In ad-speak, Zero Tolerance Glasgow G1 21/.

the Scots language. why is it culturally had talked about moving to the UK a has ‘brand awareness‘ but whether that or _ _

exclusive and only enjoyable if you are few times, but in November he saw this will be converted into changed Fax them to: 031 537 8.300

a Scottish nationalist? country for the last time, leaving with behaviour is another matter, We will not print your-full address or The history of Mary Queen of Scots is the prospects of a Channel 4 show, but But even if it does, and let's hope so, phone number but you must tru‘lttde

an essential piece of European history. first of all to embark on what was to be Women’s Aid refuges and Rape Crisis them. Deadline is the l‘l'ldtl)‘ before

relevant to many cultures. The reviewer his last months of performing that very centres are already saying they are publication. Keep them pit/tr. as

suffered from a lack of understanding special mix of intelligence, heart, spirit, overstretched. So if Zero Tolerance over/orig letter-s may be (at. [he best

of the political context of the play visuals, comedy. results in tnore women taking action to letter next issue will wot a bottle of

which detracted from his enjoyment. Hicks had travelled far since his first escape abusive partners, they will have Jose Cueri-o tequila and a rtuttv

He also suggested that the play was performance in his early teens; he had difficulty finding support at the time baseball eap.


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