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King Tut’s, Glasgow, 31 March.

You’ll have heard about S‘M‘A'S‘ll, maybe. About how they, and a snotty .yoof army of beautiful co-conspirators



S'AI‘A'S'N Tonight, though, in the perfect dive that is King Tut’s (as ever, awash with old punks, young turks, fresh faces and fashion cases), S‘M'A'S‘ll


Concerts listed are those at major venues, (or which tickets are on public sale at time of going of press.


I GLASGOW BARROWLAND (226 4679) DzReam, 3 May; The Proclaimers. 10 May; Stone Temple Pilots. 17 May; Nine Inch Nails. 21 May; BBM. 23 May; Brand New Heavies. 24 May; Elvis Costello, [4 Jul.

I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) John Martyn. 19 May; Julia Fordham. 3 Jun; Bonnie Raitt. 6 Jun; Jackson Browne, 8 Jun; The Hollies. 21 Oct.

I GLASGOW SECC (248 9999) Billy Joel. 13 May; Go West, 14 May; Crowded House. 27 May: Diana Ross. 5 Jul; Dina


I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) Dominic Kirwan. 8 May.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) BPO Wind Qnt. 21 Apr: Carmina Burana. 24 Apr; RSNO and John Adams. 5 May; Barrington Pheloung. 18 May; Choral Spectacular. 5 Jun; Montserrat Caballe. 19 Aug; The Flying Dutchman. 26 Aug; GIGS. 3—11 Sept;Ga1way and Robles. 12 Sept; Tokyo Philharmonic. 19 Oct; Gothenberg SO. 3 Nov; Bernard D'Ascoli. 14 Nov; Borromeo On. 18 Nov; Emma Johnson. 6 Dec; John Williams. 24 Jan; Novosibirsk Philharmonic. 12 Feb:

i Leif Ove Andsnes. 22 Feb; Stuttgart

Philharmonic. 28 Mar; Joshua Bell. 2 Apr; Melos

like tonight’s co-stars Blessed Ethel manage to believe in themselves Canon, 10 Dec . Ensemble. 4 May: 1m ,

(grunt and thrash guitarist, animal enough to put across their case I EDINBURGH lYCEuM I Pogors‘hch. 2 J un; Cccnlia

drummer, fashion blackspot on bass conclusively - from the moment they (229 9697) John Martyn. ( Hamil}. 7 1”" JCS-WC

and a singer who has both the ‘little slam into ‘Revislted 23’ until the final 22 May. . flogggégyun-sm m,

mad girl locked away in an attic’ look gasps of ‘I Wanna Klll Somebody’ 40- I “manna” 5057 A. d. N [5‘56 - - . . . . . PLAYllDllSE (557 2590) 5 ~ - J “a “my. 0““

and a demon line in up down side to odd minutes later. Rob drums like he s 1 May; Helene crummy, 7

side jumpy dance) have, armed with only three chords, a well-thumbed copy of ‘England’s Dreaming’ and a dusty cassette of the 1978 Festive 50, embarked upon a spree of ram-raiding assaults against contemporary rock. Demanding that we care, their notion isn’t that the music we’re currently wallowing in has nothing to say about our lives, but that it says too much about a voiceless generation content to float anaesthetised from one weekend to the next, too blissed-out and beaten to notice what’s going on. While some rejoice - ‘At last! The kids are united! Groovy times have come to pass!’ - others grumble: ‘Don’t patronise me, dad. Get out and steal a sampler.’


2 La Belle Angelo, Edinburgh, 3 April. 1 It had to be and oi course it was,

1 Easter Ege. Mad? Barking. While the (trendy people were up the road at the Vaults rejoicing to Inner City, around

150 informed egg f(l)ans payed homage to the man who claims to have put Pure on the map. (Who’s going to bother arguing?) Before the egg, of course, came the funky chunky 1 chicken, who came suitably disguised 1 as resident Pure D.l Brainstorm. With skulls suitably scrambled, enter EBY 1 who invites those with rocks to get them off. A busy man these days, If he’s not cavortlng with Megadogs then he’s harassing Vince Clarke to remix some of his material, and if he’s not

in pain. Ed poses and croons wild-

' eyed, looking like llarpo back trom the

dead and unable this time to stop the

words from pouring out, and Salvador

3 - the bastard-savant goon child of

1 Jean Jacques Bumel and The Bash

1 Street Kids - gets lost in a red leather movie of his own making, dragging us

4 with him. ‘Top Di The Pops’, the

curfew and Gennalne Greer are all

f namechecked. Strings are broken.

3 Teenagers jump and touch. And

i then . . .

Then it ends and like Dorothy we

I emerge into a familiar, safe and perpetually black and white world.

People die uselessly. Phil Collins

3 continues to exist. (Damien love)

mini egg, sorry album. 0n home soil, tonight is very much of a preview of

that material. llis trusty Roland 303 is now more professional, he seems to

' have given himself a free-er range to

' experiment with the idea of music that

verges on songmaklng. Certainly, it’s

true that he’s lost none of his sense of - humour as he incorporates Gary

Glitter’s ‘Leader Df The Pack’ into his set. lley, acid rock or what?

Unlike an Drb concert there is something to be intrigued about with EBY. There’s a bizarre sexual aura

about his act, not only in the music

; but in a mental and physical sense

. also. ills littering body is dissected by keyboards at the waist; legs pump

'7 hard into the tloor while his phunky

. torso twitches like a headless chicken

(especially in the shoulder

; department). Even the way the lights : work on his face plays a part - it is

featureless, a shell, disturbing. What EBY is doing is concentrating, tor when he gets into this mental state he tends to liberate the bodies of those who have made it to the dancefloor. That’s his way of taking control, possibly the way he gets his kicks. Methinks a chaos theory is in operation: prepare to be emb(r)olled.

doing that then he’s promoting his new ("Imp DONNA)

Deacon Blue. 22 Apr; David Lee Roth. 4 May; Van Morrison. 6—7 May; The Proclaimers. 12 May. I EDINBURGH OUEEN’S HALL (668 2019) Blur. 17 May; Blues Band. 5 Jun. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) Jethro Tull, 16 May.


I EDINBURGH DUEEN’S HALL (668 2019) Candy Dulfer. 4 May; McCoy Tyner. 20 May.

I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Chris Barber. 27 May; New Orleans Mardi Gras. 20 Jun.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Howard Keel. 3 May; Barbara Dickson. 1 Jun; Guy Mitchell. 18 Sept; Shirley Bassey. 19 Sept; Val Doonican. 18 Oct; Tom Jones. 15 Nov.


E (332 1846) Music of

' James Last. 23 Apr;

Sydney Devine. 16—19

May; Barry Douglas. 14 May; Chamber Group of Scotland. 15 May.

I EDINBURGH OUEEN’S HALL (668 2019) ECAT: Music for Voices. 28 Apr; King‘s Consort. 7 May; lmogen Cooper. 12 May; Meadows CO. 15 May. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) iiRCU. 7 May; Royal Scots Guards Band. 27 May.

I SUBSCRIPTION SEASONS Programme details and tickets for RSNO. SCO. BBC $30 and CGPO concerts are available from Ticketcentre. Glasgow (227 5511); Usher Hall. Edinburgh (228 1155); Queen's Hall. Edinburgh (668 2019). Tickets for Scottish Opera from Theatre Royal. Glasgow (332 9000); King‘s Theatre. Edinburgh (229 1201 ).

I Maylest Tickets for

most Mayi‘est events are

available from The Ticket

Centre. Candleriggs. 227


30 The List 8—21 April 1994