Ex-Rhythm Chillun singer out on his tod. I little Green Monkeys Bannerman‘s.



' . .3 . ' Niddry Street. 556 3254 9 0pm Tuesdays I Old Bailey’s Jazz hdvocates Fat Sam’s I lied llot And Blue L‘Attache. Rutland Dine" 56—58 Founta‘Ppndg'?‘ 228 31 I." Street 779 3402. 1030mm. Free. 7.30pm. Qne-off traditional Jazz evening I Billy Mitchell Arches. South Bridge. Wlth.SPeC'al gueim- Ring restaurant for 556 0200. 10.30pm details and bookings. I y '


3.223523%233335‘3‘r3l35:3? .

I Sandyman Sandy Stone‘s. downstairs at Les Partisan. High Street. 226 6192. Glasgow

10pm. I Mike Baniett Trio Hutcheson’s Hall, 2 A - H

I Muckle Ado GolfTavern, Barclay John Street. 227 551 l. 12.45pm. £l.60. g 4 M \ K. n a, Terrace, 229 3235. 9pm. Free. Normally a straight-forward classical .W’ -‘ a A I El Supremo Queen Street Oyster Bar, recital in the Strathclyde University .._

Queen street. 226 2530, 10,3opm, concerts series. but there is a distinct jazz \-

flavour to this one. with a new work by

Wednesdays lvlichael Barnett himself. Red Devil. and May Barrowlands I Big Eyed Beans Bannerman's. Niddry firemhm‘m 08°46 30"!"8 S 5W!” TICKETS FROM USUAL OUTLETS. CREDIT CARDS: 031-557 6969 Street. 556 3254. 930p"). Fond of Hale and Jazz Piano. Barnett plays

aforesaid piano. with Euen Drysdale on electric bass, Graham Barclay on drums. and Camille Mason on flute.

changing their name every week to confuse listings people. but it‘s them

playing for sure. . Presented by Assembly Direct

lCharybdis Legends. Cowgate.225 , i -' l ‘r . SILK CUT CITY 8382. 9.30pm. Melodic rock. covers and . x :1 - " ' a 03‘ 557 4446 m

original material. I Mustang Sally L‘Attache. Rutland Glasgow Street, 229 3402. 10.30pm. Free. I Edinburgh University Jan Orchestra I Andy Chung Queen Street Oyster Bar. The 13th Note, 80 Glassford Street. venue Queen Street. 226 2530. 10.30pm. 553 1638; info 887 4733. 9.30pm. £4 I Sandy Goes To Holyrood Holyrood (£3). Director Eddie Severn took this band Tavern. Holyrood Road. 556 5044. through their paces at the Tron in 9.30pm. Blues from a Blue Hyena. Edinburgh last month and, if they were a little predictable when it came to soloing. . Thumdays they sounded a tight, well-organised ;. ' y ,- . 32/20 west End 0er Bar, west ensemble. with some attractive charts. ' - & Funky Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm. Free. The Exp‘inence ofablg band m af’enue ' ’- ~ I with guests: Tony Remy Band Blues m0. this Size is an event in itself. and it may be I the n a Band L'Auachc. Rutland that some of the Glasgow-based units will , Street. 229 3402. 10.30pm. Free. want 10 check thisout with a view 10 - a t , - Queen 5 Ha" In“, Faithful Ryricts‘ Haymarkct following the Edinburgh musicians into . in. '“ _ -- 7‘ I- 031 668 2019 Terrace. 337 75819;)!“ the .l3th Note. particularly now that the ' ‘5 .. . " wed 4 May I [as Supremos Bannerman’s. Niddry SOClel)’ OfM“51C‘anS h“ gone- '

Street. 556 3254. 9.30pm. Rock and blues covers.

I Billy Mitchell Arches. South Bridge. 556 0200. 10.30pm. Glasgow

l Acoustic jam session Granny‘s Attic. I Jack 5mm" And m. cm. Rhythm Bath Street. Ponobello. 669 1780. 9pm. Group Stewanfield Farm, Stewanfield' Free. Opportunity to strut your stuff. do East Kilbride. 7_ [5pm. £2 on door,

Your [hang and 50 0n- Leading British jazzman joins with the I Mlle“ 30"" Fortunes Taverno resident band in a one-off blow.

Candlemaker Row. 226 7190. 9.30pm.

60s/70s. Edinburgh

' "mm" “229'3 Black 3"” I Edinburgh .lazz Protect Tron Jazz Srjssmaget'u“3 6651689pm‘0 Cellar, Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. amp 0 "we a Ogs‘ wige Hunter Square (off High Street), 220 Street. 225 3408. 10.30pm. Combines 15,50 8 304mm (Priceg win depend on rock and humour. what with comedy ah‘iqt'q bgoked) T'he Edifiburgh Jazz bggldg the “W rod" n m” A Chehé [00 Project will begin their new season of g to resm' concerts at this venue tonight, but at press time they were unable to confirm the

artists for the opening two gigs this week. Programmer lan Miller did confirm. however. that they would be in operation

on the same Sunday-Wednesday basis as before, and that the new programme will

LISTINGS be available shortly. Dates listed below are tor one-on shows: WEDNESDAY 20 see seperate section tor residencies. _ gig; are listed by date, then by city. Edlflblll’gh e enhances will be listed, provided I mm," rgh Jazz Project Tron Jazz “'3‘ “alfalfa” ogltiomces 3‘ least Cellar, Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. m” zlmdp: canon' Jan Hunter Square (off High Street). 220 “93 00W 0 V “W mm'”"- 1550. 8.30—1 lpm. (Prices will depend on

artists booked). See Sun 17. “89°” OKTOBERFEST:

l Dominic Ashworth and Friends The 13th Note. 80 Glassford Street. venue 553

1638; info 887 4733. 9.30pm. £4 (£3).

There are liable to be quite a few friends lining up to play with Dominic before he

bids a temporary farewell to the city for a F 0 R T a

few months in London. The guitarist is a

familiar figure through his varied work

with the likes of electric fusion band Ah

Um. his acoustic guitar duo with Nigel Clark. and in singer Carol Kidd’s recent

bands. among many others. and he will be E 1 9 PRESENTED lN ASSOCIATlON WITH Live!

missed on the Glasgow scene.

The List 8—21 April 1994 37 h