I His name might sound like a crm between a dead soul man and a Canadian prog-rock outlit, but blues tans will be aware that Otis Bush is the real McCoy. See Music preview.

l ‘Cool’, ‘You suck’ and similar cerebral observations coming your way soon, courtesy ol Beavis and Butthead, winging their way over the Atlantic to Channel 4. See TV listings.

I ‘llmm, Shadowlands is picking up all the rave crits, let’s see it we can tweak the formula a little.’ Miranda Richardson is the love interest, Willem Dafoe is the poet whose name is an anagram of ‘toilets’ in Tom And Viv. See Film review.



‘My worst gig was a corporate one for

CR. Smith’s salesmen. Whenever 1 see a CR. Smith van today. I know there’s

a driver inside who hates me.‘

Phil Kay, who presumablvfinds Celtic

shirts have a similar effect.

‘1 had vague Christian notions at one stage. but when the air cleared. I decided that I didn’t believe in the Resurrection or the Virgin Birth. That was a few years ago. I still consider Christ to be a very fascinating and enigmatic character. but that's as far as it goes.‘

Nick Cave in theological mode. sounding rather like a maverick English bishop.

‘Kelman is undoubtedly a good writer but he doesn’t need to use so many F- words.‘

An anonymous English literature academic gives an in-depth appraisal ofJames K elman 's How late It Was. How Late.

‘Often when l‘m singing. my hair looks great one night. then the next night I can‘t get it right. One bit flaps and distracts me. I don’t want that to happen when I'm playing Heatheliff.‘ Cliff Richard explains why he '11 be ii‘igging itfor Wuthering Heights.

‘lt's so unbelievably logical to me. It's not these far-fetched ideas. You don‘t have to pray. You don't have to praise a statue. You‘re not serving one holy master. There are books. it has information, how to handle relationships. how to be happy in life. It gives you actual tools for that. So it's not like some up-in-the-air-mysterious thing.‘

Juliette Lewis, Hollywood s favourite waif. strays into the realms of .S'cientology.

‘The List 8—21 April 1994 3