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THE HUMPFF FAMILY plus support FRIDAY 8th APR|L1994 at 8 00pm TICKETS £6 50

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COMING SOON Glasgow Fair 94

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Cumbornauld Theatre 7 - 9 April

Klritcaldy Adam Smith Theatre 11 - 13 April Tour Continues

Glasgow Citizens Theatre 10 - 21 May Details from 041 331 2219

'a compelling piece of theatre. . . powerhouse performance'. - The Scotsman


'desperately sad and moving'. - E D m k I I

Scotland on Sunday ‘01: What A lovely War' director. Join Bott. Soc Touring.

JOhn StembeCk S present a dynamic piece of theatre and Glass directs the company that brought The G rapes of Wrath . you Ad d b F k 6., t I PUYHOUSE THEATRE GrecnSIde Place. I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. apte y m” a a I 557 2590. [Access: R. L. Facilities: WC. 228 1404. [Access L. Facilities: WC. W8. G. Ci ws. H. G. C] What a Show UN” 5111 9 APR 7-30Pm. Brothers at Thunder Until Sun I7 Apr. Sat

Wed and Sat mats. £5.5()—£l9. Tommy 9, Wed 13, Fri [5 and Sun 17 Apr. 8pm; E E 519019 in 11 "On-SID!) journey through the Sat 16 mat. 3pm. Meet the author and

hits Of his three-decadc-long CHFCCR after-show discussion on Sat 16 Apr. £8 307 ‘Chubby’ 370*" ThurS 14-521! 16 Apr. (ill/£2). The Traverse‘s I994 in-house until 17 April 7-30Pm- “150/511-50- 566 Comedy. season begins with the premiere of Ann I ROYAL “CEUM THEATRE Grindlay Marie Di Mambro‘s compelling study of Street. 229 9697. {ACCESS}: P. 1.. Facilities: forgiveness, and reconciliation as a priest WC. W3. H. G C. T- HL‘IPI A. AA] offers shelter to a man living with AIDS. BROTHERS OF THUNDER A Mongm's “can Fri 8—51“ 30 Apr- Philip Howard directs. See review. by Ann Marie Di Marner 7.45pm. £4-£10. Mats Sat 16. 23 and The Hope Slide Until Thurs 14 Apr. Fri 8,

Thurs 28 Apr. 3.15pm. Student stand-by Sun 10, Tue 12, Thurs i4 and Sat 16, ticket for £4 available every Wednesday 8pm; Sat 9, Wed 13 Apr mats. 3pm. After-

"...a meaty and ainbmous from 6pm with matriculation card. The show discussion about ‘women in theatre‘ work, With the power to stir Up latest Star name to crop up at the Royal on Tue 12 Apr. Meet the author and after- am-wdes flattened by Lyceum is Bill Paterson who plays the show discussion on Sat 16 Apr. £8 * . . . . . ,. dog With "16 '29“ 0f human SPCCCh In (£4/£2). Kathryn Howden stars in the Stephen Mulrine's adaptation Of the second of two new Traverse shows THE SCOTSMAN BUlgako" “OVCl- sec PTCVICW running concurrently. This is the British I ST anE'5 can“ Orwell Terrace. premiere of Canadian writer Joan H N I] H u l n E I H E U l I """"""""" 346 1405- [ACCCSSI PPA. In ST. R. MacLeod‘s drama about a rebellious * until 16 April SilcniliCSI WSPG. C] U .1 S 9 A adolescent. a landslide. an anarchic "1993' a" "W" 3|)er "‘1 ill Pr- reli ious sect and the AIDS crisis. [an * * TRAVERSE THEATRE 730W". SOC DanCC- Brogwn directs. See review. * THE HOPE SLIDE I STEPPING STONES West Bow. issue Plays: Writing Workshop with Sarah Grassmarkct. 226 6520. Daniels Sat 16—Sun 17 Apr. A two-day Tour: April 19 - Mag 14 Includes: by Joan Mad—90d Jenny 39'"an is "flue" UP!” 31119 APE workshop with playwright Sarah Daniels * . Brmsh Premiere £3 (£250). The first PdeUCllon by BlaCk who explores the craft of issue-based Herco‘ Theatre ‘9 Apr" Orchid Youth Theatre is Keith playg_

041 91019 9022

The Old Alhenoeum 2830 April n ' ' inebriated misadventurers of the 0," 332 2333 ...played With a mowng clarity Tounma

legendary columnist Jeffrey Bernard.

Waterhouse‘s comic vision of the

St. Brides Centre «as Mag 5t’9ngth and concentrat’on I mng wonxsuop 34 Hamilton This section lists shows that are touring 031 3461465 by Kathryn Howden... " Place. 226 5425. [Access: PPA. ST. R. "'9 an?” “"6 “ma: 35:23:,“ - . acilities: wc. ws, H. G. C. Help: AA] "um f 0' 98!: comp 1 Full details. 01.1 332 5127 SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY Inside Out Um” Sm 9 Apr. 8pm. require more information. Aberdeen‘s first and only physical theatre I Tho-“Mm” 3mm“ Tom MCGralh'S company in a show combining dance. 703 30f“ Comedy i5 TCVlVCd by Winged acrobatics. aerial work and comedy. Horse m a PVOdUCtion dimmed by Eve

s'apstick and Stunts womshop Sat 7 Apr_ Jamieson. in a barren galaxy devoid of lOam—noon. Join Shiftwork for two hours Women. COU'd 3" widde how the ke)’ ‘0

of physical fun. the future? More details on 041 332 5127. L 9 "In!" Night Sky Tue l2—Sat l6 Apr. 8pm. £5 See pFCViCW. PIUS tree events - call our (£3). See Touring and preview. Men‘a! Theatre. Glasgow Tue 19 Apr.

' ' [W Fidelity Thurs 2i-Sat 23 Apr. 8pm. 7.30pm. 041 944 9022. box Office for detalls on £5 (£3). Peta Lin turns the tables on West Crawford/iris Centre, St Andrews Wed 0 3 1 2 2 8 1 4 o 4 End sex farce as a ménuge a rrm's leads to ZO-Thurs 21 Apr. 7.30pm. 0334 74610.

a triangle of desire and jealousy. David TOUT CONinues.


50 The List 8—21 April 1994