Lost Property


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30th April l2llt lune I‘M-l

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Snead-sea Dy 'hc ._. Scotlsh Ans (iotncl LOST PROPERTY CO-COMMISSIONED BY BECK'S Exhlbltlons Sponsored by Becks


artworks will be sited in the Braes shopping centre, castlemilk drive and the stables block

59 machrie road, castlemilk G45

video 7 April - 30 - April 1994 a Site installation Claire _ _ Barclay speCIflc A... 0...... sculpture pro ject for painting Demppslt: caStIemIIk Stella Tobia on April 7 and 8 a portable .& billboard will be moving throughm the castlemilk area sewer,

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LIVING COLOUR . fig, ‘k@,.‘


‘I tool I am a chronicler or reporter in a huge agency which collects every picture in the world and it’s up to me to make a synthesis of them.’ Icelandic artist Erro sums up his role in lite.

A human Hoover of an artist who sucks up with his eyes the constant flow of multl-cultural images churned out by the mass media that bombard us daily. firm The Indetatigable globe trotter and melting pot consumes them with a vengeance, mulls them over in his kaleidoscopic mind, marries them together and betore you can say Boom! Kapow! Splat! the toundations tor one at his monumental paintings have been laid.

Perhaps because of his own nomadic litestyle (he lives and works in Paris, Thailand and Spain) there is a universality inherent in his work typified by the deceptively simplistic cartoon images that make his work so refreshineg approachable.

The pinnacle ot his collage technique is the flu by 44in ‘Science Fiction Scape’. A massive panel of zinging colour, it appears as it we are peering into the lobotomised brain of a 2000A!) comic strip artist where the amassed heroes and baddies from every tuturistic Marvel superhero strip

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have congregated tor the ultimate

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As with idealistic political satire, there is a serious undertone to Erro’s work. ‘lsrael’ and ‘The Renaissance oI Hazism’ are both powerful political commentaries on the mercenary and bloody nature at government and war. The computer-generated grid structure of ‘The Dream Of Eva Braun’ marries a searing enlightenment ot Nazism in twisted comic strip term with what appears to be a villainous Mr Blobby figure peering over the tractured images.

In tact the only sphere in which this regeneration of images pails slightly is Erro’s tribute to the ‘maior leaguers’ of art history. Again we see twisted jigsaw segments of some of Picasso’s, Dix’s and Leger’s best-known paintings which are impressive in terms at scale and faithful accuracy but otter little more. This is, however, a minor quibble in one of the most accessible and blazineg colourful exhibitions The Fruitmarket has staged so tar this year. Forget Bidrk and Magnus Magnusson, Iceland’s greatest export has arrived in Erro. (Ann Donald)

Erro - Art History, Politics, Science Fiction is at The Fruitlnarket Gallery until 14 May.

John oj'rhe Cross and the story of religion in Scotland in words and pictures.

The Chinese Way Until 24 Apr. Dragons. demons. mythical creatures and other symbols are part of the Chinese tradition and decorate a range of ancient and modern objects in this exhibition.

I TRANSMISSION 28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat 11am-5pm.

Installation Until 30 Apr. As part of the Reading Room project an installation of writers‘ work on their notion of a reading room in a visual setting. lattice Galloway. Michael Bracewell and Jackie Kay are featured.

Silencium Until 30 Apr. German artist. Lothar Baumgarten's installation employs reading tools which mirror the ritualised processes of reading. See also the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.


I CEIITRAL LIBRARY George IV Bridge. Mon—Fri 9am—9.30pm; Sat 9am-10.30pm.

Images Until 29 Apr. Work in mixed media and oil pastel by Trish Edwards. I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Cafe.

TV is King Until 7 May. Square eyes'.’ Addicted to Brooks-tilt"? Then this show is for you. An exhibition of televisions from 1930 onwards which asks. where next for the demon box'?

The Gate at the Present Until 7 M try. An exhibition of Lego models by 25 young architects from all over the world who were asked to design a symbolic gate of the present.

Alan Bold’s Illuminated Poems Until 30 Apr. A series of illuminated poems by this Scottish author and artist.

I COCKRURIIS ART GALLERY The Wine Emporium. 7 Devon Place. 22‘) 8391. Daily 10am—6pm.

Paul Rooney Ulltil Wed 16 Apr. An exhibition of small works.

I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 C‘ockburn Street. 220 1260. Tue—Sat l lam—5pm. Shining Wall Sat 9—30 Apr. Paintings by Mary Morrison which depict botanical forms and explore the tension between real and symbolic depiction.

Paintings Focusing on the coastline. Donald Clark's work looks at the dividing line between the man-made and the natural world.

Artist for a Week Short—term shows by the

54 The List 8—21 April 1994