I CO ANO RECORO FAIR Sun 17. Want—4.30pm. Roxburghe Hotel. Charlotte Square. Edinburgh. 60p (40p). Complete your collection of Andrew Weatherall remixes. hunt out a few ""“ ~ I " Jamaican Dub Plates or simply bask in the I IEATWOBK Weekdays, gain—5pm, glow of all that vinyl and solid CD sound Coldsmam. 0890 883455, This new from over 60 specialist dealers. cycle distributor is an csssntiai day out

. .. _ for any cyclist, as not only do they _. specialise in recumbent cycles, but they , “mm, . also offer a hire-before-you-buy facility :Mfifi. i. - so you can get a go on one of those

° ~ weird machines. Also available are trailers for children and luggage as well as cycle-mobility for disabled people.

the day. The processions are not quite as rowdy as they used to be: in the 1890s they were banned for 30 years, but are still notorious. . . _ i , ..\_ ' I Klf CAB snow Sat lo/Sun I7. 53% 9.4"!” ,Mfl A); w‘ \ x I REACHING FOR THE STARS Daily. math-6pm. Riva} Highland came.

4 , limit—5.30pm. Royal Observatory. Ingllsmn» Exmblilon H3” and Race I lllfllS MARKET Wed fit-Mon 18, 1-11pm. Kirkcaldy Esplanade. Billed as Europe‘s Blackfmd Hm‘ Edinburgh £2 (£15m Circuit, £4.40 (accompanied children largest street fair, this annual funfair stretches for half a mile along the esplanade. A 031 668 8405 New exhibition a, the free). Free car parking. See photo caption. market has been held in Kirkcaldy since 1304 when Edward I granted the burgh the Observaer [cum the story of astronomy I [nuts mam wed 13_Mon 18, right to hold a market at the Octaves in Easter. The market moved to its present site in Emnburgh “0n;1583 wh‘cn the Town M 1m. Kirkcaldy Esplanadc_ See photo in 1903, when tramways were established in links Street.

College was founded. Scientific caption.

discoveries made over the 100 years the I SCOTTISH ANTIQUES FAIR Fri 8/Sat 9. “I8 “can” 9"” “mus 0' salad“ the Royal Bomnic Gardcnt Edinburgh is observatory has been at Blackford Hill are l lam—8pm. Sun 10. l lam—5pm. "3M3 taking place I" and 3mm“. "'9 Open dailyt loam—(3PM described and the science of astronomy is Roxburghe Hotel. Charlotte Square. cmml 3°" "I semiand this IOMIOM- I Human“ weekdaysv gain—5pm explained through a new interactive £2.50. accompanied children free. Ennis an "sud by 3'93 and the" COIdstream' 0890 883456 See tho discovery room. Browsers are welcome at the top event of "PhMice'hl- A" submissions should be Caption I KATE KENNEDY PHOCESSIOII Sat 16. the Scottish Antiques calendar. when over

accompanied by a contact phone number 2—4pm. St Andrews, Fife. Free. It's time a million pounds worth of antiques will be '0' 0|" Iniomaflon- Days 0‘" 00"“,de by & for the oldest university club in Scotland offered for sale. Anything from 18th

"Ill" mwno to don their costumes again and take off century Edinburgh silver to Wemyss

down the streets of St Andrews in a pottery and Highland jewellerytis' . I pageant portraying famous characters expected. With the distinct pOSStblIlty Of a

,s\""" L from St Andrews University and Scotland. few Orcadian creepics and luggics as N " These 30 male students elect nine first- we“. This year the fair lnCIUdeS some 9, \ \, years to their number every year, one of contemporary art from Poland. featuring

’{ whom is chosen to represent Kate eight artist-‘1 from BdeOSZCZ alld a display I /. , Kent]ch _ a mythical figure, said to be ofmouth-blown artistic glass and frosted % I 1,, niece of the University's first rector for drinking glasses.

“' /, , ' "r5 .\ _ Wig/yy/IV/I‘ VI 4— 7' l

If V ~ , “Willi ___..

I CROSS COUNTRY MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE Sun 10. 10am. Cloich Forest. Eddieston. I 3mm Binnwflcflmg Sun 17‘

£7 and 91- From Edinburgh take the A703 9am—3pm. Vane Park Nature Reserve. £4. towards Eddlesmn ,and mm right on the The reserve is on the south shore of Loch road ‘0 ‘Lamm‘h “3 Shiplow,- seven Leven. on the 89097. Part one of a four- differem races ope" ‘0 a“ on a Six'and‘a‘ part course (parts two to four are in June. half‘mile course through FOTCSV)’ September and November) organised by commiSSion PYOPCnY- There are unlimited the RSPB. Limited places. Phone for

P11“:es In "‘8 Fun category (£4~ entry 0" details and application form.

the day by 10am. start 10.30am). so ifyou I cm EVE." A‘i’ Timmiiiiu Sun 16. .. .. _

can get “01d Ofa mountain bike and are 10am—6pm. Dunaverig Farm. Thomhill. ,7, 'L v 3 I ;;.-;_-- it}; , gal“; I "- 'f . A’ able to ride while wearing a helmet. this is Stirling. £3.75 (£1.75)_ 0786 850277. 1 .. “Va-ff: _ I , . , 574$??? 4 Your Chance ‘0 SPIaSh through Sireams- Fourteen miles West of Stirling on the -. f5:351" T‘s-43“""r‘9? - e ‘e ~ '”’" ‘- ‘gw‘? m “‘ " ' PondS and rivers. gel muddy in the forest A873. A demonstration of some fifteen I KIT CAB snow Sat iii/Sun 17, foam-5pm. Royal Highland Centre, lngllston,

tracks ahd Pam your way UP those hills. crafts at this small family farm in the Exhibition hall and Race Circuit. £4.40 (accompanied children free). Free car parking. The senior faces (£7. entry on the day by Trossachs. including spinning. plate Most of the maior kit car manufacturers will be represented at the show, with

1 18m. SW! at 11-308m) are two laps of the painting. dyking. bodging and using a everything from 30s roadsters like the JBA Falco In Sports to such 603 thunderbolt: course- quem. The Thomhill Farmlife Centre. as the flex Cobra replica, with blzzarely named Mldtec Spyder in between. There will I "an" VIM-K Wed 13. 2pm Daft/ka with its collection of old farm implements also be the usual complement of accessory and autoiumble stands, a few ready- Bolanie Garden. Stobo. Peebles. £1 (509) is incorporated as part of the working made kit cars for sale, children’s entertainment, lull catering and a licensed bar. Garden “(31k Wlih Dal/id KOO“ IOOking 3‘ farm and is open daily. Visitors can ride or Over 50 competitors are booked in for the Stage Rally on Sat 16, organised by

Plane? of Interest. which should inelude drive a horse. feed and handle the farm ounfennllne Motor Club. On Sunday, some of the manufacturers’ cars will be going

early flowering azaleas and

, animals, swing in the hay barn and roam through their paces on the circuit. rhododendrons. This specialist garden of

around the farm trail.

so The List 8—21 April l994