I Environmental Books Group A new group set up to discuss environmental issues will be meeting monthly at James Thin Booksellers. Edinburgh from Monday ll April at 7.30pm. The starting point for each discussion will be a book read by members of the group. The first book to be discussed will he James Lovelock's ({uiu A New Look at life (in [fart/1. (‘ontact Jamie on 031 (on 2777 for further details. I Nationalism and Archaeology A conference looking at the impact archaeologists and historians have on nationalism and contemporary politics has been organised by the Scottish Archaeological Forum. The two—day conference is at Edinburgh Academy Preparatory School on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April. Contact Nicola Murray on 03] 650-1134 for further details. I GLC Project Fundraiser The Glasgow Gay and Lesbian (‘entrc Project is combining with (ilasgow Lesbian Line to put on a women only Country and Western evening at the Maryhill Community (‘entrc liall. Maryhill Road. Glasgow. on Sat 9 April. With music supplied by ‘Colt 45‘. the dancing gets going at 8pm and finishes at midnight. Tickets. priced £4 (£2) are available from (‘lydc Books. 25 Parnie Street. I Lesbian Line Fundraiser Edinburgh Lesbian Line will benefit from a women only Tea Dance (5 --7pm) followed by a 50s and ()()s music night (7pm—late) at the Cafe Royal. l7 West Register Street. Edinburgh on Sat 9 April. Tickets priced at £3 (£l.5()) will be available on the door. The line is open Mon—Thurs. 7.30--l()pm. on ()3l 353 I550. I Grand Public Auction The Rainbow Appeal organised by the Scottish Conservation Projects Trust (SCP) will benefit from an auction being organised by Phillips at the Moat House international Hotel in (ilasgow on Sun 10 April. The 300 lots. with estimated prices ranging from £5 to £3.()()(). go on view from noon and the bidding will be opened by Jimmie Macgrcgor at lprn. All proceeds. including the £1 entry charge. will go to help the SC‘P's work throughout Scotland. I Ethical Investment The Edinburgh branch of Friends of the Earth is organising a public meeting at the Southsider pub. West Richmond Street. on Wed 20 April at 7.45pm. Bill and Brenda Faith will be giving a talk. illustrated with slides. about the work I supported by finance from the ethical investment organisation: ‘Shared lnterest‘. I Bea Campbell Based on her new , book Danger and Disorder. the l Survival (Toninnmilies. Bea Campbell I will give a women-only lecture at the Maryhill Community Centre. 13—33 | l t

:— Stopping the four-wheel drive

Edinburgh is one of two Scottish cities the other is Aberdeen which have joined the European ‘car-free city club’. However. the delegation from Lothian Regional Council who signed the charter at a conference in Amsterdam admits the “car free‘ tag is as much a challenge as a real goal.

‘I don’t think anybody involved in the conference sees total elimination of cars as what it‘s about.’ says John Saunders. who is in charge of LRC‘s transport strategy. ‘But they could possibly be eliminated from core areas. it‘s about seeing the city as a place for people. not cars.‘

The final declaration made at the Car- Free Cities conference. which was adopted by 35 European cities. is couched in very general terms: for instance. ‘The conference is of the opinion that transport strategies in towns and cities must be tailored so as to improve the environment.‘ However. Saunders believes the club is important because it gives member cities a chance

I Workers action The Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre. which faces closure by Lothian Regional Council. is holding a public meeting to protest at the threat. The council threatened to close the jobless drop-in centre after alleging that it did not comply with environmental health and fire safety requirements. The centre‘s trustees claim that they can prove the centre has not broken any regulations and is seeking a meeting with the council's social work committee to argue its case. However. the centre‘s lease from the council runs out in June and may not be renewed. ‘We want them to publicly admit they don‘t want us here.‘ says one centre worker. The public meeting is at EUWC. Broughton Street on Thursday l4 April at 7.30pm.

I Artists’ call up Glasgow's CCA is looking for submissions by professional artists working in Scotland for a three- rnonth show of new work later this year. The work can be in any medium. CCA is looking for ten slides and a statement about your work by Saturday 2] May. The studios of shortlisted artists will be visited before a final selection is made for the show which begins in September. Details on ()41 332 752i.

I Gallery award The Fruitmarket Gallery has won Edinburgh's building of the year award for the renovation of the building last year by architects Richard Murphy.

I Starving artists The Scottish Arts Council has commissioned a study of artists working in Scotland to discover how much they earn. SAC h0pes the survey will help to determine the effectivenes of the awards it makes to

Edinburgh: car-tree city of the future? parking in the city centre increasingly difficult. ‘lmproving public transport may slow car growth but not reverse it. so we will have to restrict cars in some way too.’ Saunders says.

The first visible sign of this approach in Edinburgh is likely to be greenways. similar to the red routes in London. which prevent cars stopping on main routes into the city centre and improve bus flow. Routes through Corstorphine and Morningside are likely to be early targets. but the greenways ideas needs permission from Scottish secretary lan Lang before it can go ahead. There are also plans for park and ride at lngliston which would enable commuters to leave their cars and travel the last leg of theirjourney by bus. (Eddie Gibb)

to compare notes on ways of reducing car journeys.

Edinburgh hasjoined the club at a time when the regional council is starting to implement a new city centre transport strategy. The overall strategy has been developed over the past two years. and later this year the regional council is expected to publish a new document which will set specific targets for reducing the number of car journeys. These targets have not yet been set but Saunders says a ‘carrot and stick’ approach to reducing car usage is likely. The carrot will be improved public transport to encourage people to leave their cars at home or use park and ride opportunities. while the ‘stick‘ will be measures to make driving and

_ Energetic conservation

» _, Vest; -

SCP volunteers drystane dyking on Arran

Hacking a path through brambles or the back-breaking work or building a drystane dyke may not be everyone’s idea or a relaxing weekend, but that’s what over 11,000 Scots call tun.

Last year conservation volunteers contributed 75,000 working days to improving access to the countryside and repairing damaged areas. What’s more, many of them paid for the privilege! The Scottish Conservation Prolects Trust (SCP) organises seven and fourteen-day working holidays around the country for people who want to help with conservation work. The charges are low - £5 per day, including meals and accommodation. This year’s newly published programme otters scrub clearance in Wester floss, repairing sand dune erosion in Caithness and building an otter pen on Skye.

volunteers give up occasional weekends to work in their own area. There are 50 groups affiliated to SCP, which is about to launch CLAN - Conservation Local Action Networks - to improve the way it passes on information on conservation. SCP is employing a full-time officer to visit local groups to give advice on projects they have undertaken.

‘The main point is that local volunteer groups want practical advice and training,’ says SCP director llicholas Cooke. ‘We take the view that we’re here to help existing groups be more eiiective and not to tell them what sort of work they should be doing.’ (Eddie Gibb)

For details or the Action Breaks in Scotland programme, which runs during June, July and August, or how

Shawpark Street on Mon 1 1 April at llam. Free. Details from Stella

Coornbe on ()4l 946 42 l 5. Note that

the evening lecture at the Tron on the same day is sold out. I It you have news of any events or I courses which you want publicised in this column, please iorward them to . ‘Action’ at The List, 14 High Street, ;

individual artists.

However, most conservation

to join CLAN, contact SCP on 0786 479697.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE and include a day- time phone number.

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