I Sisley, smart yet casual sibling of Benetton, brought their suiting with sass to Edinburgh last year. Here, a more laid-back ensemble from their summer range. Available from Sisley, 29 Waverley Market, Edinburgh, 031 556 4090. Sisley, 10 The Italian Centre, Glasgow, 041 552 3317.

I After taking on a talented young design team from Ravensbourne College of Art eighteen months ago, Top Shop has metamorphosed into every fashion victim’s dream chainstore, moving catwalk onto High Street faster than you can say Dries Van lloten. Madras check bias cut dress £24.99. Available from top Shop branches in Glasgow and Edinburgi.


I Halterneck tops this summer hasn’t quite seen the end to the trawl through 70s design. Here, more tastefully interpreted by French Connection. Ecru cotton halterneck £35. Pinstripe cool wool trousers £70. Available from French Connection, 107 Union Street, Glasgow, 041 248 7745. 45a Hanover Street, Edinburgh, 031 2201726.

I One of the retail success stories of last year and sartorial saving grace for stylish males everywhere the Jigsaw menswear collection. Cream ribbed silk polo neck £119. (Also available in cotton £52). From Jigsaw, 52 Princes Square, Glasgow, 041 226 8489

I 0uirky, irreverent and downright eccentric, over the past ten years Bed 0r Dead have taken their funky Camden Market stall chic onto Britain’s smartest lligh Streets in one of retail’s most unlikely coups. Square- necked sunflower swimsuit £40. From lied 0r Dead, 70 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, 041 204 4288.


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The best of British Design by our very own

Betty Jackson and, newcomer, Abe Hamilton.

A positive fashion statement for the fuller

fi ure from Marimekko and Dorin Frankfurt.

Col ections also include Tehen, Transit, Dranella, Soap Studio and Bis Soleil.

Scarves by Georgina von Etzdorf.

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