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Fllms screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Full length reviews of new releases can be found in the listian section which follows. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Ace Ventura: Pet Detective ( 12) (Tom Shadyac 1994) Jim (‘ar‘rey. Sean Young. Courtney t‘ox. 86 mins. When Snowflake. mascot of the Miami Dolphins. goes missing. there's only one man for the job Ace Ventura. a cross betwet r' Phillip Marlowe and Dr Doolittle. Another Ari.- ‘ican TV comedian to successfully make the transfer to the big screen. (‘aney's wacky perso rt doesn‘t outstay its welcome in this funny an vizarre movie. See review. General relea:

I An Affair 2e :ernernber ([7) (Leo McCarey. US. 1957) f r. , Grant. Deborah Ken'.(‘ath1een Ncsbitt. 11-'~ .r's. Romantic weepie with Grant as a wealthy butchelor (again!) and Kerr as the night-club sing er he falls for. Warmly sentimental. it was the 'worrten's movte' that kept popping up in Sleep/err In Seattle. Edinburgh: St Brides.

I The Age Of Innocence (t') (Martin Scorsese. US. 1993) Daniel Day-Lewis. Michelle Pfeiffer. Winona Ryder. 138 mins. l'p-and-coming lawyer Newland Archer risks the wrath of 1870s New York so "ty when he falls in love with the scandal-shr-n. :-(l (‘ountess ()lenska. despite being alread_. e; gagcd. Scorsese is magnificently faithful to Edith \N'harton's novel. while painting its troubled emotions with an eloquent camera. Opulent and richly detailed. with no release from the internalised pain of passion. Glasgow: (‘annon. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. L'C‘l East Kilbride.

I And The Band Played 0n ( 12) (Roger Sixtttiswtxxle. l’ r993) Matthew Modine. Alan Alda. Patrick Bat ru. 141 ritins.(‘ount1ess cameos from Ricl‘ard Gere. Attjelrca Huston. Phil Collins. Steve Martin and others add a bit of zip to this somewhat overlong and lectur'c-ish account of the race to discover the AIDS virus. Played as a medical detective story. it has a good strong lead in Modine and certainly points " few political fingers. but its mainstream pot ~: limited. Edinburgh: l'(‘1.

I Andrei Bublev ( 12) (Andrei 'l‘arkovsky. l .. s'.. 1906) Anatoly Solonitsyn. lvan Lapikov. Nikolai Grinko. 185 mins. Tarkovsky takes the life of a little known 15th century icon painter and ttrms him into a Christ-like figure suffering the pains of a divided Russia under the Tartars. A true epic told in visually stunning set pieces. with an uplifting sense of the strength of the human spirit. Glasgow: Gl’l‘.

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I Another Girl. Another Planet ( l 5) (Michael Almereyda. US. 1992) Nic Rainer. Barry Sherman. Elina Lowensohn. 56mins. Shot on a Fisher Price PXI. 2000 camera. this mini-feature takes the story of New York romantic pessimism and aching longing into hitherto uncharted visual territories. With Almeryda's short Aliens. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. I The Aristocats (1.7) (Wolfgang Reitherman. LS 1970) With the voices of Phil Harris. Eva Gabor. Sterling Holloway. 78 mins. A street- wise alley cat woos an upper-class feline against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century Paris. Loads of loveable cats. dogs. mice detectives and human adversaries. alongside some of Disney's more under-rated songs. General release. I Backbeat ( 15) (lain Softley. t‘K. 1993) Stephen Dorff. Sheryl Lee. lan Hart. 100 mins. Back before The Beatles were a musical phenomenon. they were just five young lads knocking out rock 'n' roll hits in seedy llambtrrg. Softley's film pushes the music aside and concentrates on the odd three-sided relationship ofJohn Lennon. painter and ‘fifth Beatle' Stuart Sutcliffe and German photographer Astrid Kirchhen'. The period detail and acting is superb. particularly from Hart in his second excursion as Lennon General release. I Bad lieutenant ( 18) (Abel Ferrara. LS. 1992) Harvey Keitel, lirankie Thorne. Zoe Lund. 96 mins. A return to urban sleaze by master of the genre Abel lierrara. A NYI’D cop (Keitel). in debt due to drugs. alcohol and gambling addiction. is intrigued by a big money reward in the case of a raped nun. Harsh. powerful. btrt filled with a religious orthodoxy. this is a reminder of the director at his best (Angel of Vengeance. Driller Killer) and should be picked tip by Rerert'oir Dogs fans. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead. Strathclyde: L'(‘1 East Kilbride. I Bedevil ( 15) ('l'racey Moffat. Australia. 1993) 90 mins. Three ghost stories from aboriginal culture blend cinematic style with straight- forward storytelling. .A flawed first feature. With Leone Knight's In luring Memory (-1 mins). Atrstralian Film Festival. Edinburgh: liilmhouse. I Beethoven’s 2nd (t') (Rod Daniel. t’S. 1903) (‘harles Grodin. Bonnie Hunt. Debi Mazar. (‘hris Penn. 89 mins. lt's love at first sight w hen cinema's favorite St Bernard sees Missy. looking delectable with a pink bow in her hair. Pretty soon. this Beethoven has produced a not-so- musical quartet of pooping pups. whose ability for mischief is matched only by their sickening cuteness. (.'1' ring stuff. certain to be lapped up by kids and ( rple who smile at Andrex adverts. General relea.c I Bhaii on the Beach (12) (Grrrinder (‘hadha. L'K. 1993) Kim Vithana. Jili‘l! i llarkishin. Sarita KhaJuria. 100 mins. A group of Asian women

in Birmingham leave their day-to-day cares '_.cnind them and head in a van for Blackpool. But the problems of culture clashes. a patriarchal community. domestic violence and generation gaps follow them onto the sand. A magnificently fresh. uplifting view of life in Britain through Asian eyes. Edinburgh: liilmhouse. Central: MacRobert.


I Black River (15) (Kevin Lucas. Australia. 1993) 60 mins. A bold. cinematic adaptation of a contemporary operatic work. featuring mezzo- soprano Maroochy Bararnbah. and exploring prejudices and cultural instincts. With Andrew Lancaster‘s Palace ('ufe (5 mins) and Christina Andreef's Excursion To The Bridge Of Friendship (11 mins). Australian Film Festival. Edinburgh: liilmhouse.

I Blade Runner: The Director's Cut ( l5)(Rid1ey Scott. ['S. 1982/92) Harrison Ford. Sean Young. Rutger llauer. 116 mins. Otrt go the pseudo-noir narration and the tacked-on happy ending; in comes a more defined sense that Deckard himself may be a replicant. The look and feel remain as powerful. and the acting is superb. A flawed masterpiece is now a restored masterpiece. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Brant Stoker's Dracula ( 18) (Francis Ford Coppola. L'S. 1992) Gary ()ldman. Winona Ryder. Anthony Hopkins. 128 mins. More gothic love story than out-and-out horror. Coppola‘s version is not the strict Stoker adaptation that many had hoped for. but is a visual feast nonetheless. ()ldman taps his own dark. sexy. stormy self to create a powerful btrt sympathetic monster. while the rest of the cast range from the ineffectual to the overbearing. A rich and substantial vampire movie for our times. life: New Picture House.

I A Bronx Tale ( IS) (Robert De Niro.1'S. 1993) Robert De Niro. (‘hazz Palminteri. Lillo Brancato. 124 mins. After witnessing a fatal shooting. a young boy is taken under the wing of a local hood; but this bad angel's influence is balanced with advice from his honest. hard- working father. An atmospheric. subtly rendered coming-of-age tale set in the 60s. with De Niro showing ample talent before and behind the camera. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Edinburgh: (‘ameo Strathclyde: Magnum.

I By Nightfall Verso Sent ( 15) (Francesca Ar'chibugi. Italy. 1990) Marcello Mastroianni. Sandrine Bonnaire. Zoe lncrocci. 99 mins. A middle-aged professor prefers to kill time at home than involve himself in the political struggles of the mid-70s. until his son's girlfriend and her daughter an'ive for a visit. From the director of Mignon Hus Left. ltalian l‘ilm liestival. Glasgow: (ii-'1‘. Edinburgh: liilmhouse.

I Carlito’s Way ( 18) (Brian De Palma. US. 1993) Al Pacino. Sean Penn. Penelope Ann Miller. 141 mins. ()ut ofjail after five years. fonner drug runner (‘arlito Brigante can't come to terms with the erosion of any sense of honour on the streets. and finds his struggle to go straight becoming more and more impossible. Pacino at times slips into perfomiance rather than characterisation. but still squeezes sensitivity from the character; Sean Penn is excellent in his return to acting; and De Palma pulls it all off with more restraint than usual. l-‘ife: Adam Smith.

I Cinema Paradise: The Special Edition (15) (Giuseppe Tornatore. Italy/France. 1988) Salvatore (‘ascio. Philippe Noiret. Jacques Peirin. 170 mins. The nostalgic chronicle of a

Catch the best "In thle fortnight.

FIRST Illll I Fearless Director Peter Weir brings a mystical twist to the after- effects‘of a plane crash. which Jeff Bridges magnificent as the man reassessing the values of life. Glasgow: GFT Edinburgh: Filmhouse, UCI. Strathclyde: UCl C lydebanlc

I Short Cuts Masterfully acted and directed patchwork portrait of Los Angeles residents on the brink of social. psychological and geological collapse. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Schindler’s llst Spielberg’s talents mature with this multi-Oscar winning story of a German industrialist who saved 1,100 Jews from certain death during WW2. General release. REFEBTORY

I Three Colours: Blue The first in Kieslowski’s trilogy. with Juliette Binoche giving a career-best performance as a young widow coming to terms with her grief. Glasgow:GFIf Fife: Adam Smith.

I Miller's Crossing Stylish account of Irish gangster double-crosses in the US by the Coen brothers. playfully rendered by Gabriel Byrne and Albert Finney. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Sicilian youngster's formative relationship with his local movie house and its wise old projectionist is largely unaltered; the new


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