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Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Tue 12 April. As the soft white curtain rises on Scottish Opera’s new production oi Peter Grimes, the sound it makes in the process evokes the sea and is

j time, the company has scored a significant coup. lnevitably, Rolfe Johnson’s interpretation oi the seaman who stands accused of murdering his young boy apprentice


Concerts listed are those at major venues, for which tickets are on public sale at time of going of press.


I GLASGOW BARROW'LAND (226 4679) The Proclaimers. 10 May; Stone Tetnple Pilots. 17

1 May; Deacon Blue. 19

1 May; Nine Inch Nails. 21 1 May; BBM. 23 May;

‘, Brand New Heavies. 24

May; Elvis Costello; 1-1 Jul.

I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) East 17. 15 May; John Martyn, 19 May; Emmylou Harris. 30 May; Julia Fordham. 3 Jun; Bonnie Raitt. 6 Jun; The Hollies. 21 Oct.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (332 1846) Indigo Girls. 1 Jun.

I GLASGOW SECC (248 9999) Billy Joel. 13 May; Go West. 14 May;

Val Doonican. 18 ()ct; Tom Jones. 15 Nov. I GLASGOW PAVILION (332 18-16) Sydney Devine. 16—19 Nov. I EDINBURGH USHER

f HALL (228 1155) Dominic

Kirw an. 8 May.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511)CGP(). 9 May; Glasgow Phoenix Choir. 10—11 May; Polish RS(). 16 May; Barrington Pheloung. 18 May: Gospel Choir. 21 May; CGPO. 22 May; West Side Story. 26 May; Girls' Brigade. 28 May; Choral Spectacular. 5 Jun; RSNO Proms. 10-25 Jun; Jessye Norman. 6.1ul; Montserrat

Caballe. 19 Aug; The

Flying Dutchman. 26 Aug; GIGS. 3—-1l Sept; Galway and Robles. 12 Sept; Tokyo Philharmonic. 19 ()ct; Gothenberg SO, 3 Nov; Bernard D‘Ascoli. 14 Nov; Borronieo Qrt. 18

Crowded House. 27 May; Diana Ross. 6 Jul; Clifi‘ Richard. 4-6 Dec; Dina Carroll. 10 Dee.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) (Postal bookings only until 16 May) The

symbolic in setting the atmosphere of what is to follow. Inspired by the

g Suffolk coast and the all-embracing power sea has over the lives of those who depend on it, Peter Grimes is

regarded as a milestone in British

l opera.

will grow, but already there is a deeply felt and beautifully sung portrayal of the misunderstood victim of society. More puzzling was the casting of Rita Gullis as the schoolmistress, Ellen Oriord. Fuzzy words, unforgivable in

Britten, frustrated in a way which did

Nov; Emma Johnson. 6 Dec I GLASGOW RSAMD (332 5057) Academy Now. 5—6 May; King‘s Consort. 6

May; Helene Grimaud. 7 May; AWE. 13 May;


1 the title role, surprisineg for the first

Scottish Opera, a company noted for many successful Britten stagings, has I once again brought to fruition a production of considerable stature with much to commend it. German director Joachim lierz places Grimes - as the outsider, a multi-facted character contrasted with and rejected by the more one-dimensional personalities of his fellow villagers in The Borough. The black and white i ordinariness oi their lives is further underlined by Reinhart Zimmennan’s defined sets and Chris Ellis’s clean cut lighting. In securing the acclaimed English tenor Anthony Rolfe Johnson to sing

nobody any favours. The chorus though were superb,

retaining a slightly strange individuality and delivering a

1 magnificent sound. Equally so the , orchestra with musical director

1 Richard Armstrong enticing a ;vividness of performance which did 1 more than justice to Britten’s brilliantly expressive score. (Carol 1 Main)

i Peter Grimes is at Theatre Royal, Glasgow on 23 April, 10, 14 and 19

l perionnances).

door. Wanna run through and get us some ecstasy?’ Such is the introduction to ‘Rebound’, aka ‘The

, saunterlng off into the Sauchiehall sunset to the muted mumblings of ‘you’ve missed The Pastels’ which greet us and fellow latecomers. Heartbreak already! And it’s only

grieving, still grieving . . .) whilst onstage the roadies do their thang -

and a genuine sadness greets Lou’s 3 announcement that ‘Thls’ll haita be

experience. ‘Rldlng Boy’ sets the initial tone for the evening; wistful, mellow, melancholic, whispered words while the crowd sway respectfully. A few songs in, Lou inclines his head listening.

“What’s that thumping? Oh, I guess they’re having a techno night next

bodes ridiculously well for the

heading out for the night, feeling

Sebadoh. Well worth missing Barrymore ior. (Damien Love)

moving as a whole while somehow still

5 May and Theatre Royal, Newcastle on 216 June. (llB There are no Edinburgh

While the others orchestrate a hasty gaffe-taping operation, Lou maniully covers with a solo strum ’n’ croon of finger-licking proportions, though it’s hard to tell whether the mighty cheer

part painfully young audience, (still 1 Garage aiiord are exploited to the full

. mighty and beautiful ‘Bakesale’ which

forthcoming album. Only ten past ten and we’re out on streets full of people

' fullillled and - well, kinda wholesome.

Hollies. 23 ()ct; Penguin Cafe Orchestra. 6 Nov; Sixties Show, 13 Nov; ocky Horror Show. 22-26 Nov. I EDINBURGH LYCEUM (229 9697) John Martyn. 22 May; Average White Band. 29 May. I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (557 2590) Van Morrison. 6—7 May; The Proclaimers. 12 May; Jackson Browne. 25 Jun. I EDINBURGH QUEEN’S HALL (668 2019) Blur. 17 May; Blues Band. 5 Jun. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL (228 1155) Jethro Tull, 16 May; Cocteau Twins, 26 May. I STIRLING CASTLE ESPLANADE (031 557 6969) UB 40. 18 Aug;

(Postal bookings only

until 16 May) Pasadena

Roof Orchestra. 26 Jun;

1 Ted Heath Orchestra. 8 Aug; George Shearing. 10

Aug. ; I someunou comes

I Barber. 27 May; New 3 Orleans Mardi Gras. 20 Jun.

(Postal bookings only until 16 May) Sydney Devine. 12 Nov. I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (227 5511) Barbara Dickson. 1 Jun; Patsy Cline Tribute. 26 Jun; Guy Mitchell. 18 Sept; Shirley Bassey. 19 Sept;

Barry Douglas. 14 May; Chamber Group of Scotland. 15 May; ASBB. 20 May; Kilarney Quartet. 20 May; Junior Concert. 4 Jun: (3(‘(). 5 Jun;

Glasgow Sinl’onia. 12 Jun; Scottish Voices. 12 Jun; St _ Mary's Concert. 19 Jun;

Junior Concert. 25 Jun;

Semele. 27-30 Jun.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE (529 6000) (Postal bookings only until 16 May) Tristan und lsolde. 25 Jun; RSNO. 27 Jun; Montserrat Caballe. 28 Jun; The Sixteen. 3 Jul; Amsterdam Baroque. 17 Jul; Evelyn Glennie. 19 Jul; English Bach Festival Opera. 21—22 Jul; Kronos Quartet. 23 Jul; Labeque Sisters. 27 Jul; Michael

N man Band. 6 Au ,;

i SEBADDH One People Know’, which sends the ' Runrig. 19 Auti- Nrynxvcgian crumb;

' 16 April, The Garage, Glasgow. youngbloods into pogofrenzy and JAZZ Orchestra. 7 Aug; Pidelio. Victims to the vagaries of the ‘early starts a run of harder, iaster numbers, 15. 17 Aug; Ute 1.emper. door’, we arrive to the sight of young culminating in Bob splitting his bass- 3 I “flame” "557",“ 33 A1121 “will?” OPE“) Stephen Pastel, guitar case under amt, drum in a wilful display of rocking out. mm“ (529 6000) 35-37 Aug; “W” “M”

Opera. 7—10 Sept; Misa Flamenca. 18 Sept; King's

College Choir. 25 Sept; Israel in Egypt. 2 Oct:

Lithuanian NPO, 30 Oct; Vienna Boys Choir. 27

twenty to nine! which follows is for the song or the Nov; Scottish Opera. 29 Inside, aside from the odd Norman rebirth of the dnlns. ! (2%8hi0‘9) MCCOY Nov—10 Dec; Messiah. 11 Blake or two, The Garage is athrong Ice well and truly broken, the 1 .3 Eagcowagb'csm Pet“ I EDINBURGH UEER'S I with an expectant, and, for the most possibilities for intimacy which The : "All (227 5511mm-“ I "All (668 2013) Kings

Consort. 7 May; Imogen Cooper. 12 May; Meadows CO. 15 May.

except these ain’t no roadles. , the last song. There’s some disco LIGHT ; I EDINBURGH USHER ‘Okav. Ito’ro ready.’ Lou Barlow . coming in and they wanna clear the RALI. (228 1 155 ) ERCU. 7

completes III: tuning, steps to tho , pm.’ I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL May; Royal Scots Guards

mike, and thus introduces the Sebadoh As a parting gift, they leave us with a mums (529 6000) 8‘1"“. 37 Ma)“ RSNO

1 Proms, 28 May—«4 Jun. I SUBSCRIPTION SEASONS Programme

details and tickets for Scottish Opera from

Theatre Royal. Glasgow

(332 9000); King's

i Theatre. Edinburgh (229 1 1201).

M The List 22 Apn'l—S May 1994