I ‘lle’s behind you!’ The spirit of panto, Asian- style, lives on in Moti Roti, a play that celebrates Hindi cinema in all its technicolour glory. See Mayfest listings.

I ‘That captain’s hat is rather fetching, dear.’ ‘Thanks awfully. Fancy slipping into my cabin later on?’ Adrian Dunbar and Natasha Richardson exchange pleasantrles ln Widow's Peak. See Film review.

I There’s no better excuse to strip down to your loincloth and howl at the moon than a good, ol’ pagan festival. Sacrificing virgins is frowned on these days, however. Watch the Beltane Fire light up Calton ilill on Sat 30 April. See Days Out.

I David Lee Roth pne- ernpts the 803 revival with a blow wave and blonde highlights (previous owner: Andrew Bidgeley). You can see his fringe flop at the Playhouse. See Bock listings.




‘I couldn't carry a Christian‘s shoelaees. I know God exists. I‘ve met real angels on this earth and I know their lives and mine don’t compare.‘ The humble. hat-wearin '. God-fearin' Garth Brooks.

‘l'm lying on our bed and I‘m really sorry and I feel the same way as you do. I'm really sorry, you guys. I don‘t know what I could have done. I have to go now.‘

Courtney [.()l'(’ in a taped message to [0.000 Ni ri'ana fans who gathered at a memorial vigil for K urt (.‘ohain.

‘When all the video tapes are gone from the shelves, let me know when the murdering comes to an end. Will it be a week? A year? Ten years? Never. Nothing will change. If you have a lot of problems in society. and there's no obvious way to solve them, this is the easiest place to look: to ban some thought of son.‘

l’ilm director John Carpenter. whose credits include Assault on Precinct /3 and Halloween, is horrified at proposals to restrict the release of ‘i'ideo nasties ‘.

‘I wish that I'd been around him more. because maybe if l‘d been out there in the desert and we had been signing. maybe he wouldn‘t have died.‘ Emmy/nu Harris on her late dueling partner (Iran) Parsons, the country singer who died a rock 'n' roll death.

‘The majority of fashion designers are gay men and they design for boys. They want models who are flat-bellied and flat-chested.‘

Dawn French on her favourite subject women who are fat-bellied andfat- chested.

The List 22 April—5 May 1994 3